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  1. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    KM, Do you plan to have any workshops in June 2018? Do you offer private workshops? DLM
  2. iCloud Storage

    Thank god for that! But it sounds like a real kick in the gut kind of scare.
  3. What do you do for storage?

    Any cloud storage solution puts tremendous trust in the provider of the service. What if they are hacked, suffer data loss or go out of business?
  4. Number of photos shown on "My Alamy Homepage"

    Wim, Thank you for the syntax of /f:pseudonym, very helpful and it looks much better than the My Alamy Homepage. The 27,370 reflects my true number of images as there is another David Moore in Australia. Using David L. Moore/f:pseudonym only shows 26,776 weird... Thanks again, David L. Moore
  5. Number of photos shown on "My Alamy Homepage"

    I think the layout and formatting of the My Alamy Homepage is embarrassing, nothing I would want to share. The look of the images when you click on forums member Images: is much nicer. IMHO David L. Moore
  6. Importance of supertags.

    Why does Alamy have to make the star/button for supertags so small, is it only me, or do others have trouble hitting the star ?
  7. Choosing keywords.

    I feel a detailed discripition is the best place to start keywording. I use a word processor for the spell checker, thesaurus and synonym. With the description I try to answer the 5Ws who, what, where, when and why. After a detailed discripition is completed I copy it then add commas between keywords/tags as I do this I add and expand relevant keywords, plurals, variations, spellings. Think of the discripition as the skeleton that additional keywords/tags flesh out. I then copy the discripition and keywords/tags into the metadata of the RAW file using Adobe Bridge.
  8. Jeff, I was fortunate to find a "fixer" in Iceland who was able to find me two models to work with in Reykjavik. I found him on the subreddit VisitingIceland. He was a very nice guy who does photo tours in Iceland and the models he recommended were great and very professional. I think Reddit will only work well in locations with a high internet usage population, not so much for rural or out of the way locations. Also the Reddit takes time to build your bona fides much like any online community. I wish I had a source for fixers as I would be happy to employ them when needed.
  9. Brian, I'm not Phil, but you got me scratching my head trying to remember... Kodak Rapid Fixer was a liquid that you diluted, as for time in solution I'm thinking for b&w printing, 2-3 minutes? for b&w film, 5 minutes? Did I win?
  10. Sun chasing apps for smartphones

    Ephemeris or TPE shows you were the sun/moon will rise-set not just the times of sunrise/sunset. It's a great tool but a bit complicated as they keep adding functions. If your only intrested in the times of sunrise/sunset then most weather apps will show that
  11. Institute of Photography offer

    I also received the email as I'm sure every contributor did. Initially I was intrigued but after a visit to the web site I was disappointed there was nothing offered for advanced photographers or Alamy/stock centric courses. I would really like to make the Alamy Sales Seminar offered by Keith but flying from Honolulu to Cirencester for a one day course is cost prohibitive. Finding continuing education and workshops for advanced/professional photographers is a challenge.
  12. A stitch in time

    LOL, but you are right I should have it up for license.
  13. A stitch in time

    An old adage, Two is one, one is none Also make sure to keep a backup off site. I keep a set of backups at my wife's office and rotate. I use a metal ammo can lined with closed-cell foam padding to store my my hard drives...