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  1. Congratulations on being able to go so many fascinating places. I was intrigued and started looking at your photos. Cute koalas! But I looked at the keywords and was appalled. A koala is not an eagle or a tiger. No sense working to get photos past QC if you are going to do a poor job of keywording. You seem very willing to get to work. I would suggest starting with your captions and keywords. Alamy offers lots of advice. Good luck with it. Paulette
  2. Arterra???

    I think he was also becoming increasingly frustrated with Alamy's reluctance to do anything about all the inaccurate keywording. Many of us have run across egregious examples and some people have reported them to Alamy. When there is no action to fix the problem it seems futile to report it. Alamy has a system to keep flawed images off the site but nothing is done about very flawed keywording. Paulette
  3. Arterra???

    It's our loss. I wish Alamy would rethink the whole red arrows business. There must be a way to encourage civility here without driving away one of our most valuable members. Paulette
  4. Arterra???

    I miss him so much. The red arrows played a part and it's a shame that those who were using them participated in driving away someone who helped in so many ways. He was willing to spend his valuable time going over keywords thoroughly and giving people the opportunity to fix them and do better on Alamy. Some people apparently didn't appreciate any criticism of what they were doing. His knowledge of flora and fauna have not been matched in my opinion. No disrespect to the people who are still here and helping. I do appreciate it. Philippe was also funny and just good company here. Paulette
  5. Hi everyone

    I know. I think I should probably stay away from the introductions section of the forum. It is starting to make me cranky. He did have some good images but had let years go by without adding more than one keyword. This is just not the right place for what he wanted to do. I could hear Philippe saying "This is a professional stock agency." Paulette
  6. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Is it just me or is the type smaller, fainter? This is when Philippe would have something funny to say. I miss him! Paulette
  7. Contributor Search

    They would only appear if you have put your name in the keywords. You can click the blue numbers under your name here and then bookmark the result. I have mine on my favorites bar so I can get quickly to my images. Paulette
  8. Hi everyone

    I think he has moved on. No changes have been made to keywords and captions. I hope he found an appropriate place for what he wants to do. Paulette
  9. Alamy Measures broken?

    I would love to find that it hasn't been reporting zooms for a while. I was getting them very regularly and had a consistently high ctr but now I haven't had a zoom in three and a half weeks. Maybe just a dry spell for me? Paulette
  10. Hi everyone

    I just realized that your first four images must have been uploaded a long time ago, judging by the reference number. They are the ones that only have one keyword. I do think that now you need at least five. It also looks to me like you were getting better results with the technical quality of your images then. Those look very professional to me. Perhaps you didn't continue to upload at the time because you weren't getting results. That could have been because they were so sparsely keyworded. As images, I think they can compete in the wildlife category but you would have to get to work on the captions and keywords. Paulette
  11. November Challenge :: Iconic

    Mine must be iconic animals, of course. J20WE8 African Lion D6D063 Bear with Salmon D9H1K6 Polar Bear Paulette
  12. Photographer Vs Monkey... on the radio

    The irony is that a while back Wikipedia was asking for contributions. I don't think everything on the internet should be free and I would have sent some money but by then I was aware of their position on copyright and didn't want to give them anything. Paulette
  13. Photographer Vs Monkey... on the radio

    The entity is not our friend. I do use it, of course, and I'm glad it is there but their (its) belief that everything on the internet should be free is chilling. Paulette
  14. Hi everyone

    I am getting the impression from your captions that you are thinking of this as a place to have fun. OK. Fair enough. Do have fun but it is a place to sell your images to buyers who are looking to spend money to illustrate a book or an article or to advertise their product. You are going to want to look like a professional and give a lot of information to help people who are searching for images. Look at the instructions that Alamy gives on captions and keywords and be aware that your images will only be seen (and licensed) if you are serious about the keywords and captions.. You have asked for tips so I have felt free to be honest. You are not looking professional with your captions and keywords. Also, be aware that you must deselect an image in the image manager before you move on to the next image or your keywords will carry over. Your gorilla is not a lioness (or a man) and your lion is a male lion so he is not a lioness either. I'm kind of surprised that some of your images are on sale with only one keyword. I guess there is no minimum requirement. It may be that you don't want to spend your time in front of a computer doing the work that is involved in making a serious attempt to make a bit of money with your photos. You could just move on and find a place that is more of a camera club. Paulette
  15. You might enjoy listening to the first half hour of this program.... We get to hear David Slater describe how the monkey selfie was taken and also his experience of being sued by a monkey. It's really fun to hear the lawyers and judges in California talk about whether a monkey can hold a copyright. Wikipedia should be ashamed of itself... (themselves?). Paulette