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  1. You get what you pay for?!!

    His was so ludicrously low it could fly under radar... I worked out that a wedding for me was about 30 hours work - this included a portion of the wedding fair time, pre wedding visit, the time on the day itself, the post processing and the album creation. Think you're absolutely right Martin, which is why I solved it by stopping them altogether. Went back to (and stayed back in) commercial stuff.
  2. You get what you pay for?!!

    Too much work for too little return these days, I stopped when someone told me at a wedding fair there was a guy on a stand yards away who'd do the whole thing for £300.00. I went over, said hello and took a peek - his pictures were utterly dreadful - all manner of things in the background apparently sticking out of peoples heads, massive shadows from direct flash - those were the good shots ... However, the awful realisation was that the couple I'd just spoken too weren't bothered by any of that, they just wanted a lot of pictures on a memory stick for very little money. I guess there's probably a market for really high end weddings, but certainly no worthwhile return in the middle ground these days.
  3. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Daily Telegraph, online pix of the day. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/22/pictures-day-22-february-2018/uk-weatheranother-fine-day-visitors-riding-volunteer-run-east/ Live News, Paul Heyes, Bury, East Lancs
  4. You get what you pay for?!!

    Back in the early 80's, we offered either: One roll of 12 shots 6 x 6 cm or one roll of 24 shots, 35mm, same price. Arrived to do a shot of the groom and best man, left after main group shots (not many groups if on 6 x 6, it has to be said ...) All prints neatly stuck in an album. Returned to do some weddings between about 2008 and 2013, by then people were expecting to see around 250 - 300 shots. Arrived mid morning to do bride getting ready, left around 11.00pm after the fireworks.... About 65 - 100 shots chosen, montaged into digital photobooks with wood/crystal/leather/photo/lots-and-lots-of-choices cover. (Took hours to design) Oh, and a fancy box with a usb stick inside, c/w hi res jpegs. Bah!
  5. Wedding Images

    Indeed, though doubt I'd survive more than about 30 mins if I tried that...
  6. Wedding Images

    Hmmm, newly wed and shoving the wife in the boot .... Interesting marital strategy... Geoff - good to see your singular eye peeking back onto these pages once again!
  7. Well perhaps "design" was going a bit far - my main gardening tasks are digging holes and mowing lawns. I leave the clever and pretty stuff to my good lady.... Thankfully, no trademarks or such stuff involved in any of these shots, just plants, ageing arches, bits of house. All shots involving the house are in the back garden, so wouldn't be accessible or visible by the public. Think it's time for me to review all of these, probable outcome is that the ones with the house will have the property release removed, ones with just arches/furniture etc will remain as they are. I think ... Thanks for the thoughts everyone!
  8. I'm guessing I already know the answer, but would be interested in everyone's opinion... I moved house a few years back. I have here on Alamy some shots of the garden, it's design, some features (arches etc), and occasionally the house itself is in the background. At the time I took these, I owned the property concerned, and therefore the shots here have a property release - however, as I no longer own those things, am I still entitled to include the release, or should that be now removed? Thanks in advance for any and all opinion.
  9. Thanks for the update MDM, I'd always assumed that ACR was ACR, no variation. I live and learn!
  10. John - the answer is probably yes, and you probably already have it if you have a copy of Elements installed - the radial filter is part of Adobe Camera Raw, which is used for both Elements and CC. As Marianne says, the other option is to do the current Adobe offer of £9.00 or so a month, full copy of CC and Lightroom plus all the upgrades you can handle. Frankly a bargain, but don't tell Adobe that ....
  11. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    +1 on all counts ....
  12. I'm glad to say we haven't seen a flake of snow since we moved to Devon over 3 years ago. Main winter activity here in Sidmouth is the Boxing Day swim ... 2014 2016 2017
  13. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    10 p off a sandwich starts fight in Asda ... (Ye gods..... ) https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5507555/asda-discount-yellow-sticker-brawl-shoppers-fight-over-sandwich/ David Cole F3AD52
  14. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Telegraph online, Pictures of the Day http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/06/pictures-day-6-february-2018/wintry-snow-shower-stade-fishing-beach-morning-inhastings-east/ ParkerPhotography - Hastings