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  1. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    Between us here we have checked a lot at one point, but I cannot find any of those posts. Not with the obvious keywords like wildcard ; special characters; regular expressions or SQL query. Why most characters will not work is because you want to avoid code injection attacks. So let's be thankful for the ones that do work. wim (appropriate song here)
  2. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    Some Query Mode characters: b_ll finds ball, bell, and bill. _ Matches any single alphabetic character. b[ae]ll finds ball and bell, but not bill. [ ] Matches any single character within the brackets. b[^ae]ll finds bill and bull, but not ball or bell. ^ Matches any character not in the brackets. b[a-c]d finds bad, bbd, and bcd. - Matches any one of a range of characters. You must specify the range in ascending order (A to Z, not Z to A). wh% finds what, white, and why, but not awhile or watch. % Matches any number of characters. It can be used as the first and/or last character in the character string. There are more wildcards, but not all may work in AoA. There must be a post about all of this somewhere. Disclaimer: I do not even know what it's all called in databases let alone how it works. wim
  3. How to travel light?

    I'm sorry it's not so super lightweight. They are out there, but still quite expensive. Lenovo used to be IBM. Pretty solid stuff. Hope you''ll be happy with it. If you ever want to upgrade the SSD for a bigger one: instructions here. wim
  4. How to travel light?

    It could. But 4 Gb memory is about the absolute minimum. The problem with it is that it cannot be expanded. With thin lightweight (Aero) notebooks memory is soldered on the mainboard, making it impossible to change it or expand it. Terrible practice copied from Apple, who now even does it with their iMacs. Not necessary in this machine so very limiting. My laptop now has 8Gb and a 1Tb SSD, but was bought with 2Gb and a 500Gb HDD many years ago. It was 299Eur. No IPS screen, so not suited for Photoshop, just for checking if everything is there and in focus. The hdd is also really small at 128Gb. My SD card now is a 128Gb because at one point I managed to fill a 64 in one day. On the positive side: the screen is IPS which is good. I would look a bit further for an 8 Gb one. Something like this one should be ok and quite a bit cheaper by now or with a lot bigger hdd. Ah maybe this one. Some price aggregators have buying guides that let you set a myriad of specifications. My minimum specs would be: IPS panel (essential) 8Gb memory (essential) 13" to 14" (but my own is 11.1") 500Gb SSD And after that the fastest processor/longest battery life/lightest one my wallet would allow. Maybe also have a look at used ones where it would be easy to upgrade the memory and change the hdd for an ssd. My last 1 Tb Samsung ssd was only 299 in December. The one before that 389 Eur. The 8Gb memory was 49 If I recall correctly; could have been 47Eur. Added bonus: completely shockproof! wim
  5. Sorry I didn't know what I was looking at: I never use it. It's suppose to have the icons list details tiles and that sort of thing in it. Do you have the latest Windows version/update on your machine? Not a 4K screen with a different font or font size setting? wim
  6. How to travel light?

    Looks good. All these chargers and cables can add a ton. Having as many USB chargers as possible helped me. They're all after-market from Ebay. In-car charging is now much much easier. The cables are smaller and weigh less too. SSD hard drives weigh almost nothing. Smaller 13.3" laptops are just as capable of running Photoshop on the road as 15" ones. Both Win and Mac ones don't have to be more than 1 kg. Allowing for 200 or 300gr more can however mean a it's a much cheaper one. (Like with the Dell XPS vs Inspiron 13) wim
  7. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Amsterdam, what used to be the traditional heart of the lgbt scene. BTW Mr.Nut, that's a great image of the Rotterdam Markthal (Market Hall) - They've been closed down some days recently for vermin and some reshuffling. Lots of stall holders had walked out. wim
  8. You've dropped an s on the way: Is this because you have not set default programs yet? Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button. ... Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program. Click the file type or protocol that you want the program to act as the default for. Click Change program. wim
  9. How to travel light?

    Maybe consider this plane wim
  10. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    If you go back to the OP you'll see that he starts to work through the pages as they appear. Without doing a search nor any sorting. I would do at least some different sorting for different purposes. Searches can be very useful too, like when you are planning to go somewhere or even deciding where to go. I will have a look at your celeb who sells like hotcakes here. Sorry rings no bells. I think I have only seen Ice Age from her films. Maybe she's the walnut? wim
  11. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    %London will give you In London woman London shopping London Christmas and so on. %London% will also give you Londonderry In Londonderry Christmas. It's probably because the one making the interface never thought we would all want to look at it. Or thought we would all know how to use a wildcard. There are more wildcards that work btw. It's somewhere on this forum. wim
  12. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    I'm not aware of a wizard. The columns work like any other column: click on the title bar to sort A-Z or Z-A. Then there's the date: if you open AoA it will give you the rolling month. You can alter this to the rolling year at the max. The search box works like any other search box, with a little caveat: if you search for London, it will only give you results where London is the first word. For a more natural result use %London or even %London%. The yellow box to the right explains all terms well enough. I do not know who Jane Krakowski is either and have never heard of her nor seen her name in AoA. wim
  13. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    I would make it the cover image. It would also be perfect as a poster. A catch light in the right eye and a better definition of its form on the right would help a lot though. wim
  14. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    That depends on your/my settings of AoA. And what you're looking for. Most common is probably to set it for UCO - most first. To see what all those clients are looking for. Don't bother, it's Alamy; Stockimo; dog; London; v; cat; Donald Trump; Christmas; family; Paris; travel; car; Elvis Presley; Martin Luther King; Princess Diana; Marilyn Monroe; shopping; woman; Facebook; Brexit; food; Meghan Markle; Harry Potter; Theresa May; Game of Thrones. Sometimes the order is a bit different and Rome and beach pop up. Or someone dies and David Bowie tops the page for a while. If you set it for Search Term - A to Z, you can really see what clients are looking for and what keywords they're using. Don't skip the pages with numbers first. If you set it for Views - least first, you'll have endless pages with subjects that someone could not find a picture for. Actually some subjects will have images, but not with those keywords. Which may very well have been misspelled/misspelt. Sometimes I alternate one month and longer periods to see if there are changes. It would be useful to keep a search for something seasonal to shoot it for the next occurrence . Maybe not for Christmas. happy hunting! wim
  15. How would you keyword this image?

    Yes tempting: nice and positive. However that is a person with a licensed qualification. Everyone working as a below the wing employee, will immediately recognize the lav agent at work. The clueless client who uses the image to illustrate seriously skilled work, will be the butt of a lot of jokes on social media. And so will Alamy (and I). wim