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  1. Discoverabillity of images!

    Yep, it's an endless task
  2. Discoverabillity of images!

    Thing I find annoying is when you miss out variations of words eg birdwatcher, bird watcher sign post, signpost lamp post, lamppost et etc
  3. Discoverabillity of images!

    The important thing, I find, is to look at the searches for your images and pick up on any terms that haven't been applied to photos you know ought to have been included. I have added quite a few missed search terms as a result.
  4. Image identification

    Yep, that's definitely it. many thanks indeed.
  5. Image identification

    Thanks. That leads me to the Black eyed Susan variety but the shape of the laves and size of the central part of the flower look a but different. eg here
  6. Image identification

    Would love some help identifying the flowers and the bee if possible. In a walled community garden in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland today. Many thanks. Is it a type of sunflower?
  7. Photos of banknotes

    There are hundreds of photos of banknotes on Alamy and I had an idea for something within this category. However, I then read the Bank of England's terms for reproductions of banknotes, as well as those for Royal Bank of Scotland, which are similar but even more stringent. It's hard to believe that everyone who has a photo on Alamy has made the appropriate application. The RBS one only lasts for six months and has to be renewed. Or am I missing something? Relevant information below Bank of England RBS
  8. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    No credits given and photos cropped but one of mine which was sold in May is here, so there may be others.
  9. August Challenge - On the Beach

    A great theme for this month. But difficult to choose only 3 photos! However, my favourite is these Jackass penguins who had just come out of the sea at Simon's Town in South Africa, and obligingly lined up in a row to preen their feathers. Here is my step-grandson playing on the beach at North Berwick. He has hemiplegia and is the youngest person in UK I believe to wear a snazzy carbon fibre brace that allows him great movement And finally an iconic view of the Bass Rock and Craigleith Island in the Firth of Forth
  10. Being relatively new to Alamy, I do not understand the intricacies of any of these (despite doing some research) and would value advice and opinions from those more familiar with Alamy. At present I am opted out of all of them and only opted into Image Options. Is there more information somewhere than the brief stuff that Alamy provides? What are the pros and cons of each of these? For a new contributor, who isn't a professional photographer, these things are not necessarily obvious.
  11. That's great, thanks for the information.
  12. August Picture Series

    National Museum of Scotland forthcoming family day out event Wheels and Wings Event 24 September 2017 National Museum of Flight, East Fortune, EH39 5LF photos from the 2016 event. (How do you post them as thumbnails?) More photos of this event available
  13. Woohoo, first time I've put up photos for this, so thank you for choosing one of mine.
  14. Dollars

    This may be a naive question, but I haven't seen it answered anywhere else. Since Alamy is a U.K. Company (as far as I understand it), why are we paid in dollars (especially given the current poor exchange rate)?
  15. ....and yet another 'personal use' is licensed.

    Just had my first one. I was waiting to see if I got one before deciding whether to change my settings to take this option off my collection. I know we cant second guess why someone might want a particular photo, but I cant even guess what the one of Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer in the Royal Box at Centre Court plus othreally folk would be used for.
  16. Dollars

    So there is no conversion fee?
  17. Dollars

    Ok, thanks for all the useful information. Still not quite sure which one might be better, but it seems different options might suit different people.
  18. Dollars

    As a UK based person I don't want dollars. Presumably therefore the payment option I choose makes a big difference.
  19. Dollars

    Ok, so the plot thickens. Does it therefore make a difference how one opts to be paid? PayPal, if I understand it, is a US company. Does this make a difference to payments versus a direct UK bank transfer? If so, then I need to change my payment option.
  20. Dollars

    Ok, so I have to own up to not having (yet) been paid, though once recent sales clear, I will be. So, are we paid in Sterling after a conversion of some kind, or do we have to pay a fee for PayPal to convert from dollars to Sterling? In which case, the question is why a UK company does this.
  21. Personal use refund

    That's great, thanks, I will give it a try.
  22. Personal use refund

    It's possible to change the setting not to allow personal use, but when you do this it says that it will be applied to all future photos. So there doesn't seem to be a way to change it for photos already uploaded, without doing it individually for each photo, or is there ?
  23. Usually it's updated daily. Recently it's updated around 8.00 am. It does not appear to have been updated since yesterday am: Last Updated on : 19 Jul 2017 07:23 GMT Anyone know if there is a reason for this?
  24. A blog on how to use the dashboard

    To also include how to see which of one's own images have appeared on search pages during different date periods and how to right click on photos to do a Google search.