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  1. Keyword agency

    Has to be the best answer to this question-brilliant and true. Regen
  2. Calendar publication and DACs

    Only magazines books and some TV programmes. There are more details on the DACS website. Regen
  3. Sagging CTR?

    As long as yours is holding up then all is well with the world. Regen
  4. Bulk shooter RAW processing club

    Whilst getting somebody else to do what a pro stock shooter would regard as boring makes total sense if it can be made financially viable but the forum does not really represent the pro stock shooter. Very few on here still actually make a genuine living from stock. It only represents a small part of the income of the professional photographer in many instances and judging by the "how many have you sold this month thread" the majority of people posting do not make a significant profit from stock. Many will,I doubt,ever cover the cost of the equipment let alone their time and other expenses. Most amateurs are quite happy to take and process their pictures, keyword and upload or submit to an agency but they are not keen on attempting direct selling or getting profitable commission work so do not tend to spend any time on points 4.5 and 6. i don't see it as pixel polishing, simply that many on here are happy with what they do and don't make enough profit to even consider farming out the post processing although some (self included) would like to get rid of the keyboarding responsibility For myself i have always worked on the principal of getting it right in the camera first time and if i cannot sort it in a couple of minutes which usually involved cropping the large 5d files then it goes in the bin. Regen
  5. Peter, I think that back then the lock out for a failure was 28 days. i do not think that the 28 days was related to the fact you queried their decision only to the failure itself. The fact that many people are using this camera successfully would indicate that they have made a mistake so it would be totally reasonable to ask then for an explanation. You are,after all, a seasoned contributor with a large portfolio of approved images. Regen
  6. Sagging CTR?

    Since 2014 sales have exactly doubled but prices have fallen by 70% only just starting to hold their own this year. If prices had remained buoyant then I would have been encouraged to upload again. Regen
  7. Sagging CTR?

    My sales this month cover nearly every year from 2006 to 2014(last time i submitted) I have yet to see any proof that spending a huge amount of time revisiting previously uploaded files is productive. However its possible that the new AIM,will,at sometime in the future,have an effect. Regen
  8. Prices levelling stats

    Now sold same number as last year and my average price is down by 1.3 dollars. Not a bad result considering the state of the market. Regen
  9. Sagging CTR?

    There does not seem to be much logic to this CTR business. Mine bumbled along at 0.5 for most of 2016 then in december (always a poor month for me) it jumped to around 0.8 and has stayed there until 2 months ago when it jumped to 1.0 then 1.5 where it is now. i have not uploaded for 3 years,all my images are orange for discoverability, i have never deleted an image or revisited keywords. Stemming, key phrases and all the other Alamy mumbo jumbo remains a mystery to me. My keywords,which usually number about 6 per file are based upon what and why. Regen
  10. In the green

    green = zero Regen
  11. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    Most of the Trads have always offered a personal service- but not with the additional complication of bringing the two parties together. Looks like a way of creating a lot of work for the photographer whilst driving prices down further. Regen
  12. DACS

    It is 50% plus expenses but when i asked they would not tell me how much the expenses were. Are Alamy actively trying to claim on the 10% pot? Regen
  13. DACS

    The 10% pot accounted for 41.3% of my claim so either there were not many successful claiments or it will become a very significant part of future claims! Regen
  14. DACS

    Is this one of yours? Britain in the past -the stone age published by franklin Watts ISBN 978 1 4451 6152 5 page 12b kevin wheal alamy -skeleton of cheddar man A lot of alamy pics in this series of 6 books published this year Regen
  15. DACS

    If you go to the CLA site and type in the name of the mag then it will tell you the ISBN/ISSN if it is on their list- most of the commonly available ones are but not all. I have found mags which have an ISSN but are not on the CLA site list so they definitely will not count- pity thats about 2500 uses down the pan! What I don't know for certain is wether all mags listed on the CLA sire are eligible or only those which have been photocopied in the past 12 months or at some time in the past. I also do not know wether the 1301/501 maximums apply to the 10% pot or wether all uses which meet the CLA criteria are eligible. With TV you need to know the name of the broadcasting company and that of the programme. Not sure about Alamy but other agencies I work with don't give all this info on the statement and if they are not claiming DACS on my behalf then the info has only been a phone call away. Regen