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  1. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Just don't go looking for cows in Queens, Ed. It's too sad over there. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cow-on-the-loose-in-queens-new-york/
  2. Post your positive results here :)

    Congratulations! That's very nice. Do you know how long ago the photo was picked up by the book publishers? I'd be interested to know how you tracked down the sale, if you wouldn't mind saying.
  3. Too bad, DC>Salt Lake>SF are not particularly known for their BBQ. πŸ˜‰
  4. Searching for a purchased image

    Wonderful resource! Thank you.
  5. Searching for a purchased image

    Thanks, Wim. No luck finding my picture, but I'll continue to periodically give your suggestion, as well those of others, a try.
  6. Searching for a purchased image

    Thanks! These are great tips, no matter what image one is trying to find. I appreciate the advice.
  7. Searching for a purchased image

    Thanks! I appreciate you looking for the image. I'm closing in on the 1,000 image mark and have a trip coming up that could be fruitful. Now, if I could just get a few more of those sales every month! One can dream... πŸ˜€
  8. Searching for a purchased image

    Thanks for the advice! Yes, it is a small circulation. I'm guessing my chances of finding the picture are pretty slim, but figured it was worth a look. Should I be aware of any concerns when dragging a pic into Google images? Am I correct in assuming I need to use my clean file, and not one with Alamy watermarks?
  9. Searching for a purchased image

    I've been contributing to Alamy since January of this year and, while I've only had four sales, one was very encouraging. I've listed the information below. I would very much appreciate any advice towards trying to figure out where this photo was used. The purchase was made 6 June and payment cleared on 17 July. I assume I could try doing a reverse search online, but that would mean I'd have to first post a clean copy of the photo somewhere, correct? Alamy photo: J704E4 Rights managed, editorial Region of purchase: US Country: Worldwide Usage: Magazines and books, Use in a magazine article (print, digital, electronic), up to ΒΌ page, 2,500 circulation, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising) Start: 02 June 2017 End: 02 June 2022
  10. Should I delete similar news images once in stock

    I uploaded some live news photos a few months ago when I was traveling and forgot to go back and add keywords. Much later, when looking through photos, I was surprised to find my news pictures on sale without keywords in place. I hadn't thought it was possible.
  11. Images stuck in QC

    Mine as well. They've been there about 28 hours.
  12. Releases via email

    I try to carry business cards with me, as well as paper releases. It makes for a more professional approach, especially when there's a bit of a language barrier. Recently, in France, I carried releases in both French and English, though I never did use them. I actually downloaded a release app, then decided it would take too long for me to fill out the information. I also realized I would not want to hand my cell phone to a complete stranger on the street. So, paper works better for me. Easier to just hand to someone, along with a pen, and let them fill out the pertinent info. Then I can give them a business card with my email address in case they have questions later.
  13. new(ish) member

    Yes. Add commas between words, or enter each search term separately. You need at least five separate tags and a caption before a photo will go on sale.
  14. The iOS I'm using is 10.3.2. No, I haven't reported it to Alamy. I'm traveling again and have not thought much about it, to be honest. I can send them a screen shot, if necessary.
  15. Image identification

    Looks like a goat to me. Pygmy goat?