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  1. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    Jill, How do you find Piwigo and why would you want to migrate to Zenfolio? I was on Photoshelter, and found it very easy to use, but, even though I was on the lowest priced option, I didn't find that it drove up sales to any extent. Social media (Twitter/Instagram) seem to work better for me, I think!
  2. Thanks - just found the original and another one in the Sun - https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5322661/londons-legendary-windmill-theatre-strip-club-set-to-close-after-losing-its-licence-for-flouting-no-touching-rules/
  3. Short term memory loss

    Sorry to hear that Betty.
  4. Short term memory loss

    Good advice! Thanks. :-)
  5. Short term memory loss

    Hey Betty, Your anecdotes made me smile but then I realised that you were talking about your spouse. Must be very worrying. Thanks for sharing. Take care.
  6. Short term memory loss

    Jim, Thank you so much. Good to know that I am not the only one! :-)
  7. 9/1/18 London Metro (print) Quite by chance I was flicking through the Metro on the way in to work this morning and I recognised a pic that I thought could be one of mine. On getting home this evening and checking, I am pleased to say that it is - H32K72, Jansos but there was no Alamy credit or any credit whatsoever. There were also a host of other images to do with property in East Mosley. Who knows which agency they were from.
  8. Short term memory loss

    How concerned do you think I should be? As an example, I normally dip in to see if any photos have sold at least once every couple of days (it's becoming a bit of a rather enjoyable pastime/obsession to be honest). Thing is, when I am pleasantly surprised by a sale or two I then have quite a lot of difficulty, later in the day, trying to remember what actually sold. Likewise, when otherwise occupied, I think of questions to post in the discussion area but can I for the life of me remember what I wanted to say when I actually get round to logging in. Old age or something more worrying? Long term memory is pretty good though.
  9. So how was December?

    Point taken. I have removed price specifics. Apols for any trouble caused.
  10. So how was December?

    Good idea - my apologies, totally understand.
  11. So how was December?

    18 for $393 best $67, worst > $5 (a RM image with a decent print run: Image Size: 1/4 page, Start: 01 November 2017, End: 01 November 2022, Online Magazine. Duration: One year)...... Unfortunately, c'est la vie!