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  1. I feel completely and utterly negative and demotivated for reasons some of you know, so I thought I'd post some friendly, happy, fun, pleasant, argument-free images to give a positive feeling, and to fight back against those who spend too much time trying to cause misery, arguments, conflicts and make incorrect negative judgements. Anyone else who also feels we need a happiness boost, please add some fun photos from your own collection. Let's all try to keep this thread positive and free from sarcastic remarks. Thanks, Geoff.
  2. Image identification

    I'm wondering about having a specific thread set aside for requesting identification of our images. I know some will think we shouldn't take the shot if we don't know what it is, but I don't agree with that. Also, it could be seen as helping the competition - Well I don't think a little help here and there is going to make any real difference, and many of mine and other people's posts help others in various ways, just as their posts sometimes help me. Let's debate that elsewhere though and leave this thread for asking for ID. If nobody else adds to it, no problem, I'll assume nobody else likes the idea. For a start I'll ask if anyone knows what this plant/bush/shrub/flower is please. I've spent some time researching it and am left scratching my head. A crop to show a closeup and leaves... Thanks! Geoff.
  3. A light-hearted Weekend thread of trivia and humour. The larger the lens I carry around with me, the more comments I receive. I don't mind it usually, unless I feel that someone is asking about it because they suspect me of taking sneaky photos of people (which i sometimes am!). People do love to comment though, a bit like having a dog. Everyone speaks to you if you have a dog, and it's similar with a long lens. Maybe it's because I keep my lens on a lead and throw it balls? I've never been told, "You have a big one" - Well I have, but I didn't have my camera with me at the time. So, what are the most common things people say to you when you walk around with a DSLR camera and lens? The most common comment I get when carrying my 150-600mm telephoto zoom around is, "Oooo, that's a big lens". Hardly imaginative, but it's nice that people want to speak to me. I had that comment twice yesterday, one was an elderly lady who was also a photographer and we had a good chat, and she told me about all the bird species she'd seen locally, which I found very interesting. Geoff.
  4. I cannot find this thread, so maybe Philippe created it, so it's now been deleted. So I've started a new one. Flowers at a war memorial. Osteospermum ecklonis 'Akila Purple' (African Daisies) - I hope. Norfolk Arms hotel in Arundel. Pair of identically dressed young women. I love this, with their identical dresses shining in the sunlight. European Honey Bee. Geoff.
  5. Sales floor?

    What is the matter with you Ian? You've taken digs at me since the first post you made to me. You just don't let anything go and you consistently criticise and take swipes at every comment I make. You never agree, you just disagree and find fault with everything. You aren't capable of having a polite friendly discussion, and believe me I've tried with you many times and I'm always polite and friendly and often bite my tongue when you're rude, and when you make sarcastic comments in a fake "friendly" tone, as if you think I don't know you're being sarcastic. Anyone who thinks I'm over-reacting doesn't know the past. I find the forum stressful because of people like YOU - Someone who should know better considering your past job!!! Geoff.
  6. Sales floor?

    I didn't say singled out. I said the same ones are promoted. Others do well too, and maybe they'd be promoted if they tweeted, maybe not, I don't know. I just know what I see. Of course it's business but others do well too, as I said. I could say more and keep trying to explain but it's less stressful to just leave it alone. Geoff.
  7. Sales floor?

    I don't know how talented others who are regularly promoted are, but I'm not exactly a beginner and my standard is very high (not including some news images). Also I am successful considering my number of images, as are many others. I never said their success is because Alamy promote them more. Yes I take it to heart, of course I do, I'd be odd if it didn't bother me at all. It's not even about ME, it's about everyone BUT the odd few. I agree with something - It's not worth letting it bother me. I definitely agree with that, but I'm human so it's hard. There are other factors at play too that are related that I don't discuss in the forum, that add to why I feel this way. Some things are best not said. Geoff.
  8. Sales floor?

    I agree. Although I do make sales and do like to mention it, many things do discourage me. That recent $100K thread is a good example, which did nothing to help anyone but provide an ego boost for those who have made so many sales (nothing against those who've managed it of course, it's great for THEM). Then I see the same contributor(s) promoted on Twitter time and time again, and again today, and I'm expected not to be bothered about it? Am I the only one who's seen this favouritism? It's very hard not to feel demotivated. Sometimes I think I'd be happier if I didn't read the forum at all and didn't look at Twitter. Geoff.
  9. Slow month?

