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  1. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Here's the translation. Actually the Dutch version is the translation and the English is the original. Original. wim
  2. Image identification

    Here's the zoom. I am (well was) a bit of a motorcycle person. More specific: a BSA guy. ;-) That wiki page is not very good. It suggests there have only been 493cc (500cc) models. While in fact there have been at least 350cc and 600cc models as well. Here's a list that's better, but also still far from complete. So far I would say: OHV (as opposed to SV) probably between 1929 and 1932. Engine size 350? 500? The saddle is not original. That flared front fender looks funny too but could be an aftermarket from the period. That horn..? wim
  3. Image identification

    Yes the exhaust would suggest a Velocette, but Rob is right it is a BSA: a sloper. Where the cylinder sits at an angle. Velocettes are all uprights. The year is a bit more difficult. 1927-1935. wim
  4. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Silica gel dries in the microwave in a couple of minutes. If you have the variety that changes color when moist/dry, it's super easy. Spreading out on a black plastic bag in the sun works fine too. I've never cooked it. Rice and salt are old school alternatives, that are readily available in large parts of the world. Use is the same as for the silica, except you cook and eat it when moist. I am a strong believer in open cabinets with air flow rather than closed boxes with silica gel. Google solar drying cabinets (for the tropics), and you'll see the principle: heat the incoming air, usually by using a black pipe or duct outside that leads into a cabinet indoors, that in turn has a vent at the highest point. Don't forget to filter the inlet with at least a fine bug net. wim edit: solar
  5. Totally Wrong Information!

    I didn't say it was on purpose. It may well be the result of too much tinkering and simplification. Then again the good results (in searches) of that agency may also be because of the high quality of their images that result in many sales, which result in higher placement. There have been some spots in the Image Found threads. wim
  6. Supertags and normal tags - presentation in AIM

    Not really, if you want tags to sit next to each other. My guess is that's wrong: if they need to sit next to each other they should be one tag. And key phrases don't need sorting. At least not alphabetically. (Does sorting has an influence at all? Probably not.) However to just sort tags with one keyword alphabetically, that web page really works. Copy all tags from AIM. Paste in the upper box. Click ABC Order. Then click Original Order. Now insert a comma or semicolon after each keyword or key phrase. (I use an intermediate document for that without any formatting.) Copy all and paste into the Add new tags box in AIM. wim edit: I forgot the step in which you delete all tags in AIM before you paste the new tags. Because of the stupid interface I want a button for that. Now I have to click each tag a dozen times for it to vanish. With a pen. It may well work on an iPad with your fingers.
  7. Totally Wrong Information!

    I think Jeff is on to something. The very good results of that German agency may well show that spamming works in the current algorithm & setup. wim
  8. Supertags and normal tags - presentation in AIM

    May I recommend this one once more? wim
  9. Totally Wrong Information!

    Maybe it's time to create an extra tier of tags that are less important, but would still be searchable. Maybe call them Additional Tags. ;-) wim
  10. Totally Wrong Information!

    In the case of the German agency the problem may well be the automated translation. The Cat for a Hangover image gives a vital clue: Hangover is Kater in German and Dutch. Which is Cat in English. Let's hope Alamy uses a different process to automate the translation. Or our images would look just as daft in those languages. wim
  11. Totally Wrong Information!

    Try Salt Lake City Skyline. Must be a very successful outfit btw. Maybe this sort of keywording just works? wim
  12. Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo. For pennies. wim
  13. Lets play a game

    LOL! There are plenty of under-30%-ers in my collection too! wim
  14. Lets play a game

    Canterbury Kent UK autumn rain rainy day students city walk group of students field trip street Canterbury Best Ln Lane England in fall For weather news I would include which school or college and what the purpose of the visit was. Now I think of it, It may have been introduction week. Do they have that in the UK and is it that late in the semester? Note the printed city walk guide the guy on the left has in his hands. (Showing the famous clock.) wim
  15. You just have to learn where to look it up. ;-) Now what was the question again... Oh yes, the dash is actually a minus sign. It's easy when you know it. wim