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  1. Thank you, ReeRay. I realize I left a lot out of my reply. Viveza was the first one I used so it popped into my mind. I mostly use ColorEfex Pro now and, of course, when I am selecting areas U point must be what is used. Haven't really thought about it. I just use it by habit. Paulette
  2. Glad to be of help. I really love the Nik filters though I don't always use them. Paulette
  3. Viveza in the Nik Collection lets you select with the U points. I'm not sure if there is any difference between that and NX2. Paulette
  4. How to travel light?

    I did get my luggage wrapped coming back from Namibia. It was recommended. I guess it works. Fortunately, I have not had any theft problems though I do carry backup lenses in the checked luggage. Nowadays I have to be sure my little waist bag purse can be put inside my "personal item" before the loading. So annoying. Paulette
  5. Today I had to go over and over signing in and getting an error message, sometimes having to choose vehicles, fire hydrants, failing and failing. Then I decided to just read it without signing in and discovered that I was signed in. We have been having problems for a very long time. Why is it not fixed? I'm feeling cranky now. Paulette
  6. I have a third copy in a safe deposit box. Very difficult here in NYC to find one big enough for even portable drives. I think it costs me about $100 a year. The problem is I don't often get them out to update them. My bad. Paulette
  7. Dead Animal

    Right after I said people don't want my bloody polar bear cubs I got a zoom on this one.... D7137F Polar bear cubs playing with their food in Svalbard. Paulette
  8. DACS

    The money goes into your regular Alamy account (although they made a mistake with me last year and paid me in my Stockimo account). I get free transfers from Alamy into my JPMorganChase bank account in New York. I don't know about the taxes. I just know that I investigated when I filed myself and the process for being relieved of having to pay the taxes was onerous and expensive so I just paid. Not sure whether Alamy has to pay them. I should think not but that is just a guess. You could ask Alamy. Paulette
  9. Dead Animal

    People love cute polar bear cubs but there has been no interest in this adorable one... D71338 Polar Bear cub having a meal in the Svalbard Archipelago... They do need to eat. Paulette
  10. Discoverability

    I like your images a lot but you definitely need to improve your captions and keywords. One thing you have to watch out for in the Image Manager is that you have to deselect an image when you are finished with it. If you don't do that your next image is going to get the same keywords. It can make a mess of things. One thing that might be useful for you is to search on Alamy for your subject and take a look at the keywords for a similar image. You won't want to copy someone else but it is fine to choose some that look appropriate to add to your image. It will give you more of an idea of how to keyword. Paulette
  11. by myself

    This forum is for people who are selling their images on Alamy. Is this what you are looking for? Paulette
  12. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    DWJ1T4 Detail of Quiver Tree or Kokerboom in Namibia Paulette
  13. Why are some of the downloaded images not on sale?

    I often miss the caption too but I blame it on the new Image Manager. Everything is less visually obvious to me compared to the old manager. Blaming things on the new Image Manager has become a bit of a hobby for me. Paulette
  14. Sorry, but we couldn’t find any matches

    Thank you, Arvy. I hope you will also get to go to wild places. That is what it is all about for me -- seeing the animals where they live. I must warn you that the trips are very expensive and I don't expect to ever pay for them with my sales. It is about the experience for me and about sharing what I have been privileged to see. It is gratifying to make sales and the money definitely helps but it is not practical to expect it to pay its way. Paulette
  15. I help a blind woman to go to her medical appointments. I am very grateful for vision. Every little thing becomes difficult. I'm glad he has a wife. My friend lives alone and though she gets some help from neighbors and the doormen it is a constant problem not to be able to see. Paulette