    Deleted. Falls on deaf ears.
  10. Slow month?

    That's not what I meant. It's not about Twitter. I don't know how else to explain but I think I've written enough already anyway. Geoff.
  11. Sales floor?

    I don't know, but my head surely hurts, so maybe that's why? I'm guessing you mean the lowest sales you'll get, yea? Like it can only go up from here? I'm thick when it comes to understanding what people mean sometimes. If that's what you mean, then errmmm......Well I hope my floor was in 2010. My whole first year was my lowest for sales. I'm embarrassed to say the number I had, but it's less than 2, higher than 0, and rhymes with "bum". Other than that I refuse to say. Geoff.
  12. Slow month?

    Thanks Mr Nut. I understand that tweets don't mean a lot as far as extra sales go (well so you and others say but personally I don't know either way), but it's just a sign of who's being promoted, so that makes me paranoid that it might affect other promotion avenues too. I know, I know, it's in my head. Thanks for the compliment. I do wish I could stop news images showing up in my port so that anyone looking only sees my far better stock ones! I also wish my news images wouldn't go on sale before I tag them. I know Keith has said they don't for him, but mine almost always do - With a very rare exception that I cannot explain. There must be a reason it happens, possibly to do with the metadata somehow, but I've yet to work out what that reason is. I may write to CR about it at some point and see if they have any idea. Geoff.
  13. I don't do that well but for my number of images I do ok, and going by my sales last year and also adding regular live news sales into things (which I do hope will improve), I can guess that if I was to have about 20,000 varied images in my port, I could just about scrape a living from it, as long as prices didn't drop too much. Geoff.
  14. Slow month?

    I haven't said that my images are not being sent out by the news team. I was a little suspicious that something odd was going on but I haven't once said that my images aren't being sent out, as that isn't something I could possible know. I don't think they would be unprofessional enough to hold back anyone's images, even if they did have issues with them. So please don't read into what I've written. I am upset about not being tweeted, but I don't just mean by the news team, especially as they have tweeted the odd one, even fairly recently. It's very hard to put into words what I mean as it's going to come across wrong, as obviously it already has, and that's the last thing I want. All I've tried to say is that Alamy (either @Alamy or @Alamynews) have never (that I know of) retweeted anything I've sent, yet I regularly see retweets from both yourself and one other. I don't think anyone should get special treatment, and that is the way it seems. That isn't an accusation and it isn't anything personal, it's simply what I have noticed. I also want to make it clear that I don't have an issue with many of my news images not being used. I wouldn't use some of them if I was the editor of a publication! Often they look a lot worse when I get home compared to when I'm out, plus I often see images from others that have been published and can see why they used theirs and not mine. All I know is that I used to do so well, and now without changing anything, I do poorly. I know the weather is a factor of course, as are many other things, but all I can see for myself is a lack of tweets/retweets for the majority of contributors (not just news) but the constant tweets and uses from the same people. I'm sure a lot of that is down to better or more appropriate photos that just happen to be picked up, and I'm not complaining or thinking I should get any special treatment. If it comes across like that then I'm sorry, it really isn't intended. It's just disheartening to spend a whole day doing 100 or so uploads from several locations, look at Twitter and see several images from the same few tweeted, often see a friendly comment to the same people thanking them for uploads yet very little to everyone else, etc.. Maybe I make assumptions, and I know I can do that at times, and after an incident with Alamy things did seem to change in some ways and although it's probably coincidence, I'm only human and I did start to wonder. I'm sure I'm wrong though. I am doing more live news again anyway, I've done it most days recently, including today when I did some at 2 locations. Transport is my main problem so I cannot get to locations I'd love to get to in time to see nicer light as the sun rises and sets, but now it's later in the year it'll be easier to get to places at the right times. So soon I hope to be able to get some better more newsworthy weather shots from nicer locations. I have lots of ideas for future stuff, some of it inspired by what I've seen sold by others. It was all about people sunbathing and in the sea during the Summer, but of course it's changed now so I'm looking at other options. Sorry to waffle so much but thanks for reading. Geoff.
  15. Slow month?

