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  1. Slow month? 2018

    Deleted my post - sorry if I offended anybody!
  2. Have you found any Alamy images in March 2018?

    http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20180312-antwerp-design-hub First image is mine Fifth image is by Mauritius images (thought at first is was also mine since I have a very similar image)
  3. Length of licence

    Looking at licenses from my sales, I have the impression that Alamy licenses are mostly correct - difficult to check as I can’t find usage from all of them - but distributors very lose - both in time and usage?
  4. Slow month? 2018

    For me it’s a strange start of the year: - january: terrible - around 20% income compared to last year monthly average - february and march: average income but with only 1 sale instead of the usual 4-6 views and zooms are up, after a dip of a some 6 months... Also had some crazy number of views on a few occasions: - ⅓ of a usual month on a single day + several zooms - but days with almost no views - and a crazy 100 CTR: 1 view/1 zoom
  5. What do you do for storage?

    My current plan is no good: - ligthroom catalogue + current projects on a 500gb SSD for speed - 3TB for archives - backup on HD’s at home for both drives My future plan: - lightroom catalogue + current projects on 2 SSD’s in RAID 1 - will lose some speed but if 1 drive fails I will still be able to continue working - 3TB for archives - maybe also doubled in RAID 1 - sync everything with Adobe cloud - with added value that I can edit my pictures on different computers... - add a 6-8 TB RAID 5 backup system at home, to have incremental backups I understand that good practice dictates having at least 2 backups on 2 different locations, preferably on 2 different mediums... But with over 3Gb’s of files it is a serious investement :-(
  6. The bigger the sensor the better IQ The lower ISO the better... the better camera the better quality/ISO The better the lens, the better IQ The higher image sensor, the higher controle over DOF... etc... and I hope that ultimatly the photographer makes the difference?
  7. What changed

    I still don’t undestand the green/orange thing... in lightroom I fill the titles, caption and headline + location fields (usually automaticly since I use a GPS unit on my camera) + obviuously keywords. Mostly between 20 to 50... Regarding keywording I usually don’t need more then 20-30...
  8. Zooms?

    I also had a nice share of zooms lately... sometimes of the same subject, sometimes single zooms of different subjects... I’m quitte happy since views and zooms have dropped last year compared to 2016, whereas I have added a lot of pictures in 2017... sales and income are in relationship with the number of images though... But now sales have been dissapointing for me the past months... surely hope the higher views/zooms will bring sales!?! I also don’t understand why I haven’t had any views (and sales) for some subjects that where very hot in the press the past months... for example I have sold dozens of US embassy pix and Israeli flags regarding president Trumps decission to move the US embassy - through another agency but no single view on Alamy? And this is only one example...
  9. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    I find the Alamy stats usefull, as you can see how many of your photos where in the search results... this gives an indication of how relevant photos where keyworded or not... and it also gives an indicication of how popular a photo is (on Alamy) - and this is a supposition as I don’t know how Alamy’s algorithm works in terms of results given... I suppose CTR, previous zooms, previous sales play a role here? What interests me more, as a photographer/contributor is how many times a photograph was seen - zoomed and utimatly sold! So I can concentrate on this type of images... and upload, keyword relevant images...
  10. SERIOUSLY???

    Seriously? I have the same feeling and I haven’t read all the replies... but what do you expect? - more and more photographers get into Stock... - this is partly due to digital photography being more and more afordable... - partly due to many new stock agencies... - with the sheer number of photos being uploaded, many agencies don’t care anymore avout QC...Alamy is imho an exception! And I’m happy Alamy is working like this! - newspapers, news agencies also having huge concurence... - and tens of years photographers uploading photos that can be used for editorial and RF use... -etc... Be positive, photograph subjects in an unusual way, techinacly perfect, best suited for RF, editioral or whatever... just do your thing and enjoy..
  11. Advice Needed Please! Would You Add RAM to an Old iMac?

    You should see an increase in performance for sure. Just check how many slots you have for RAM and check how many are filled. You should have four, filled with 2 x 4 GB. Best to buy the same type of memory, this is same capacity and speed. I have, my lightroom catalogue and latest pictures I have shot, on an SSD, then I archive them to a HD.
  12. How to travel light?

    You can use a Nikon GPS unit on your D4...
  13. Lightroom keyword bug

    I think it is related to lists being limited to 5000 inputs in Windows... Not sure if it applies also to hierarchical lists?