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  1. 10 yr. exclusivity: what $$net would YOU accept??

    Umm, may I ask why? Sounds like a decent deal to me, especially if the 10yr exclusivity, as Jeff mentions, relates to book front cover only and the image can continue to to be licensed as ie non-book editorial etc. The times where book covers from stock regularly got 4 figure sums are probably over....
  2. Lovely, crisp images, by the way.
  3. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    My travel companion started to get a wee bit irritated about the length of time I took taking shots of Apollo's pert bum from all sorts of angles. What can I say? Judging by the look on her face, Venus agrees with me, though!
  4. December Challenge, "Taste" as in anything food or drink

    Here are my three 1. Tasty treats 1. 2. Taste is relative 3. Indulgent taste
  5. Searching publications on the web

    Cheers Wim, very helpful! Just found a few more uses (all reported), which is great. And one I wish I'd rather not found (in some ways), pic was used by GEO Magazine, acquired for the stately sum of $8.33 with quantity discount, and in the text they got the location wrong, despite the caption, keywords and "location" field all having the correct location. Not so geo -savvy, it seems, or perhaps reading is optional for journalists these days. Oh, well.
  6. personal websites

    Agree re products - their US American printers have a greater variety also, in terms of "novelty" type print products, mugs, mouse pads, that sort of thing. I guess they could add a second printing company to choose from if they wanted to, to fulfil those type of products if Loxley won't. Haven't needed this enough to suggest so far, but wonder if more customers contact them about it, they might consider it. But then again customers can of course do this themselves, too (if they have paid for image files)
  7. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Cheeky monkey Man snoozing in a temple, Udaipur Snow White and the...9 dwarfs Dapper dachshunds, Havana (like the many licensed "tourist poser" cigar ladies, these two have been part of the Habaja Vieja furniture for years)
  8. personal websites

    Re. Smugmug fees and printing - yes not cheap but I tend to tag on a small margin when clients order prints from their (password protected) galleries. Loxley are also at the upper end of pricing, but I've never had any complaints from clients, their fulfilment is good so I feel it's worth linking to them for prints, rather than having to do my own printing or organising via another third party and risking issues. Smugmug also regularly have booths at i.e. the Photography Show, so it's nice to go and have a chat to them, they're usually happy to explain new features and help with doing own coding if one wants to do that. Agree on customer service, they've saved me from lengthy re-uploading several times when I had accidentally pressed that fat delete button on galleries. But I'm sure there are also plenty of other, similar providers, particularly in the US.
  9. Yucky-mucky beige skies above London (that day in October when Sahara desert dust mashed with pollution and Portuguese wildfire clouds) Live news pic, used in the Times, but as usual used a few days after the news deadline so low value. Alas, they all count so won't complain.
  10. Haha. In the summer, I'd be totally fine with that (split the profits? ) , but it was a bit chilly, so I'm glad I stayed dry. I now have to work my way through 64 gb of raw image files....
  11. Lovely pic Southmind! I took some long exposures of the fountains at night with the ferris wheel, and nearly got soaked because I stood in the middle and then the fountains suddenly started going again after they'd been off for half an our - a close escape :-) Only realised when a service vehicle guy who was doing maintenance on the fountains started waving his arms at me quite frantically. I was there from Monday until yesterday evening, nice, sunny weather except for one cloudy day. I will certainly return. Still dreaming of all the great food, wine, cheese, cakes....Many thanks for your advice again.
  12. Nice is very nice!! And all the other places too, especially all the lovely little towns in the mountains. Loved Cap Ferrat as well. The Christmas Market on Place Massena is a bit too big and busy for me, but I did shoot some nice long exposures of the ferris wheel and fountains/reflections. Thanks again for the tops, Southmind!
  13. My uploads are back to normal and the last one gone through QC as well, yay!
  14. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    Autumn in the concrete jungle
  15. Same here, seems they're working on the problems. Must be tricky as there's never a "quiet time" for the upload tools, with that many different contributor locations and time zones involved.