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  1. Hello from Teesdale, UK

    Welcome Richard. You have a lovely portfolio. I'm sure many of us would be interesting in your findings. Paulette
  2. Email Paulette
  3. K2WFX4 African Elephant in Kenya, East Africa K2WFWN Lioness hunting, Kenya, East Africa K2WFWG Olive Baboon mothers with babies, Kenya, East Africa. I didn't notice the hands of the second baby until I saw it on the computer. Paulette
  4. The best part of shooting in Kenya is being in Kenya with the wild animals. Alamy has images from many famous wildlife photographers as well as the National Geographic Collection so competition here is fierce. I do make sales but don't expect much income from the endeavor. I will do it as long as it is fun. Paulette
  5. Hello From Portland, Maine

    Your images are beautiful. Concentrate on your captions and keywords. They need to be very complete and accurate. Personal things like "beaches near me" won't work. Your garden image includes "weddings" so I guess it is a common place for weddings? Only include that word if your image contains a wedding. Scientific names of plants and animals should be included. You should use United States, USA, US, North America. Take a look at the other images on Alamy and see what people are doing. Also read the Alamy instructions on keywording. Hope you do well. You have lovely images. Paulette

    How about spatula? That was fun. Paulette
  7. I'd love a Critique!

    Don't give up on empty space. Sometimes the buyer wants a place to put their text. Personally, I've always rather liked compositions that have the main subject in a corner so I do it to please myself and then I put "copy space, copyspace" in the keywords. Paulette
  8. Reached 4000 images

    Would have made a great shot. Sometimes I wish there was some way to just blink and take a picture because these things happen with no camera in hand. Erwitt got some great reactions from his barking. Paulette
  9. Promoting my photos on my own blog

    You can go to your dashboard and look at Additional Revenue Options. One choice is Link to Your Images on Alamy. You will be able to put the link in your blog. The link will take people to a page that will allow people to search only your images. Unfortunately, it hasn't been changed in years and could use a bit of an update. The thumbnails are small and it is not immediately obvious that people can also click on "Images by....... Your Name" to see all the images. Paulette
  10. Reached 4000 images

    Elliot Erwitt did pretty well by barking at dogs. Paulette
  11. I'd love to see a picture of that. Paulette
  12. Animals with patterned coats.... K2WFXT Leopard resting in a tree, Kenya, Africa K2WFY3 Grevy's Zebra with the pinstriped pattern, Kenya, Africa K2WFXN Reticulated Giraffes, Kenya, Africa Paulette
  13. An experienced searcher would probably put quotation marks around "Dawn French" and they would not get those inappropriate results. Not sure how many searchers actually do that..... They don't know they should? ...They are lazy about it? Paulette
  14. Image Manager: issues/suggestions

    Yes, both the caption and the location could be much more user-friendly. When choosing to make the workspace larger I would wish that the caption and location areas could be larger. Paulette
  15. Hi From Oklahoma

    Yes, weddings are so hard because you can't reshoot. Most regular wedding photographers have someone else shooting as well in case of problems with their images so one way to get started in that business is to try to be the second shooter with an established photographer. Paulette