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  1. Sale but no zoom?

    If a customer zooms but doesn’t complete the purchase logs off then comes back later and buys the image Alamy can’t associate the two events, so you get a sale but no zoom.
  2. As software improves it is possible to salvage or restore images that may have been marginal, also as computer skills improve past photos can be reworked.
  3. Bulk discount

    I have just had some bulk discount distributor sales for use in Turkey, the way I reconcile it is more money into my Alamy earnings pot and it all averages out to be worthwhile in the long run.
  4. How to travel light?

    If you’re in a wilderness area and want to remember where you are or specific forest, just before shooting photos do a five to ten second video clip and speak any notes or reminders then you have a sound recording as a memo.
  5. How to travel light?

    Last two years I have been traveling a lot, so I started from the basics my carry on luggage is new I ditched the old carry on which was 8 lbs in weight without anything in it, my new luggage while being airline specification for carry on is 4 lbs, so a big win there and I only travel with carry on, no checked luggage. I'm prepared to pay a little extra to avoid the really nickel and dime airlines, choosing the 10 kilo carry on limit plus one personal item airline. Most airlines will allow a camera around your neck without counting that as part of your limit. In the past that would be a Canon 5D MKii with 70-200 f2.8, hey it's a camera!! Now I use a sling strap and wear it onto the plane usually under a jacket. I'm a cargo pant (trouser) wearing air traveler and what I can't get in them well that's another story, but they do act as another camera bag and without putting bulky stuff in the pockets you can take a lot of weight out of your luggage by wearing spare batteries, chargers, point and shoot camera, off camera flash units (strobes), cables, DSLR body without lens body cap on (GH4). I have downsized away from full frame to micro four thirds and I would say that for Gen a serious birder the low light performance of M4/3 wouldn't compete with a full frame flagship camera in a rain forest bird shoot. It does great in all other areas where you don't need more than 800 iso.
  6. Slow month? 2018

    I have four sales, three came in together all three were the same subject, all these four sales are distributor. Zooms aren’t bad for my portfolio, views are down. Just for fun as I like numbers and comparing results as a means to find out how my portfolio is performing against my peers, I divide the quoted sales into the total portfolio. A portfolio of 10000 photos and 2 sales reported in the month, 2 divide into 10000 = 5000 so 2 sales per 5000 images. So my month sales into portfolio so far is one sale for every 972 images. I know it’s meaningless but other than preparing a batch of 167 photos in Lightroom what do you do while waiting for batch export?
  7. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Three in this series licensed together
  8. I think the auto ISO is the secret, I have been used to using the lowest manual ISO to control noise, never going above 800 but usually 400 being the maximum. The main reason for the question is not having time to fully think through your shots as you are constantly keeping up with a group of non photographers. Occasionally forgetting to make significant changes to camera settings as photo opportunities appear. Thanks to all the suggestions, I’m going to set up auto ISO with maximum and minimum settings and give that a go. My main travel settings have always been aperture priority and nearly always for general shots an f8 aperture for the sweet spot of most lenses, but moving from full frame to smaller sensor cameras f8 has been too much. Thanks again for for the great responses. Norman
  9. I would have thought you would be using “P” on the dial for professional
  10. My main need is speed and accuracy while touring
  11. That’s interesting I had been worried amount noise but aperture priority is producing too many throw away shots for Alamy.
  12. I have been traveling a lot recently and in some cities I have done organized tours where you are being taken to various places. I did a fantastic food tour before the hurricane in Puerto Rico, the downside photography becomes run and gun because of time, so do you set your camera to, aperture priority, shutter priority , full manual or fully auto?
  13. Forty percent of my last year sales were portrait. I do make a conscious effort to shoot every subject landscape and portrait, but they don’t always both make the cut technically.
  14. Slow month? 2018

    Slow start for me also