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  1. “Relocating” I like that word.
  2. Good luck. It sounds like an exciting time for you, Betty. I guess, if it were me, most of the time I’d use concepts and lifestyle as the two main categories, and then, depending on what was pictured, add tags like: transition, change of life, downsizing (even if you’re not), move, moving, pack, packing, box, boxes, carton, cartons, long distance move, diy moving. I’d also look through websites for moving companies for current advertising “buzz words.” My NYC daughter is packing to move apartments from the Yorktown area down to Lower Manhattan, and in our conversations she’s been using words/phrases such as: chaos, organized chaos, purging, organizing, sorting, too much stuff, etc. Pretty soon I expect to hear words like "stress" and “panic,” but she hasn’t yet reached that point.
  3. Winter

    Congratulations on your sale, Betty. Moving is not for sissies, that’s for sure. Good luck! I agree with Jill. Snap pictures here and there throughout the process as you can. Once the dust settles, you may find you’ve got tons of stock worthy shots. For me, getting behind a camera lens is always a welcome distraction from more tedious things.
  4. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    There are many references to Alamy photos, including one of mine invoiced today, in this 96 paged, USA-featured edition of an Australian travel magazine from October 2017. The "download pdf” link may be found here https://www.flightcentre.com.au/ads/travel-ideas-usa-ed-2 . I tried to identify other Alamy images, but didn’t have time to research more than a few, and they’re mixed in with photos from other agencies. Covers of previous editions featuring various other countries are available if you hunt around on the site, but the USA edition was the only complete version I could find.
  5. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Are you seeing the Alamy Measures information near the bottom of your main "Dashboard" page?
  6. Christmas Q.C. bonus

    It took mine only 7 1/2 hours to come through. I wonder if anyone even looked at them before approving.
  7. My daughter lives near Yorkville and I try to manage a couple of extended visits each year. Though, no matter when I go, I seem to attract either a blizzard or a tropical storm/hurricane. I find Central Park, Chinatown, and anywhere along the water the places I gravitate to the most. Edo, I’m curious about your reasons for asking this question. 😀
  8. December Challenge, "Taste" as in anything food or drink

    Great idea for a topic. Lots of wonderful pics already!
  9. Image identification

    If someone could help me identify these insects I would appreciate it very much. The nest was in a small tree in a North Central Florida wetland area (Gainesville). The photos were taken last month. I've listed them as "paper wasp, polistes exclamans," based on information and photos found through Internet searches. However, though I am trying to learn, I still know relatively little about insects.
  10. Do You Snap Christmas and the Holidays?

    And bright, red fingernails, too!
  11. ID workflow: butterfly proboscis

    I also agree; the photo should be binned. I had to make a hard choice just today and tossed out a pic of a herd of deer escaping into the woods. I was sure the eyes of the last animal, the only one whose face could be seen, were sharply focused. However, looking at the picture again tells me they are soft. I'm very disappointed, as I really like the picture, but it just isn't good enough.
  12. ID workflow: butterfly proboscis

    Now you’re in MY part of Florida! 😀
  13. Lens flare

    I saw in the images sold in November thread that geogphotos and spacecadet had sold two very nice images, each containing lens flare. Congratulations to you both for your sales. I have questions about uploading photos with lens flare. I’ve tossed a few images in past months because of flare. It never crossed my mind to upload them. I assumed they wouldn’t pass QC. I’m wondering if a lot of photographers upload photos of this type. If they’re otherwise pleasing, technically acceptable images, but have lens flare, would you recommend uploading?
  14. Lens flare

    Yes, of course!
  15. Lens flare

    Very interesting points! Thanks for the feedback. You have all given me plenty to consider. In the future, I’ll make sure to take a closer look at photos with lens flare before tossing them out, or maybe uploading. I had one from a shoot just yesterday that’s worth another look, I think. I haven’t had a QC fail since I joined Alamy in January, and tend to take advice I’ve learned here very literally. If I’ve had any reservations about a photo in the past, no matter how much I’ve liked the picture, It’s gone into the bin.
  16. Image identification

    Thanks, George, and thanks also to that someone!
  17. City parks -- property?

    I’ve always found this confusing. I have family in NYC and visit a good bit. Are you saying I don’t need to list photos taken in city parks - Central Park, Carl Schurz for example - as needing property releases?
  18. Image identification

    Thanks, George. I’ll give that a look.
  19. Image identification

    This gull was spotted along the west coast of north central Florida last week. I've tried, but have been unsuccessful at identification. Any help would be much appreciated.
  20. FTP submissions merged for QC

    Maybe I’m missing something, Ian, but using image manager, couldn’t you give a special tag to each photo in your different sub-groups, then search for the sub-groups separately once Alamy has updated? You could then work on each sub-group as a separate batch. Add super tags to each subgroup and then delete all the special tags (if necessary) once you’ve finished editing.
  21. Favourite images uploaded in October 2017

    That’s fantastic!
  22. Your favorite blurry image

    I like the photo, too, TeeCee. I’m a retired educator and it looks like you captured the natural flow of students in the hallway in between classes (withough the cell phones in their hands 😀).
  23. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    None of my batteries have ever come with plastic covers. Have I missed something?
  24. Hi from South Florida

    A big welcome to you from North Florida.
  25. Hurricane Irma

    We didn't get a lot of sleep last night here in Gainesville, Florida, but made it through the storm okay. We had no real issues and kept our electrical power, but many neighbors suffered significant damage. There's also a lot of local flooding here in our town.