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  1. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    And midges...
  2. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Well, sorry, it was originally meant as a joke. I am not politically inclined. And I am not a nationalist. I'm not even Scottish. But you made a point that I gave a response to. I am happy to leave it at that.
  3. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Exactly, so move North and be resident here and avoid them. European continental students don't pay either.
  4. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    National Museums are free in Scotland; as are tuition fees, prescriptions...... Move North
  5. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    What about photos of paintings in national art galleries? If it's 'owned' by the public and the artist is long since dead, is this allowable? It might depend on whether some works displayed in a gallery are on loan from other museums, particularly those abroad I suppose. I'm thinking specifically of a photo I took recently of a self portrait of van Dyke which I didn't upload as I wasn't sure about it.
  6. Yes that is how I did it in the end yesterday (which means I have the same photos now sitting in QC so not sure what to do about that). The drop down list when you use bridge to upload to Alamy appears to include the different categories of photos ie stock/news/archive but choosing 'Entertainment' resulted in photos being in QC, so surely some error there. I will also be uploading to archive photos in near future - hope that it is going to work properly!
  7. I stand corrected. It still didn't work the way I wanted it to. There really needs to be a proper manual about how to do this stuff. The upload worked Ok as stated, but choosing the upload option of 'Entertainment' has simply put my photos into the normal QC route, and given that it is now the weekend it means that they wont be available for some days. i can only presume that I should have chosen the upload option of 'NEWS'. I assumed that the 'ENTERTAINMENT' option would go to the NEWS subset. This is particularly important given that the image quality process is different for normal stock photos versus News photos.
  8. OK, I have worked out the answer to my problem. It would be helpful to include this in the manual for the Bridge programme, as I don't think that it is covered in it. In the default metadata list there are 'TITLE' and 'CAPTION' fields. The second needs to be completed for each photo. 'TITLE' was the field I thought would group the news photos together, but you need to go to Alamy Plus in the dropdown menu of Metadata and complete the field labelled 'HEADLINE', as the overall group tag for the photos being uploaded.
  9. Alamy-Lightroom Bridge. It's brilliant, but not very easy to get to grips with. Not sorted my problem yet but will need to wait until the next news upload to try again.
  10. Is this an infringement?

    I recently found several copies of a photo on Pinterest that had appeared in The Guardian. There is a copyright infringement form that you can complete to request that they remove it. I did that and got a positive response the next day. Form is here if anyone is interested and their policy here
  11. Aye , I did that but it still failed. It seems to be a question of where the caption and headline are put.
  12. Hi, yes I did and I had both caption and headline filled in but still got error message that IPTC wasn't completed correctly and needed News put in somewhere. But I think I need to try what GSImages has suggested.
  13. I have been using this great add on to upload stock photos for a while now, but tried to do so for Live News for the first time yesterday. I couldn't work out how to do it, and got an upload error message saying that an IPTC field needed to be set to NEWS in each of the photos. i haven't been able to work out exactly where this field is, but I'm sure someone here will be able to enlighten me. Is it in the default fields list or the Bridge Alamy/Alamy Plus list?