    It's not about the editors, at least that's not what I'm getting at. At least it's not just me, which is some comfort. I'd make a phone call to but I think that boat has sailed going by the silence when I've tried Twitter. I just have to keep going the best I can. We aren't all treated the same but that's life I guess. Geoff.
  16. Slow month?

    Like I keep saying, it's not just about coming up with the goods. I often come up with the goods and I'm not exactly inexperienced. The facts I've mentioned are the facts, and I've explained the best I can. I take good images and the ones I tweet are as good as or better than many, including those who are closer to the staff than most of us are. Geoff.
  17. Unauthorized use of Alamy Photos

    I have tried a few times, yes, but with most those sites there are no contact details so I can't do anything about it personally. I've managed to get 2 companies who did have contact details to pay up, by directing them to the image on Alamy, and both times it took lots of convincing to get them to pay. I've tried the same with others but have got nowhere. More recently I have started to send invoices of my own rather than directing them to Alamy, but I've got nowhere as they are ignored. I've looked at companies like Imagerights but have been put off for various reasons. I'd definitely use such a company though if it was going to be worth it. I read that at least one of them won't chase any uses that are available for licensing, meaning I'd have to remove them from Alamy first, which seems daft. Can you or anyone else recommend a company that gets results and can be completely trusted? What are the issues with using a company like this? Geoff.
  18. Favourite images uploaded in September 2017

    Small White Butterfly (Pieris rapae) on a flower. Helianthus plant, a perennial sunflower. Muscovy Duck.
  19. Unauthorized use of Alamy Photos

    Hi Paul. Unfortunately the web is littered with stolen images. Often when I do reverse image searches I find sites just like the one you posted a link to. Usually there seems no reason for the website at all, so it's probably just a way to earn money from the ads embedded on them. It's annoying but we can't do anything about it. Geoff.
  20. Slow month?

    It's @GeoffsImages Please don't get me wrong, I've seen several tweets of my images before. I've never had a retweet of a tweet I've sent Alamy (whether news or stock, such as lightboxes), and for a few months through the Summer I did have some news images tweeted. I'm trying to make my point delicately because I don't want to accuse anyone or make assumptions. I'm certainly not saying it's something that's somehow against me either. All I've tried get across is that some seem to have very regular promotions on Twitter, while the majority rarely do. I haven't done as much news for a couple of months because things completely dried up, but in the past week I've being doing a lot and 2 or 3 sold the other day. I haven't used Twitter or checked Alamy's Twitter feeds for several days though. I'm not a big Twitter fan to be honest, but recently I've created new lightboxes for various subjects and have tweeted them to Alamy, hoping for a retweet, and a few publishers too. I do see the same photographers making regular stock sales of certain subjects, so I thought maybe publishers may be aware of those people so may just search their images if they specialise (flowers is an example), so I'd like to make them aware that I have some too. Geoff.
  21. Have You Taken the New Alamy Survey?

    For anyone else who hasn't received the survey, I asked CR about it who said it's being sent in batches. Some got it yesterday and there's another batch today, which I've just received. So sit tight and give it a few days if you don't already have it. Geoff.
  22. Slow month?

    My month has been "ok", so not great, but picking up on what the first half of this awful year for sales (stock, not news) has been since the system changes that ruined everything. Now it looks likely I won't be getting a payout for October. I've had a payout every month since August 2016 apart from June 2017. I am owed money, but yet again a national newspaper (I would mention the name but it wouldn't be in my own best interests) haven't paid their bills and it's way over the already ludicrous 45 days. If they don't pay in the next couple of days it won't be included in October's pay run. Geoff.
  23. Have You Taken the New Alamy Survey?

    I know I've upset them! Well they've upset me, but I won't get into that. I did think it was all ok now but.....well I don't know. Anyway, I'm sure there's another reason I don't have the email. I once mentioned in the forum that I hadn't had an email about contract changes, and admin read it and wrote to say I asked to be opted out of such emails, so they changed that for me. I didn't remember opting out and am unsure why I would have, but anyway, I wonder if somehow I'm opted out again?! If so, it's nothing I've done. Geoff.
  24. Another personal use rip off?

    This PU one dropped in today. Details just show ROW so I don't know the country (that does mean "Rest of World", right?). I suspect this will be refunded at some point. Geoff.