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  1. Flippin' 'eck - anyone used a Lens Flipper?

    With the self cleaning sensor I get very little dust these days.
  2. Flippin' 'eck - anyone used a Lens Flipper?

    sorry, meant to say there is a screen/wall between two sides inside.
  3. Sierra to High Sierra

    No, there is only one way to install it, so no choices given.
  4. Flippin' 'eck - anyone used a Lens Flipper?

    it's not "built in" it's a separate piece which you can attach so it's stays connected to it. Yes, I needs both hands but it's much faster than having a bag and using one hand (for me). It's less bulky than a bag as well. So far I only used it indoors during events and it's been great for me, for this specific purpose.
  5. Sierra to High Sierra

    I'm on a Mac with High Sierra and do not have any issues with Nik Collection. Don't know anything about NX2. I have 3 different Macs, different ages and none have issues with NIK on High Sierra
  6. DACs publication history

    HAHAHA, it's hard to let go sometimes, but I'll leave it to you now.
  7. DACs publication history

    No, just trying to help you and get your money's worth
  8. DACs publication history

    Sounds like you just didn't bother to read the e-mail they sent. They don't ask for any specific ISBNs, so if you provided 3 from UK public publications, they would not deny your claim. If you provided something else (which means you didn't read instructions) and they asked you for the correct ISBNs in the email and you didn't prove them in a timely matter than you can't expect to get anything. What is so complicated that you are not 100% sure about the process? Step 1. Provide 3 ISBNs from UK publications 2. Count how many UK publications you had in your lifetime 3. Hit submit. This has to be the easiest form you need to fill out in your life. There isn't any mystery there.
  9. DACs publication history

    The whole process is so simple. They emailed me before the deadline and asked for the sales report to verify my claim, which I sent to them very promptly. I don't think you followed the instructions in that e-mail.
  10. DACs publication history

    Ohh I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. What was the reason it was denied in the first place?
  11. DACs publication history

    Did you just say you did? "If I recall the refusal mail stated it was now past the deadline, so no claim for this/that year."
  12. DACs publication history

    Well, if you applied after the deadline of course your claim was denied. Are you surprised?
  13. DACs publication history

    For what reason?
  14. DACs publication history

    2017 deadline was May 2017. What information did you not provide to them? You said they denied your claim this year, so I thought you were talking about THIS year when you said this year, but you meant last year. You provide the same info each year, the 3 ISBN numbers can be the same each year. Whenever they need more info from you they ask before the deadline.
  15. DACs publication history

    The email they sent says: How to apply in two steps:1. Complete your UK Publication History Claim by 12 February 2018 2. Submit your Payback Claim Form by 4 May 2018
  16. DACs publication history

    The apply period hasn't ended yet so how can it be too late?
  17. Flippin' 'eck - anyone used a Lens Flipper?

    there is a rubber lens cap that you use to cover the opening so nothing falls in.
  18. How to travel light?

    Makes sense gvalee, but you could eliminate your big powerful laptop (13 inch MacBook would be just fine) but I don't think you could use a tablet.
  19. Flippin' 'eck - anyone used a Lens Flipper?

    Just wanted to say that I got this and it has proven very useful. I no longer need to carry another bag and the lens is easily accessible. Prefect for me.
  20. How to travel light?

    I don't keyword on the road as I'm normally too tired for that but I do take images of signs and builtin GPS helps a lot and I take notes. I do not need internet connection, but I can't do without laptop. I always transfer my images to two external HDs and carry those in different bags using the smallest and lightest MacBook (MacBook Pro is too big so stays at home, I do't need anything powerful on the road, I don't edit while traveling). I would also be reluctant to transfer directly to a drive (like that WD My Passport Wireless Pro) without being able to see if I can actually see and open the images on the computer. There are plenty devices that di that such as this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=details&O=&Q=&ap=y&c3api=1876%2C{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9PzvqbLh2AIVx7bACh3FIgygEAQYASABEgKOsvD_BwE&is=REG&m=Y&sku=1191265 I've used these in the past but I don't trust any of them. They have their own OS and again I have to see my image open on a computer to feel that my images are fine.
  21. How to travel light?

    How do you transfer images from the camera to the tablet and then to the external HD?
  22. DACS

    good to know! thx
  23. DACS

    ohh, I see. So % wise how much was from the additional pot?
  24. DACS

    did they actually give you a breakdown of the payment?