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  1. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    That's a sad story. The other story about uploading generating sales is just magical thinking. It's just the quality not the quantity nor the frequency. However if your sales depend on the New tab, I can see some merit in it, but then it would mainly be the newer images selling. I had a year like yours from mid 2015 till the end of 2016 and my sales were at an all time high. wim
  2. Equally stupid question: If one is say in Indonesia or New Zealand, would it be wise to set your clocks to London Time? wim
  3. Alternatively we could all learn from it. Both what to do and what not to do. ;-) So Yay. wim
  4. You're obviously in a league far above mine. From this week: 14.67 -14.67 14.67 25.00 -25.00 25.00 But then came this one: 5.80 -5.80 5.81 Yay! wim
  5. Does it have to be editorial?

    Of course it's a trademark infringement. A deliberate one. But not by the photographer. It's an image that shows an identifiable object and it's its main subject. The leeway in the US is not in whether or not this is an infringement but in allowing antagonistic campaigns. >Free PR handouts by Boeing are released for editorial use only. Check their website. Well spotted! I had not checked the Boeing website, but real handouts are very often still without any restrictions in many industries. Maybe not in aviation. It's not very relevant if the user is going against the restrictions deliberately. Boeing even has it's own licensing channel aka stock agency. At least since 2006. Where you can order a fully released image for use in your own campaign. That would be a neat trick: to use an image licensed from Boeing Stock to use in a mean ad against the company. So if I had that image I would declare it needing a release and tick the box no release available. It's up to the end user to decide. wim
  6. Does it have to be editorial?

    And your point is? You have no way of knowing whether this was a RM or RF image. I don't think anyone had figured out the concept of editorial RF in 2012. So it's well possible it's either a fully released image, or (most likely) it was a free PR hand-out by Boeing itself without any restrictions attached. Because it usually is. wim
  7. Archive subs by ftp

    You do have archive privilege, do you? wim
  8. There has once been a hack here or at least quite some images have been stolen. Not sure how or where to search for a report of that. Could have been only a mail to people involved. wim
  9. Attach File to Forum Question

    It turns out the inserted image has handles. All the others of course have known this all along. But I have only found out earlier today. Anyway it seems that the image is scalable this way. Whether it will scale with the screen/window size I don't know yet. wim
  10. Phone images allowed for Live News?

    Why not contact the News desk if something newsworthy happens and all you have with you is your phone? phone: 01235 844690 or: news@alamy.com wim
  11. Attach File to Forum Question

    There you go Edo: If it's already on Alamy, just drag and drop. Make sure you click on the reply box first to "open" it. This is different from before the makeover. wim edit: alternatively: click on the Insert other media button and paste the address. How to find the address on Alamy (or anywhere else: right click on an image and click on view image; then copy the address from the address bar.) To post a whole image with dropbox: Go to the image in a list and click the share button next to it. Or go to the image on the image page and click on the blue share button in the upper right hand corner. In the box that appears in both cases click Create a link, which copies that link to your clipboard as well, no need to copy it. Then go to insert other media again in the reply box here and either use the insert other media button again, which will show your image when it's a jpg. Or highlight a word and use the chain link button from the menu bar and paste the link in the box that opens. This will not show your image in the post, but it does alloow all sort of files like RAW or TIFF or NEF.
  12. Slope Point. Size reflecting the price. (just when you think it could not go any lower) wim
  13. Image identification

    John, you're so much better at this. You must be right. wim
  14. Image identification

    Magnolia Stellata. If you want/need to find the specific cultivar, that's less easy. wim