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  1. Some really great fixes around on Youtube. Over the last couple of years... My old 50D wasn't firing reliably on the button. Solution on Youtube, remove battery, remove date/time battery, pour neat alcohol down the gap above the shutter release, shake it about a bit, turn back upright and finally, leave for 24 hours. Worked perfectly, and continues to do so. Canon 17 - 85 zoom (came with the above 50D a long time ago) - zoom locked and wouldn't move. Youtube video was really extensive, but highly detailed and accurate, basically there was a screw loose that had jammed it up. Took about 45 mins of careful step by step fiddling, but again, worked perfectly. Old Canon G9 compact gave up the ghost. Youtube video revealed that a loose screw (yup, another one, should lend Canon a good screwdriver methinks...) shorts out (and destroys) the powerboard. Bought a replacement off Ebay, again, long and involved step by step following the video, and it worked fine! Unfortunately a few days later it got crushed under a chair, but that's another story entirely, as is the fix I found for our washer/drier, again on Youtube. So, don't chuck away that broken stuff til you've looked at the fixes online.
  2. In the green

    Conspicuously less than 10%. Going to sit in the naughty corner. Must try harder.
  3. Telegraph online - pictures of the day 17th Oct http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/17/pictures-day-17-october-2017/thrill-seeking-woman-gets-soaking-stands-front-splashing-wave/ Graham Hunt - Penzance, Live News KDW19E
  4. Hello All

    Welcome to Alamy Mark! Tony
  5. Your favorite blurry image

    Marie McMahon, headteacher who turned a failing school into a real success story.
  6. Times, print edition, page 7, 13th Oct Geoff Smith, Littlehampton
  7. Stock vs Live News

    1) Well, no. It was about whether there was preference given by buyers to images originally supplied as stock, as opposed to images uploaded as live news, which subsequently became stock. Seems there is no perceived difference. 2) They certainly chase uploads without a worthwhile caption. If it doesn't contain enough info in the caption, they simply won't send it out to the pic desks. 3) If you don't add any keywords when you upload, they won't drop into stock - you can then delete them immediately if you wish.
  8. New Beginner photographer from Canada

    Hi Anna, and welcome to Alamy! You've some really nice pictures, so just keep at it, make sure you add in lots of relevant keywords and accurate captions - you'll do fine! (N.B. take note of what MDM mentions here, model releases give a picture far greater saleabilty). Alamy is a "long game" - sales will not be fast, but are (usually) worth having, I think the average sales value here is still around $45. Good luck! Tony
  9. October Challenge :: Failure

    Great choice Russell, really set me thinking! Anyway, three from me... A gentleman signs his displeasure as the sign comes down following a recent business failure. At least, I think that's what he was signing ... Different business failure, with a very apt sign on the gates. And finally, yet another broken fence.
  10. personal websites

    Yup, fully agree, but there's a full days work swapping the galleries over, which I currently can't commit to. The site works well, designed to get me up the rankings rather than for an impactful index page, and it currently generates a couple of extra jobs a month. My assumption is that most PC's and Macs don't reject flash galleries, and as said, the mobile site picks up the bulk of enquiries these days anyhow. That said, must find a day to swap it all over to html galleries...
  11. Telegraph online today "Happiest Places To Live in Britain" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/uk/revealed-happiest-places-live-britain/ Ian Dagnall, Richmond upon Thames Frank Irwin, Boathouse in Birkenhead Park
  12. personal websites

    Mine also (currently) uses Flash galleries, something I'll be changing when I get a spare day to sort it out - however, it's not truly too much of an issue - my supplier generates a mobile friendly site. If you hit it using a phone or pad, it's automatically picked up and moved to the mobile version.
  13. Telegraph online, pictures of the day, 10th Oct Greg Sorber - Hyla the frog balloon, KD2GKC
  14. personal websites

    As I understand it, WIX will generate SEO for, you just add in words on which you'd like it to generate the terms. My own site isn't through any of these, it's running within a large chunk of web space I bought, within which I can generate individual galleries as I wish. For selling prints direct, you can get an account with Colorworld Imaging, they're based in Tyne & Wear. They have a setup called Imagepartner - used by events photographers/wedding photographers. It produce galleries of images, you define the sales options and prices within your account. Tony
  15. personal websites

    Geoff, I relocated to the South West a couple of years back, leaving bulk of my clients in the Midlands. Though now semi retired, I didn't want to completely give up, and my website ( www.tonycharnock.co.uk )was one of the ways I kick started that process down here in Devon. I've now established a decent customer base, but the site still pulls in a couple of extra jobs a month for me - it's an invaluable tool, so the answer is YES, get yourself a website, you never know what'll come out of it. I'd suggest wix, easy to use, loads of templates to choose from, and whilst the free version runs a few adverts on the side, they're not terribly intrusive. It's free - what have you got to lose, other than a couple of hours peering into a screen!