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  1. Agreed Philippe, captions and supertags makes most sense and the way Reimar noted it's working now is finally how I think it should be. Having 3 levels of relevance seems to be the best way to do things. We used to have 4 (essential, main, comprehensive, and the caption) that all (so we were told but I never tested it) had a different level of relevance. Now we seem to have 3 levels, which makes more sense to me. I'm very happy for others not to keyword/caption the best way both for new images and by going back through their port, as I know I have a proven advantage by doing so, but I won't try and convince my competitors again. Of course if I had 10's of thousands of images I doubt I'd go back over older ones. I'm still working on my older ones and have been all year! I'm concentrating on new images and news uploads first, then when I get a chance I'm going back and re-tagging older ones. I admit I'm slow at doing it and get bored quickly, so I'm sure it takes me longer than others. Geoff.
  2. Alamy's latest tweet: #AIM top tip: Captions are searchable but don't carry as much weight as tags do so you should add relevant words from the #caption as tags. For quite a while earlier this year the caption carried a higher weight than tags, and even supertags. That changed at some point and captions carried the same weight as supertags. I haven't tested it since then (not for months), so I'm wondering if Alamy have their facts right this time, and captions really do now carry less weight than tags. I hope this is the case, but it would be nice if these facts were made clear to us. I have never read any comment from Alamy regarding the incorrect way tags/supertags/captions worked earlier this year. After the negativity from some and lack of response from Alamy before when I've posted results of my testing, that proved things weren't working, I won't do further testing. I am curious though if things really have changed for the better. It would make a lot more sense if they have. Maybe I'll do my own quick test just to see, although there's probably little point because whatever I find won't change things, and I have enough to do as it is. Geoff.
  3. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Thank you Matt, that's nice of you.
  4. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    You're welcome Daniel, glad to be of help. I look forward to seeing the cows. Geoff.
  5. Hi from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the Alamy madhouse Pamela. Geoff.
  6. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Welcome Daniel, Just to back up the above, captions and keywords mean a huge amount, and you shouldn't underestimate just how vital it is to get them correct. With your Live News images, I see that you have quite a few similars (I do Live News too so I understand how that happens). I'm guessing you copy the tags to all of a batch of Live News images before uploading to Alamy? The tags aren't searchable (at least I don't think so???) until after they've moved from Live News to stock, after 48 hours, at which point they go on sale as soon as the database has it's daily update. So you're then left with a load of similar images, all tagged, and many not accurately. It would be better if you didn't bother with tags before uploading Live News images, as you'll get them up faster and they aren't needed. Then go back and just add tags to the best ones. to ensure they are found nearer the top of searches once they move from Live News to stock. By the way, I checked all your portfolio and noticed you have no photos of cows? I'm honestly disappointed. It should be a requirement to have at least one cow photo on Alamy in order that your images are seen by clients (ignore me, I'm a nutter). Geoff.
  7. Falling sales values

    I've given away a few images in the past. One was an American zoo, which I was told was a charity so I felt guilty saying no when they asked (it was years ago and I'd never been published before so I was just happy to be published). I also had a guy who owned a caravan park of some sort ask to use one of my photos that I used to share on Flickr. I was naive then and took his word that he would pay, as he said he would (his words were something similar to "I'll sort you out" or other typical "I don't intent to pay you" talk). I reminded him at a later date about payment, only to be told he had no budget for that but I could stay in a caravan for a night. Hmmm. My own fault, I know, and I'm older and wiser now, so no need for a lecture. Both those incidents were many years ago before I used Alamy. Recently I had another situation where someone running a website labelled something incorrectly, and I had my own photo of this item as well as a photo of the item they had it labelled as. I let him know he had the photo labelled wrong, but didn't mention the photos I had. He mentioned wanting a photo of the item he thought it was, so I had the dilemma or offering a non-profit website (so it looks anyway) free images, or risk offending a nice man who probably didn't get any money for all the useful information on his website, by asking for payment. Last year I took lots of great photos of a child that a family member was looking after. I didn't know if I could get model releases or not but I took the photos anyway, then asked via the family member if they'd sign release forms. The answer was no, but they asked if I could send them the images! What a cheek. I said he's welcome to prints for a fee, but that never happened of course. Geoff.
  8. Post your positive results here :)

    Fantastic Kumar, those are great sales and as others said, it's encouraging to see these still appearing. I've only rarely had anything that high (only once over $200 back in 2010) but with my newer "different" style and better quality images the past 6 months, I have some hope of things improving. Geoff.
  9. Captchas lock-out

