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  1. I've had that happen and after checking the size I just went ahead it seemed to upload just fine. All this discussion is "illegal", of course, as we are not supposed to talk about anything starting with an S on this forum. Paulette
  2. It is searchable in tags and caption but not in the location field. Unless that has changed, of course. Paulette
  3. Hello fellow Alamysts

    I do get Paulette Goddard if I am too lazy to use quotation marks. There aren't many photos of her so easy to ignore them. Paulette
  4. Hello fellow Alamysts

    I include my name in tags as I find it useful rather than doing an advanced search for some of my photos. I don't think it has hurt me. Paulette
  5. Hello from Texas

    In the export screen in Lightroom you are given options about what data to include so be sure you are including the keywords and in your hierarchy if you are using hierarchies. Paulette
  6. Alas, we no longer have the ability to personally message each other. They took that away after some abusive behavior was apparently going on. I don't see why all of us were punished but there we are. Sometimes you can find a member's website and contact them from there. Paulette
  7. I like the results much better when I hit Creative. The first page includes more that I have sold or that have been zoomed. I guess they are succeeding in giving some individual images a rank. Paulette
  8. The first page of mine favors my Stockimo and News images although I haven't sold any. There are three images that I have sold on that page. At some point on the second page the order starts to be my most recent first just like you get when you click on my blue number here. I don't know where the extra number of images comes from. Perhaps I'll scroll through some time. Paulette
  9. Ed, I use a 15" MacBook Pro. (I hope Philippe doesn't peek in). I have it calibrated and every time I redo that (as they nag you to do) it is just fine. I think I can use one of those shades, Wim, now that I have an apartment that sends some beautiful but annoying sunshine onto my desk. I have a black and white gradient on my Lightroom so I can find the correct angle for the screen. I have an Air for trips but wouldn't want to try to do any work on it beyond sorting into folders. I do sometimes find I have been a bit off on brightness. I have faith that people who care will be sure you have a place to put your head until your apartment is OK again. Must be ghastly to not be able to go "home". Paulette
  10. Hello

    Don't worry about discoverability but, yes, you need more tags. Also, check your captions. You have a little lizard captioned as a deer. Be sure to deselect after finishing with one photo or your work will carry over to the next one. Keywords like "book" and "poster" are not appropriate unless it is a photo of a book or poster. Put what is actually in the image. Looking at what other people have done can help you. Search for a similar image and then click on it to see what the keywords are. It will give you an idea of what is needed. Paulette
  11. No, alas. They have not updated it since I've been here and every now and then somebody asks about it. It's totally stagnant. Paulette
  12. Spelling Question

    Alas, we do have to put in both spellings. Also different words for the same thing in American English and British. In their instructions they suggest adding mum and mom as well as mother. Paulette
  13. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    Ohhhh. Beautiful animal. Beautiful shot. Paulette
  14. Bread on a twig - Tag suggestions

    I think it is for the birds, too. People are reluctant to just throw away a piece of stale bread. So "feeding birds" and such. Maybe a photographer was trying to attract birds to photograph. Paulette
  15. Hi from Germany

    Malaga will show up in searches. The individual words as well as the phrase do count. Your images often look too dark to me. I hope you are spending some time in processing them. If you take a look at images on Alamy of the same subject you will probably see what I mean. Many would be improved by a bit of brightening. Paulette