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  1. Reporting in on RF

    My second best seller, in terms of numbers, has been a repeat RM seller, all used in the Sun newspaper. John.
  2. Slow month?

    9 sales this month (about average for sales), but my average price is only $14.13. Just had my first 'print use' - for $4.82 gross! John.
  3. Sun flare, advice please

    I think the flare is great and makes the picture, but at 100% it looks too soft and i'm not sure downsizing would fix it? Now that you've submitted it, it will be interesting to see if it passes. Have you just uploaded that one image or is it in a batch? John.
  4. New net revenue and sales pages

    As soon as a sale has been confirmed by Alamy then Net Revenue is updated. So you will find yourself looking lots of times a day, even if you don't sell many, just in case a sale has happened! John.
  5. None of those images would pass QC because they are SoLD or blurred i'm afraid. John.
  6. Amount charged by Alamy for images

    I had a $3.41 distributor sale yesterday to the Czech Republic. I get 77p!!! John.
  7. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Tell me your bank details and I'll amend it for you John.
  8. New net revenue and sales pages

    I would rather 'date of invoice' be the default than 'date paid' The default dates to be from the start of the current month to current date. Maybe a running total for sales too. John.
  9. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Alamy seem good on "improving" things that aren't broken, eg AIM!! (Although it did need revamping.) John.
  10. This was a tiny distributor sale too, and an older image from 2009. If fact my last 2 sales have been from 2009. John.
  11. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    I would rather 'date of invoice' be the default than 'date paid' Plus the default dates to be this month! John.
  12. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Yes, I see what you mean now. Thanks, John.
  13. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Pearl, What do you mean by new sales history? You could always put in a date range before to see sales over a period. John.
  14. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    I always used to put the next year ie change 2017 to 2018, but now you just put todays date, so, as Joseph says, no different really. John
  15. October payment

    Yes, me too. It wasn't difficult to do! John.
  16. Backlog workflow

    I'm working on a backlog going back to March 2016. I alternate between catching up with older images and any newer images that, fill a gap/are better than those I've already got/I think are saleable/I like. John.
  17. Is 'teflon' one of your tags? John.
  18. Post your positive results here :)

    I have probably got a hand full of images where I've entered primary and secondary categories. Alamy have stated that this feature isn't implemented yet. "At the moment, the categories are not searchable and do not link to the categories on the Alamy website. This may change in the future and they may be used to link customers to specific collections so we would recommend adding them." John.
  19. Many thanks cofiant for finding one of mine! John. PS I always read your user name as coefficient!!
  20. Snowdrop or common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) This should be on the oversaturated thread as well - 17321 snowdrop pictures. John
  21. October payment

    Ditto - 6-11-17 John.
  22. Volume 96% of 2016 Revenue 101% of 2016 John
  23. Alamy Measures broken?

    Thanks Alamy! Now if only you could sort out those figures in the sales column......... John
  24. Alamy Measures broken?

    I don't think it's been working properly recently. I check every day and yesterday I had 2 zooms in my total column that hadn't been reported before, so I don't know what the search terms were. John.