    Alamy have tweeted a link to a blog entry from 2016 about security..... No mention in the tweet of Catpcha, our problems with it, why we need it, etc.. I know admin read these posts, but does the information in them, particularly suggestions, get passed on to who needs it? Have admin been told not to respond to suggestions any more? Geoff.
  10. I feel completely and utterly negative and demotivated for reasons some of you know, so I thought I'd post some friendly, happy, fun, pleasant, argument-free images to give a positive feeling, and to fight back against those who spend too much time trying to cause misery, arguments, conflicts and make incorrect negative judgements. Anyone else who also feels we need a happiness boost, please add some fun photos from your own collection. Let's all try to keep this thread positive and free from sarcastic remarks. Thanks, Geoff.
  11. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Yes John, I think I can allow that on this occasion. Geoff.
  12. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Thank you, I hope Moolamy grows quickly. I do love donkeys but haven't seen one up close for a long time. Geoff.
  13. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Teecee, you're learning that cows are the most important thing in these forums. Others are also slowly learning. My next aim is to change Alamy to Moolamy. Geoff.
  14. Is this site alive ?

    Have you seen the leaked specs for the Nikon D850? Looks very nice and gives me a little more hope for Nikon, after wondering why they went backwards with the D7500. Not that I can afford a D850 when it comes out, but I wish I could. Maybe it'll knock the price of the D500 down, which I would quite like. Geoff.
  15. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    I've licensed many that I haven't even left where I live to take, process, edit and get online. So I'm being a good boy when it comes to the environment. Pretty much all that I have that aren't taken at home are taken within either walking or bus distance. The bus will go there anyway (well I did once have it to myself and the driver took me a different route just for me!) whether I use it or not. Although my extra weight will mean it uses more fuel - And if I take my biggest 2 lenses, someone usually has to get out and push, as they're so damn heavy. So I sometimes take my cows to help push the bus. Geoff.
  16. Verify to enter dashboard?

    Red arrows are still there. They'll never leave us I'm afraid. Hover your mouse over the heart icon and it pops up. We then have options to vote up, down, and also like? I don't get which to use. Geoff.
  17. Verify to enter dashboard?

    I keep getting the "pants" one too, which just adds to the annoyance of the whole thing. Captcha at the moment is making life very hard. Thank goodness I don't currently get the problem getting to my dashboard - But with the forum, it's awful again. Geoff.
  18. Thanks for checking that out Reimar and reporting back. Like you say, once again a lot of wasted effort. Geoff.
  19. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Look, there's a cow in every section! Just like there should be. Well apart from the rules and announcements of course as I cannot post there. It was honestly entirely unintentional and I felt embarrassed when I noticed that I posted last in every section! Whoops. Sorry.
  20. Re-hi - I am back

    Welcome back and good luck with the tag tidy-up. Geoff.
  21. It maybe in spam or maybe delayed. Nobody here can help with that so it's best to write to Customer Relations. They usually reply pretty fast (but check your spam folder first). Personally I'd give it one more day though to give it a chance. Geoff.
  22. Falling sales values

    Many of us have seen some decent prices lately too. Also the low prices are not just a recent thing, but have been around for years. I had an images license for $6 in 2012, RF license, and it has been used within the terms of the license by many different companies. That was a direct sale too, and without going into details it's something I discussed with Alamy and they assured me that all the uses are within the license terms. That is what I find unacceptable. It is the only time I'm aware of that it's happened to me though. Most the very low value sales are from distributors, and that's just the way it goes if you choose to be in the distribution scheme. Personally I am because I have a fairly small port so don't make many sales compared to bigger players, so even low ones help a little. I do feel I'm at a turning point though where I may opt out in the near future. My main issue is the non-reporting of uses. I regularly chase uses as they are not reported within 3 months for direct sales and 6 for distributors. I've also found several uses by UK newspapers that have never been reported. Alamy have dealt with it swiftly every time, but with no sort of late fee. In my opinion, there is too much trust. I like the concept of trusting them to log uses, and I'm sure they don't intentionally miss any, but they do enough that at least some sort of late penalty should be in place as an incentive to tidy up their systems. Geoff.
  23. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    I know Gen, that particular cow often gives me problems. She usually behaves better if I treat her to McDonalds, but that day I made her a salad instead, which always makes her naughty. Stupid cow. Geoff.
  24. Wood Pigeon in a tree. Trying to be a little different. Does it work? I'm in 2 minds if such an image at such an angle would ever be wanted. It's shocking and sad but with a madman at the helm, it seem appropriate. Geoff.
  25. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    I agree, greenies in this thread are for thanks. I don't know why some insist on criticising such things and coming up with nonsense about it designed to cause anguish. We all want reds gone and always have, even those who use them sometimes. I use them to rude antagonistic comments, not to polite opinions. That's the problem, that some give them because they disagree and all it does it cause problems. Sorry for my part (I did resist for a while!) in going off topic. Geoff.