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    Made my first two sales here on alamy in September.
  2. This is my first sale here on alamy.
  3. Halo From Indonesia

    Welcome, and the best of luck, and patience. I started uploading photo in November and made my first two sales last week.
  4. What was your original equipment?

    My first camera was a Pentax P30, shot a lot of Kodachrome 64 with it, and used B&W print film for my spot news photos for the local newspaper.
  5. Hi from South Florida

    Welcome to Alamy. Glad you survived Irma, I am from Canada. With Alamy your photos are distributed pretty much worldwide, and your photos will also show up on the Getty search site as well.
  6. Hello from Colorado

    I have been uploading images here since November and still waiting for my first sale, but then I am still a long way from thousands of images.
  7. Hello from Norway

    Welcome, Norway, land of the midnight sun. Must be great for shooting photos
  8. A lot of my concert photos and fashion shows are shot at 800 and 1000 iso with a Canon 1D MK IV, so it really depends on the make and model of our camera.
  9. Olympus M43

    Many of my photos here where shot with an M1, so I guess the answer is yes.
  10. Hi from North Lincolnshire. UK

    Photography is an ongoing learning process, but I agree with Philippe Alamy is not a photography club.
  11. Hi everyone, from Melbourne.

    I had no problems uploading my images, could be your internet speed causing the long delays.
  12. AF miss rate

    I shoot with Canon and Olympus bodies, and in both cases I noticed that my Pro grade lenses do focus faster than my cheaper non Pro grade lenses. Of course you need to compare $1,400 compared to $199 price difference for similar focal point lenses.
  13. Hi from Boston

    Welcome from up North.
  14. We have no cable where I live in the country, only satellite service. My download is 5.19Mbs and upload is 1.56 Mbs and 643 PING, and of course everytime it rains I loose my internet all together.
  15. Hello From Long Island NY!!

    Funny, but very possible lolll