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  1. Not as many as that needed. I got archival rights a while ago, but what you have to do is make a sample available to Alamy, e.g. In a Dropbox folder so they can see what they're like.
  2. Fastest weekend QC ever....

    I, too, was amazed at passing QC before 8.00am this morning, for photos uploaded yesterday evening.
  3. October Challenge :: Failure

    A much harder topic for this month, but a challenge! Here are my three: Djokovic slips (but won his match) Failure to read Addleheaded
  4. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Or Scotland. That's the bit still attached to the top of England
  5. No information given about the type of sale.
  6. The gannets photo is a stunning picture. Well deserved winner.
  7. Thanks so much for choosing my bad hair day photo. There are some cracking pictures, so it will be hard to choose.
  8. September Photo Challenge - Critters

    My selection... Bad hair day for a semi-feral Exmoor pony on Traprain Law in East Lothian, Scotland (a conservation grazing project) An urban fox looking at me through a hedge in my mother's garden in London and a Dassie (Rock Hyrax) on Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town, South Africa
  9. Fabulous. We travelled to Alta especially to try and see the Northern Lights winter before last. While we had fabulous sunny days, it clouded over every night!
  10. Image identification

    Anyone know anything about pears? Some online research suggested that these are seckel pears, but would like to confirm. its probably quite an old tree, in a garden of an old house with a variety of fruits trees in Scotland
  11. I love this 'bad hair day' photo of one of the wild Exmoor ponies on the top of Traprain Law, overlooking the Firth of Forth. He stood quietly posing for me as if to say, 'Which do you think is my best profile'?
  12. Help with identifying

    Any ideas about the foxglove digitalis varieties here? In a formal garden in Scotland.
  13. Image identification

    Thank you.
  14. Number of people...?

    I certainly do, but not sure how much difference it makes. Searches seem simply to be done which either include or exclude people, which can be done through tagging e.g. 'no people'.
  15. I don't understand how a RM photo uploaded to Alamy can be licensed as RF. What is the point in contributors deciding how they want their photos to be sold if it can be changed? As the definition of RM in my limited understanding is a one time license, how can this be unlimited? Has Alamy provided any explanation of this to anyone?
  16. New contributor, only one would upload?

    Oh I wish! Despite the Scottish Government's commitment to have fast broadband rolled out to every home by 2020, because we don't have a 'green box' there is no solution for us yet. And we only live 18 miles from the centre of Edinburgh.
  17. New contributor, only one would upload?

    I did that by mistake too for my first upload. It will fail as you need to upload 3 photos. But just wait until you get a response and then try again.
  18. August Photo Challenge Poll - On The Beach

    Many thanks for including my photo in the finals. Very honoured to be there for second month in a row amongst a group of professionals.
  19. Sorry I probably wasn't very clear. Alamy Plus is the Bridge drop down section in metadata where all the Alamy fields are. This works fine, as you say, completing the fields Headline and Description to upload to Stock, but not for Live News.
  20. I have been using this great add on to upload stock photos for a while now, but tried to do so for Live News for the first time yesterday. I couldn't work out how to do it, and got an upload error message saying that an IPTC field needed to be set to NEWS in each of the photos. i haven't been able to work out exactly where this field is, but I'm sure someone here will be able to enlighten me. Is it in the default fields list or the Bridge Alamy/Alamy Plus list?
  21. I remain perplexed about how to get photos into Alamy Live News using Alamy-Lightroom Bridge, and there doesnt appear to be anything anywhere that gives instructions. I haven't had any joy yet getting help from Alamy. I just tried it yet again this evening. Upload only works at all if the 'Alamy Plus' Headline field is completed (and 'News' selected in the drop down menu of course). In AIM the submission initially appeared as Upload: News but with Images in QC also shown. Then a few minutes later it changed to Stock and the images were in the normal QC route. So once again I had to export to the hard drive an upload manually. It's very confusing. Does anyone else use Bridge to upload to News and have any suggestions about what I may be doing wrong?
  22. Image identification

    Fantastic, thanks for such a quick reply and your help Sally
  23. Image identification

    More help require form you knowledgeable people. I visited a garden in which many of the plants were named, but not these. Local to me in east Lothian, Scotland yesterday.