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    I don’t care about red, green or even black arrows here. If some forum members only want to view the world through Alamy tinted glasses then sadly they are deluded. I try to stay polite but I really feel there is a hardcord hostile group here who are in denial. I shared my fees and I can imagine them putting their hands over their ears and closing their eyes saying “ I”m not listening” like Golem in LOTR.
  2. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Good grief, I can’t do right for wrong here. I give up 😟
  3. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    After a 3 month lull I made 3 sales on 2 images. $18, $9 and $9. These images are not exclusive to Alamy.

    I will post them on the sales thread. I have no agenda to promote ms over Alamy. I just can’t sit back and hear some blame ms for Alamy’s lower pricing trend, especially when ms sales are not always low as I have just pointed out. Whatever I post in these forums gets jumped on by the same people who have a head in the sand view of Alamy v ms when in fact it can work to have one foot in both camps.

    On the contary, I get some decent individual sales on microstock like I just quoted. It isn’t their fault how prices are set here. You have to admit the prices Mark has quoted are ludicrous for a magazine cover.

    I just made 3 sales here which is good news but $9, $9 and $18 are comparatively low. The irony is I just got a microstock sale for $70.
  7. I have been working in Lightroom for some years. All my edited RAW folder categories and subcategories are on my D drive, and all my new imports are on my C drive that are in work in progress mode. I then transfer the finished RAW into the D folders. I haven't backed up my catalogue for some time (it takes an eternity on my pc) but I had a lot of recently imported RAW files in progress. I thought it would be a good idea to try and cut and paste all the imported unedited folders from the C to the D drive to have them in one location. This is when it went wrong as opening LR again and everything is blank in the directory. I put the folders back to where they were but it still won't recognize any, (even though usually all recent edits to a RAW that are not backed up in the catalogue are remembered) If I direct LR to the folders with all the original files in , it's asking to import again (they were already imported) So my question is, how to I restore back to a couple of hours ago without having to use an older catalogue that won't have my recent images on them ? will I lose all the edits I have been making these past few weeks just by simply trying to move a folder to another location ? This is a nightmare as I have no idea what to do that won't cause all my recent work to be lost Thanks
  8. Granted but it still should have loaded from my backed up catalogue. Is There a way to extract the edits from a rendered Jpeg ?
  9. But if the backed up catalogue lets you down when you need it by not loading it's a poor program. I don't understand the logic of it only remembering some data and not others back and forward in time as I last backed up in Jan of this year. It just won't load the backup so weeks and weeks, if not months of time lost in editing.
  10. I have managed to re-import the last catalogue but adding the files to LR (read from the D drive) BUT it hasn't remembered keywords, edits and metadata for everything. There is no pattern to the missing data as some is earlier and some is later. It seems intermittent. Surely the last catalogue restore would bring them all up ? Tried to open via the last saved cat in my dedicated folder and again "catalogue could not be opened due to an unexpected error"
  11. What I can't understand is why it won't backup from saved catalogues. When I tried to move the folders I did it within LR, not the OS. It just seemed unresponsive so closed it down and did in OS.
  12. I have catalogue backups I am trying to restore from but it's giving me an error when I try and load them. The last backup was in january but it won't load it. When I direct it to the correct place on the drive, sub categories etc it wants to re-import them which obviously all the edits will be lost. What a c++p program. Not only is it slow but unreliable. Yes, I should have recently backed up but for this to happen just by trying to move a folder from one location to another is ridiculous. Not even an undo feature to re-trace back. Even when I don't back up, my last edits were always remembered in LR when I next open the program so where are these temporary files stored ? That could surely do something to restore if I could find it ?
  13. I am very interested in the more fine Art creative photography for it's own sake. The kind of images you see in the BJP, Creative review and exhibitions etc. In an ideal world I would love to make a living from this kind of work (I did a workshop with BW landscape photographer John Davies when I was a photo student in the mid 80's.) but have lost touch with this due to making stock images. Has anyone here got a similar background, interest other than the "bread and butter" stock images ? Do these kind of images do well at Alamy ?
  14. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    Exactly. There seems to be a black and white on/off view here that it's either one or the other. I have the right to complain about my exclusive editorial non sales here, especially when they are not selling on microstock. I hear people raving about the great fees you earn per sale and am underwhelmed. Perfectly within my right to highlight the fact.
  15. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    On a major micro site I have almost made as much in 2018 as I did all of 2017 on Alamy of which I had 9 sales. That came to $143.80 for a whole year which really should have been around that for each sale. So the average Alamy sales for me were $15.97
  16. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    I think whatever I say will be jumped on by yourself and it's very tiresome. I am expressing a valid opinion and point (as others do) but I seem to be the whipping boy here for some bizarre reason. Again, selling on microstock has NOTHING to do with poor sales and lower fees on Alamy.
  17. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    Interesting and contrary to the mantra spoken in the forums by some.
  18. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    If the well is dry, go to a well that has water.
  19. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    Point taken Matt. Cheers.
  20. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    My last sale was in Nov 2017 for a piddling amount comparable to microstock earnings. Uploading more (after taking advice from members here) editorial, better keyworded, exclusive images is having no effect. Sadly it is looking like I will have to concede to turning exclusive over to microstock too as I can't afford to wait for the sales here. And like you say, less earnings per sale. Thankfully my microstock sales come every day but in general it's getting harder and harder to make money from photography whatever site/s you sell through.
  21. First Sale Ever

  22. January

    Seems like a dark art to master but I will have a go. Nice starling murmuration shots by the way! Really good images.
  23. January

    It's strange if you type in a keyword that is a duplicate Alamy doesn't filter it as other sites do so you have to make sure you haven't entered a word twice which is a pain. I Googled "old Bangor" and that was the spelling that came up. Will correct it though as it seems to be wrong. Will also look at phrases which I wasn't aware of which makes more work (as well as having to re-keyword every single file again since Alamy decided to change the system Grrrrrr). Thanks for the help folks, much appreciated.
  24. January

    Thanks. To be honest, I do have the word “car” as one of my super tags and car inthe title so not sure what you have to do to get on the front page.
  25. January

    Thanks Mark. That makes sense I suppose.