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  1. In the green

    green = zero Regen
  2. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    Most of the Trads have always offered a personal service- but not with the additional complication of bringing the two parties together. Looks like a way of creating a lot of work for the photographer whilst driving prices down further. Regen
  3. DACS

    It is 50% plus expenses but when i asked they would not tell me how much the expenses were. Are Alamy actively trying to claim on the 10% pot? Regen
  4. DACS

    The 10% pot accounted for 41.3% of my claim so either there were not many successful claiments or it will become a very significant part of future claims! Regen
  5. DACS

    Is this one of yours? Britain in the past -the stone age published by franklin Watts ISBN 978 1 4451 6152 5 page 12b kevin wheal alamy -skeleton of cheddar man A lot of alamy pics in this series of 6 books published this year Regen
  6. DACS

    If you go to the CLA site and type in the name of the mag then it will tell you the ISBN/ISSN if it is on their list- most of the commonly available ones are but not all. I have found mags which have an ISSN but are not on the CLA site list so they definitely will not count- pity thats about 2500 uses down the pan! What I don't know for certain is wether all mags listed on the CLA sire are eligible or only those which have been photocopied in the past 12 months or at some time in the past. I also do not know wether the 1301/501 maximums apply to the 10% pot or wether all uses which meet the CLA criteria are eligible. With TV you need to know the name of the broadcasting company and that of the programme. Not sure about Alamy but other agencies I work with don't give all this info on the statement and if they are not claiming DACS on my behalf then the info has only been a phone call away. Regen
  7. DACS

    12% up on last years max claim for a max claim on both books and mags . No TV sales but ISBN/ISSN recorded well in excess of current 501/1301 max. Estimate that the "10% pot" accounted for about 40% of my claim. Now await claims made on my behalf by other agencies. Regen
  8. DACS

    Agree entirely Ian. This is why the latest move favours the agencies over the individual. However every agency seems to apply different rules,usually based upon the small print in the contract. Some actually specify that they are entitled to a percentage of secondary rights. I now have three other agencies which are claiming secondary rights payments either thro DACS or PICsel for licences sold on my behalf. Fortunately I do not need any of the agency licences for a full claim under the old system. However when the 10/40% starts to bite (assuming that it is significant) or eventually becomes the only system then access to the agency licences may be in my favour. At the moment i do not allow Alamy to make a claim on my behalf but may well let them next year. The DACs system still gives a disproportionate amount of the pot to those in the lower bands and I wonder if the new system will help to redress this balance but i have yet to find out if there is a ceiling on the new system. i.e. will all my ISSN qualifying licences be eligible or will the existing maximums still apply. Will all the distribution companies sing from the same hymn sheet or will they decide individually on how to slice their share of the pie? Interesting times ahead Regen
  9. DACS

    It is quite easy to supply all the ISBN numbers when you have a large number of direct sales. I have over 2000 eligible sales for one magazine alone and seven book titles was enough to pass the 501 total required. Regen
  10. DACS

    TV licences are only eligible for one year and are worth considerably more than book or mag licences- thats how DACS can claim that one individual got £4500? from them. What will be interesting will be how much all that extra work on getting the ISBN/ISSN is really worth. With a claim based on max books and mags and more than 501/1301 recorded in each but no TV licences I may have an idea when I get my statement. Regen
  11. DACS

    Down 15% Another chip, chip, chip. How DACS can proclaim the CLA arbitration a success beats me. Success i guess measured against the worst possible outcome of arbitration i.e. they got no pot at all and it all went to the likes of picsel! Regen
  12. I started seriously in 1991 and made a very good living from stock supplying magazines and books from 1995 through to 2008 when most of my customers went out of business. But it was very niche and relied upon writing fairly technical articles to support the photography. i was never going to be rich but it allowed me to follow the lifestyle I wanted and continue to do now. Starting now I would not stand a chance of making it work as stock now only supplies about 20% of the income it did back then. Regen
  13. Sales ceilings?

    Possibly the best way to show max increase for minimum input would be to concentrate on a completely different genre to the ones you currently pursue but avoid the very popular areas like pretty nature pics. Regen

    Only use a mac laptop with safari and whilst I had a problem one weekend when it first appeared it has been all right since. Due to poor bandwidth and a satellite connection i log out and switch off after every internet session. Captcha only appears about 30 % of the times i log on and by applying Bills approach have had no further problems. Regen
  15. Hi Graham, My mental arithmetic was not to good the views to zoos ratio is nearer to 1 zoom per 100 views and 3 zoos per sale. Regen