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  1. Drones .......and changes to the law

    KM. Given your newly acquired expertise in this area, can you give us a broad indication of the direction of travel indicated by this substantial document? My scan through the document seems to suggest that it is aimed at making things more restrictive for casual drone flyer in the EU and UK, but I know little about how things stand now. Can you summarise the main points of interest?
  2. Tags Brit style vs American

    Support walker would be the first term to cross my mind, not support trolley being used before but it seems legit. I tend not to worry too much about Americanising my keywords. I reckon if someone is searching for 'sidewalk', they are unlikely to want my photo of a pavement in Bolton.
  3. cyclic activity....

    The trouble with cyclic activity is those periods where it feels like the wheels have fallen off .
  4. Camera Shopping

    There are others better placed than me to make such recommendations and they will be helped if you an say what kind of budget you have and what kind(s) of photography or subject matter you have in mind.
  5. Hello from Yorks/Lancs

    Hello Tony, Welcome to a fellow northerner from one who lives on the right (red rose) side of the border. I love your images - it is excellent work. I do wonder if this is the right place for them as they look like they would make excellent prints and wall art. Alamy do produce prints through a third-party printer, but some long-time contributors think that the commission received from prints here is not as good as you may get at a dedicated print-on-demand site. Browse the forum for discussion on this matter. Just a couple of quick points on your keywords. Make sure you keyword all relevant information about the image (including specific location). On the flip side, avoid keywording anything that is not present. Specifically, more information on the location of the Galloway forest image and I would remove the Flying Scotsman keyword from the Ribblehead image (unless you]re trying to convey the concept of the Flying Scotsman is missing, running behind schedule again ). Looks like you are off to a good start. I could really do without competition from the likes of you in this neck of the woods .
  6. Impact of Equipment Used on Acceptance

    The Canon Powershot 50sx is a nice consumer level camera which has a principal selling point of having a zoom lens with a massive range. However, the sensor on which the image is created is tiny compared to any DSLR, and this compromises the quality of the final image. Compare closely the quality of the image created with your Nikon (100% magnification) and you will clearly see the lack of definition in the 50SX . I have a Powershot 30SX, which is very similar and it is a fun camera to use and very versatile, but it has no place in my professional life. If you are going to contribute to a professional level agency you need to use the right equipment.
  7. alamy content

    Hello, I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how Alamy's QC operates. With most microstock agencies, every image is inspected for both technical quality and subject matter, and often, keywords too. Thus the responsibility for the quality of accepted images lies ultimately with the agency. Alamy works in a different way. The responsibility for the technical quality, subject and keywords rests entirely with the contributor. Alamy operates on the understanding that contributors will produce, submit, caption and keyword images to professional standards, even if the contributor in not actually a professional photographer. The only control Alamy exercise over the freedom they give to the contributor is to check the technical quality of a small sample of every submission. If this sample fails their quality check, it calls into question the other images being submitted by that contributor and so they suspend uploading privileges to give the contributor the opportunity to examine their workflow and their other images and see where they are going wrong. Sometimes new contributors interpret this approach to QC as being a more lax approach to quality by Alamy, as it is possible (with luck) to get sub-standard images through QC. This is however, a false hope, as sooner or later, the submission of sub-standard images leads to a QC failure and a ban from uploading. Repeat offences lead to longer bans and closer scrutiny of subsequent submissions. In summary, as regards technical matters, it is just as hard to get images accepted on Alamy as it is on microstock, though the sub-standard contributor might not immediately realise it as they ride their luck. As regards the subject matter, captioning and the keywords, Alamy relies on the professionalism and integrity of the contributor to do the right thing. This is why long-standing contributors get very agitated about poorly captioned and keyworded images and will often point out such errors when they see them.
  8. Millions of Images irrelevant tags from single contributor

    I'm fairly sure this topic cropped up some months back, possibly discussing the same contributor. I'm taking the view that Alamy have, presumably, satisfied themselves that the contributor has met their copyright requirements for uploading. At the same time I note that the contributor is relying solely on the caption for the subject of images to be found (all the keywords seem to be generic). If that be the case, these images will presumably sink to the back of the search results, behind contributors who have troubled themselves to keyword properly.
  9. Has there been a re-rank?

    Coo. This is what it is like to be clever! Thank you Wim. Just need to note that you need to have the 'show ID' setting ticked in the top right corner. Also need to search each page individually, but still a step forward from scanning visually.
  10. Has there been a re-rank?

    A method which some contributors use to gauge roughly where they rank in the search results compared to others. Alamy tell us it doesn't work and may be misleading, but some of us persist anyway and find it useful. Chose just one image from your portfilio (or one per pseudonym if you have several) and put BHZ as a supertag. After the next database update, search for BHZ (relevant search), look through the 3000+ images to find yours and you can compare your results with what others report. Tip: chose an image easily recognisable at thumbnail size as scanning through 3000 images for your own can be hard on the eyes.
  11. Has there been a re-rank?

    Definite changes have taken place with my pseudos seeing both BHZ and real life searches moving up and down - a mixed bag. I recall something similar to this 're-rank' did happen last April and lasted just a few days before reverting to what we have had in recent times. Time will tell if this is just the boffins tweaking or an ongoing shift to a different established pattern. I will look at Alamy Measures with even more interest than usual over the coming days.
  12. Quotes in searches

    That happened to me too in a small number of cases, but the vast majority came in with phrases intact. I never investigated further as it was no longer relevant, but my thinking at the time was that the ones which came in with a " on the end of a single word were because I had inadvertently deleted a one quote out of a pair while still in Lightroom.
  13. Quotes in searches

    Putting quotes round your image keyword phrases ought not to make any difference. Certainly, they do not show up in the display of keywords in Alamy Image Manger (though they may be retained in the internal part of the system you don't see). However, when the new Alamy Image Manger was introduced last year many contributors found their phrases in legacy images had been spit into individual words during the changeover. This, for the most part, didn't happen to me because I had been in the habit of putting phrases in double quotes in the metadata of each image. I use Lightroom to add keywords before I upload images and I still use double quotes to wrap keyword phrases. As I say, it ought not to make any difference, but I will continue to do it anyway as it requires minimal effort and may be helpful in the future.
  14. Reporting in on RF

    But you will only earn more money if the RM image is never sold again to the same customer. Once the customer has the RF image it can be reused indefinitely. If the licence is RM, there is always the possibility of repeat sales to the same customer. For RF to make sense financially it needs to make a lot more money that the RM licence.
  15. Three minutes per photo sounds somewhat inadequate. In the vast majority of cases I spend longer than that just researching the background to the subject of the image, simply to write an accurate and informative caption. Actual keywording, done using Lightroom, draws on some presets for commonly used terms, but mostly I need to spend 5 minutes or more making sure I have added all possible relevant keywords and keyword phrases, and that they are correct. Further input is needed when using AIM to select the right supertags and other optional info. I think fifteen minutes per photo is not far short of typical for me. As I rarely have more than two or three photos on any given subject, I spend more time preparing them for sale than I do actually behind a camera, and I consider it time well spent. I certainly wouldn't be comfortable at the other extreme, taking the shotgun approach as some contributors do, uploading hundreds of photos at a time and trying to automate the processing and keywording process to the utmost degree.