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  1. Lot of red pixels means heat problem that occour with too long exposure.
  2. Alamy images watermark removed

    I know, but as you read in this article: " accurately removing it without any visible artifact is far more challenging " So there is not chance to remove a watermark without leaving artifacts.
  3. Alamy images watermark removed

    How can they remove watermarks? It's pretty impossible without using PS and do it yourself manually. A watermark on Alamy is integrated in the pictures (pixels) so the writing constist of a less contrast part of the picture in pixels. And each pixels behind the watermark consist of different colors. Hard to explain but hope you understand. I didn't click on the url posted there on fb, but think it could be a unsafe site that could infect your computer with malware.
  4. RAW is untouched so straight out of camera there will be more noise than a jpg straight out of camera, since jpg's are processed with camera's settings for noise reduction. But with the raw you can set how much noise reduction the processed jpg should have, so in theory the raw could be noise free in cost of sharpness. Hope it would make it a bit clearer.
  5. Here I have illustrated how the histogram would look's like on a sunny landscape picture. First is 1 stop underexposed, second is right exposed and third is 1 stop over.
  6. Time for Change

    Only work with newer version of Camera Raw that come with newer version of LR and PS.
  7. Time for Change

    Great camera you have bought yourself. I just bough Sigma 18-35mm for my D7500 and I love it, very sharp and think it would be great for your street photography. You get it with Sony mount also. For processing images you could use Adobe DNG converter and convert your images to .dng if you still want to use LR4.
  8. Slow month?

    Only one sale this month
  9. Sun flare, advice please

    A tip for avoiding lot of sun "spots" is to have a clean frontglass when shooting straight to sun.
  10. CA on Alamy front page yet again

    Could be the grade of CA or if in strict part of picture.
  11. CA on Alamy front page yet again

    Alamy is probably more strict about CA than they used to be. But which lens do you use? You should consider buying a more expensive lens with no CA.
  12. Keywording - foreign languages

    Here in Northern Norway we have sapmi natives so I often write keywords for places in Sapmi, Norwegian and English to be sure.
  13. Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in November . (1 per day)

    $28.41 gross popped in today. My third sale here since March.
  14. Nikon P900

    You need a camera that take higher quality pictures, like a DSLR or a mirrorless with about same quality.