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  1. Thanks. Nice to get some positive feedback. Sadly I wish the sales were the same but they dried up months ago. keeping uploading but to no avail.
  2. Thanks, nice to have some friendly people here. Asking questions interpreted as “needling” is somewhat bizzare.
  3. I knew you would get it in somehow 😏
  4. SS don't really care as they have known about this for a while. Oh well, you live and learn and from now on I won't trust them.
  5. It's a site called Foundstock that has popped up. They have found a loop in the Facebook site which gives high res previews with no watermark. As I now will not be submitting anymore images to them, I want to know how secure things are here before I submit anymore editorial work.
  6. After finding out to my horror that SS images have been hacked by thieves, all our portfolio stolen for life, I would like to know how secure are images are with Alamy. Do they have good measures to stop thieves stealing ? I will now put my tin hat on and wait for the few microstock cynics here to point the finger and laugh saying "I told you so"
  7. How was your November?

  8. I always save, definitely remember doing so. I find that a lot of my previously keyworded images have been messed up by the site, sometimes split or joined words.
  9. Why oh why oh why does Alamy completely lose all my supertags from some of my recently uploaded and keyworded images ? I remember actually tagging them all recently and saving but now all gone. no wonder my sales have slumped. It's bad enough that we have to re-tag our older files uploaded but to find that recently tagged images have defaulted back to zero supertags is astonishing and very frustrating. Now I have to go through every image to check. It's absolutely ridiculous and needs addressing as soon as possible. Rant over.
  10. Slow month?

    I like your images Alex, they have a nice clean quality to them. I have to say that I never plan a shoot. I just go somewhere with my camera and walk around and see what I can find. I find (and I used to specialize as environmental portraiture as a student) people difficult to shoot. If I go to an event, like the food festival this weekend, people look at you with suspicion and contempt when you have a camera. I don't feel comfortable photographing around people, and I certainly hate being photographed myself. Probably because I have become more reclusive since I work from home. Not really a social person anymore but I suppose I will have to overcome it somewhat. Having said that a very good camera phone may be the answer to getting candid images of events. A lot of photographers are doing this more. I do find changing lenses a real pain on an SLR. Note* Just discovered that Alamy has completely lost a lot of my supertags on my recently uploaded and tagged images. No wonder they are not getting found.
  11. Slow month?

    I take onboard all comments here which I appreciate. Sorry that a few interpret my frustration as negativity, attacking Alamy or "trolling". On the contrary, I would LOVE to make a good living from my images but just find it frustrating that the editorial, exclusive images (seasonal especially) have not made any sales. I can go back to Nov 2015 when I made a sale of $389.63 for an image when I had a tiny port. In fact I had more sales with less images, and more money which is the point I have been trying to make. It seems the bigger my portfolio, the less and less sales. Just disappointed and quite frankly despondent. I like to try and find the niche, quirky images that haven't been covered. I will try and get more archival stuff uploaded from my student days 30+ years ago from my medium format film. Just could have done with a nice Christmas sale.
  12. Slow month?

    Again, if Alamy made me sales that paid handsomley, or even sales at all I would be 100% here but I have to survive, pay a mortgage and bills so I can’t afford to sit it out here and hope for the magic sale to happen. Micro is bread and butter and like I have said time and time again, often bags me single images sales much HIGHER than Alamy.
  13. Slow month?

    Look, why do you keep banging on for this when I have told you my average sales compared to Alamy ?
  14. Slow month?

    To be fair, a lot of the numbers on huge ports here are based on many variations, borderline duplicates of the same subject. I see no point in this. I try and submit all my shots as one off, individual images. And again, I sell many per week on micro with a moderately small portfolio compared to some.
  15. Slow month?

    So 9 sales this year at Alamy has bagged me $144. I have earned $200 on a good month at microstock.