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  1. Camera Shopping

    Hi Jaimie, Alamy no longer has an approved camera list. They simply state that they require " Photos from a DSLR (or equivalent) camera that has a minimum of 6 megapixels Cameras with less than this won’t be able to produce a good enough quality to pass QC, or for us to sell." I think the main question for you is whether you buy new or second hand and what budget as per the posts above. And also a major question these days is whether to go for a DLSR (digital single lens reflex) or a mirrorless system. Mirrorless systems are more compact, but the latest models can be pretty expensive. I think judging from recent posts, a lot of contributors these days use mirrorless. Mirrorless camera don't have an optical viewfinder, but an electronic one. I assume these are pretty good on the latest models. p.s. Just to confuse you, I have a digital viewfinder on my Sony A77 DSLR. I quite like it, it shows all the effects/adjustments you make in real time so you know what the picture will look like before you take it.
  2. Keywording exhaustion

    I never thought about using LR for keywording, but will try with my next batch, good tips everyone thanks! Keywording is... I look at people with thousands of pictures and the mind just boggles at the hours spent. I am not a fast keyworder
  3. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    And on the subject of zooms, mine dipped dramatically from summer to September and since then they've been on an upward trajectory. Still waiting for sales to follow suit!
  4. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Hi lisah, Zooms are on your dashboard, and shown under the 'Alamy Measures' tab near the bottom
  5. Hi Marb, No idea how secure Alamy is. Was this however, a genuine hack of Shutterstock, or was it people trawling Google for thumbnails and trying to sell them on? If it's thumbnails, then they can do that with Alamy too, but I can't see many people wanting a watermarked thumbnail that will look pixelly at any decent size.
  6. Colour calibration

    Hi Tim, Most of the pictures look ok, some are a little dark, such as: I agree with MDM about investing in cameras and lenses and then perhaps not getting the best outcome by using an older uncalibrated monitor. It's quite easy to do and not too expensive to pick up a colour calibration kit, e.g. X-Rite ColorMunki. Hope this helps.
  7. Live news newbie - first time experience

    Hi everyone, just an update. Have successfully got pictures on sale on Live News at the second time of trying. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated! Steve
  8. Can you see if your photos have had views

    Aha, I thought my collection was just really unpopular at the moment!
  9. Can you see if your photos have had views

    Hi there, Welcome. Yes, once you've got some images shown as being on sale (you've submitted to Alamy QC, they've approved (hopefully) and you've keyworded your pictures), then if you go down to "Alamy Measures" near the bottom of the dashboard, views and zooms are there. Steve
  10. Personal Property And Releases

    Hi JamesH, Yes you need a propery release for all these things generally if there are logos visible or it is clear which company produced the item. Certainly for phones and cameras it would be best on IM to say that there is property and you have no property release for it. Ditto if your e.g. showing apps on the screen of the phone that you own. The phone and apps are trademarked by companies so you need to put photos of these in IM as having "Propery in the image".
  11. Hi Kristi, Get Lightroom. It's standalone and relatively cheap. Quality is guaranteed. Easy to use, just watch a couple of YouTube videos. If you find it's not sufficient for editing a picture, then you should just scrap the photo anyway if it needs that much working on. Too much time editing photos in e.g. full Photoshop means you'll never get enough uploaded.
  12. Just what constitutes Property ?

    Hi Bobman, Yes, it can be difficult! I would take property as being any building and anything - equipment, clothing etc. - that has a brand name displayed or is recognisable as belonging to a brand. Things owned by people such as pets and fields I wouldn't normally count as property. However, there are exceptions, I believe that the National Trust for example, doesn't allow commercial photography on its grounds, including fields. I don't believe Alamy expects us to be experts at this, just use your best judgement.
  13. New here

    Hi OliveiraJ, welcome to the Forum!
  14. Live news newbie - first time experience

    Hey Lawreson, this is good stuff, thanks a lot. Hopefully I'll be somewhere a bit more newsworthy next time and I can get it to work!
  15. Live news newbie - first time experience

    Hi Pat, thanks for the message. Yes, I can still see them in Image Manager. They're now showing as being on sale after I captioned them. It seems that Alamy took my caption field and used it for the headline when I uploaded. OK yes, I saw the title field in LR at the top, it is counterintuitive, "headline" was much further down and didn't work! Hope they're up in Live News, but I can't find them when I search.... Thanks for the help.