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  1. November Challenge :: Winner

    Congratulations. It certainly got my vote.
  2. Live News sales immediate?

    Ok, thanks.
  3. Live News sales immediate?

    Ah, that’s interesting. I have been wondering how it might be possible to replace images without losing all the associated information. How is that done?
  4. Ok, thank you. I have several locations... but will certainly make it easier. But my sales will be few and far between, if any, so the incentive is a bit lower
  5. You could spend as much time searching online newspapers as taking and processing photos, it seems...
  6. I admire your tenacity looking for these. I have been uploading a lot of weather photos to Live News in recent months, but it would be extremely time consuming to Google search them to find unreported uses. Unless you could do a batch search. Maybe I will ask my son if there’s a way to do this, or to set up a macro or something (he is previous Google engineer).
  7. Yes, I understand that they would need to be able to do that, but Alamy’s system must have some way of knowing who has downloaded a photo and when a photo has been downloaded. If they can’t do this, then I think they need to get a system in place that shows them automatically which downloaded photos don’t match their sales records. I’m no IT expert but that surely must be possible.
  8. Forgive my naivety (as a newbie), but surely this just shouldn’t happen. How can a national newspaper purchase images from Alamy without the sale being recorded within a reasonable time period? If this can happen, then there is something seriously wrong with the system. It shouldn’t be up to contributors to spot these uses.
  9. General Register House lit up at night for a Giant advent calendar animation, Edinburgh
  10. Lightroom: Color grading in the basic panel the context of issues to do with running Lightroom. But yes, I could have been even more specific.
  11. Different levesl of ice skating skills!
  12. Lightroom: Color grading in the basic panel

    Quite right, That isn’t what I meant. Lightroom has a facility to detect people and puts little boxes around their faces. Once I removed these from the photos, they uploaded fine.
  13. Lightroom: Color grading in the basic panel

    It’s good to have these short videos about just one aspect of Lightroom at a time. There are a couple of things I have struggled with which you might cover in further ones, perhaps. a) people detection - one computer I use suddenly started detecting people, which I didn’t want but it wasn’t easy to work out how to stop it from doing that. That also seemed to cause a problem uploading images to Alamy; the images were rejected. b ) I use Lightroom on two different computers. My iMac is great and it runs very well. Unfortunately, on the other computer (windows based) it runs very very slowly and drives me nuts. I understand that there are different ways you can ‘lighten’ the processing power of how Lightroom operates but haven’t managed to get my head around it yet. But you may feel that these are more technical operating aspects rather than photo processing which is obviously of interest here.
  14. Upload Problem?

    Oops - solved this problem myself. Forgot to include metadata in the export from Lightroom (having adjusted the last time I did so for another project). Silly me.
  15. Upload Problem?

    I uploaded some news images about an hour ago and just found out that there was a "processing failed", so I am trying agin, but the upload seems to be gettitng stuck after a couple of photos and isnt progressing. Is anyone else having problems? Not really sure what to do if it doesnt complete the upload.
  16. Upload Problem?

    I can connect fine, and the photos upload, but a little while later in AIM they are shown as Processing failed. It's just happened again for the second time and is very frustrating! Will have to get in touch with the team I think.
  17. How was your November?

    I’m a newbie. In November I had 2 sales (most was October with 3). Total for November only $51.47, but since I didn’t anticipate any sales in my first year and now have 11 with an ever growing portfolio, I’m pretty pleased.
  18. This one just popped up as a recorded sale for the last day of November. Apparently, it was licensed for use for one day on Oct 1-2, which is weird because I didn’t upload it until Oct 20th! How can that be?
  19. Edinburgh Castle and Princes St, Edinburgh
  20. Quotes in searches

    I have probably missed some basic information somewhere, but can someone tell me what the purpose of quotes in searches is please? Some views in AoA uses quotes around a word or phrase. What difference does this make? And should quotes ever be used in keywording?
  21. Advice on my portfolio

    I always try to include the American spelling versions of words, or indeed the American name, eg pavement/sidewalk, bonnet/hood etc Makes for tedious keywording, though
  22. Has there been a re-rank?

    So, Ok, thanks. Yet another thing it would be impossible to know about without the forum.
  23. Keyword agency

    Actually the information from Alamy about keywording is pretty sparse (and I have read all their blogs). If they want us to keyword properly, it would be better if they provided a lot more information plus examples. I have had to learn the hard way by reading these forums, and then going back over images to change things, which is very time consuming.
  24. St Mary's Collegiate Church at night ( still with pockmarks from The Siege of Haddington by Cromwellian troops)