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  1. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    Brilliant, even better
  2. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    my plan is to import into Lightroom and adjust any settings, then open bridge, apply keywords in a batch update in lightroom to reflect new keywords I think
  3. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    Still tinkering
  4. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    Figured it out, set the parent keyword to include and unchecked it I can now grab my entire image catalog and assign the keywords GB Great Britain England UK United Kingdom in seconds!
  5. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    Great thanks for taking the time out for to explain your settings, have a look at these pictures it might help you understand what i am trying to accomplish. Lightroom shows this: Even though this is checked I don't want the bracketed words to appear in lightroom, why is this happening, anyone? As you can see i have checked the folder to exclude export as a keyword!?
  6. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    I thought Adobe would improve this latest version of lightroom with a better keywording system, alas, no. So, I am going to start keywording in Bridge. Here's what I have so far Created several folders who what people where, etc within those folders a large amount of words If i click on an image and apply 4 or 5 keywords why do i get the folder names as well when I lightroom asks me to overwrite the data can show some images later if it helps
  7. Lets play a game

    Ok, so the vast majority use single words then, with the occasional phrase.
  8. Lets play a game

    oh ok, will try it later
  9. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    Did a search for 'sea' got about 50% right, not quite there yet
  10. Lets play a game

    I put one in gave me 0.0% Maybe cos it featured in The Sun newspaper! Good for keywords though
  11. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    Still in beta by the looks of it
  12. Lets play a game

    Sorry, but I am going to have to insist on this it's FOOTBALL
  13. Lets play a game

    streetscape or have you just invented another word!
  14. In the green

    It seems like the vast majority don't add too many keywords (at a guess between 15 - 25?) But there is also a high number of people who have over 60% (although this might be a legacy issue?)
  15. Lets play a game

    You are the only person to use Quotes is this out of habit or another reason?