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  1. It's all that desert dust and apocalyptic red sun stuff, it's been messing with the algorithms over in Abington. (or Kerala?)
  2. Internet camera sellers

    MDM, I wish I could agree but having worked for PE for many years in a previous life, this is what a PE parent does. But I will shut up about it now, have already commented in similar vein on other threads, so let's just hope it won't go the way I think it will. I've bought a lot of equipment, both camera gear, lots of lenses and studio lights and accessories from all three over the last 10+ years,as well as internet/grey vendors. Calumet/Fixation/Wex and also Park Cameras etc. are beautifully old fashioned in their customer service approach in-store, I applaud it. But it won't survive that type of acquisition. A trade deal would be different. I don't want to convince anyone of the merits of grey imports at all (it's what kills the high street retailers, hence I should't complain) but the quality is the same, as long as you know what it is that you need and you are able to inspect the gear. But then it all depends on your needs, my bodies don't tend to last much beyond 1-2 years and are in use every day, and they're being knocked about quite a bit. Any service they need is usually due to them getting knackered, rather than failure. The only failures I've ever had were the odd dodgy memory card and the newer generation Canon lens hoods, which stubbornly refuse to take the weight of my bum when accidentally sitting on them.
  3. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Telegraph online - The day the sky turned red - but what caused rare phenomenon? 16th Oct 2017 Alamy Live News credit only, but image is by Julia Gavin same article and images also on Yahoo News Online
  4. Internet camera sellers

    Interesting, will check my spam folders re. email. The store front hadn't been changed yet as of last week, will be there some time later this week again. I hope they'll at least have the decency and move all account privileges over to the new system, as and when that is merged with Wex's. But they cannot really become much less competitive, competition from internet sellers and the grey market is too strong. If PE is involved, it'll become more price driven, less service orientated, err, that is the way they tend to accelerate growth in the business plan going forward, once everything has been slimmed down. Cost effectiveness my **se. I feel for some of the staff at Calumet, especially a couple of the young guys who were being trained half way properly still (rather than just being a blank sales robot with zero photography knowledge). The rental guys in Drummond Street in particular are friendly, hope that department will continue to exist.
  5. Internet camera sellers

    I've not had any problems with HDEW cameras or lenses, but as I mentioned on another thread, it is a good idea to collect the equipment at their warehouse in person, and inspect+ try it there. That way -> grey import internet vendor price+option to check equipment thoroughly=a bit more reassurance. I remember the box on a camera I bought there was, on inspection, missing the correct manual, and they did not hesitate to supply one there on site, plus the correct UK plug. I'm likely to get another body from them in the next few weeks. But I guess faulty equipment does slip through QC with most vendors, I've had to send lenses back from other non-internet stores before. For UK based buyers, I guess there is a slight chance that now that (sadly, as far as I'm concerned) Calumet, Wex and Fixation are all under the same Private Equity roof (and rumour has it that Wex as the stronger brand might be pulled across for branding, but nothing has so far been announced), perhaps they might become a bit more competitive in their pricing, too. Perhaps...
  6. personal websites

    Yes, agree - domains are cheap and you might regret not getting the at the same time as the .com for above reasons, so it's a good idea to get both in one go, and get the to point to the .com
  7. Where has Philippe gone?

    Now there's a (stock) photo opp waiting to be happening...
  8. Alamy Contributor Meeting in Germany?

    Duisburg would be great - lots of nice, rusty industrial sites in the Landschaftspark!
  9. Where has Philippe gone?

    Would you guys be ok if I'd join your informal DE meetup, if it happens? Am still based in London but often back home and will at some point in the future move back. Would be great to know some fellow photogs there! (Dortmund/deepest darkest Ruhrpott, can travel)
  10. Pic of Mr. Daley from the European swimming & diving championships last year. Editorial television use, 5X transmissions in the UK and worldwide online catchup. Would love to know where it's actually being used, hoping it's a sports programme rather than anything to do with the teeny swimming trunks he's wearing.
  11. Your favorite blurry image

    Classic cars on a roundabout
  12. personal websites

    I'll happily recommend SmugMug. They're not cheap but they are hassle free. I've had my website with them for 5 or 6 years now. I'm on a pro account which is pricier than it should be, but they have a lot of different options available, and a simple portfolio site without e-commerce enabled is very reasonably priced, templates and custom options are pretty easy to use, you can further costomize by inserting your own coding if you want (I know zilch about coding so haven't). The advantage from my perspective was that I was able to give clients password protected folders and private galleries where they can browse their galleries and download their images, and order print products, without having to deal with fulfilment of that myself (SmugMug deal with the printers). I don't really do any stock photo type direct print sales from the website only those that are paid clients' work (mostly portraiture, sports events and corporate events), but you can of course enable that and then either sell files or sell prints. Because it's mostly just clients visiting my site, I've so far woefully neglected the SEO side of things completely - need to get round to that some time!
  13. September Photo Challenge Poll - Critters

    Congratulations Russel - fab shot!!
  14. Favourite images uploaded in September 2017

    My final favourite upload from September - spreadin' a li'l autumnal luurve with, umm,....alamy right at the heart of the matter! (Eastbourne Air Show)