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  1. I've redone the images now, so let's hope it doesn't happen again to anyone. John.
  2. 3 images not on sale? See link i've put up on another thread. I captioned and tagged these images a couple of days ago so they have had time for the search engine to have been updated. They show for sale with the orange bar, but if you click on the image to edit it it says not on sale with the red bar. If you search by the Alamy ref no. they come up, but without a caption! I don't know whether to redo the captions or not, I suppose I will have to if no caption is shown in a search. John.
  3. Greetings from the Midlands, UK.

    Welcome from a fellow (North) Midlander! John.
  4. I've got images on sale but when I click on the caption field it is blank and the red bar comes up to say not on sale. How can that happen? Edit: just looked for the image and it comes up - but with no caption, so it is definitely on sale John.
  5. I've missed it!!! Come back soon!! John.
  6. Mushroom/Toadstool identification please

    Then there's butt rot; I've got that too...... Very painful sitting down I would imagine! John.
  7. Blimey, those sales must have come in quick! John.
  8. I didn't have any zooms over the weekend.........but I did have a sale on Sunday!!! John.
  9. Cleared Balance

    It won't say in your account who licensed the image, just what the image use is for eg commercial, website etc. Plus you will have to wait until your cleared balance is over $50 before you will get paid! John.
  10. Clare, many thanks for finding one of mine. John.
  11. Stalactites and stalagmites in Postojna Caves Slovenia
  12. Image identification

    Davey, It looks very much like it to me now! Thanks a lot for your advice. John.
  13. Image identification

    Does anyone know what type of fungus this is please? The image was taken in the Forest of Dean, England, November 2015. Many thanks, John. D
  14. 'Other income'

    Received this reply from CS. Hi John Your ‘other income’ is your DACS payment which we claimed on your behalf.
  15. supertag maxes...?

    If 'Arable farming in Suffolk' is a supertag, and someone does a search for 'Arable farming in Suffolk', then obviously that will come pretty high in the search. However, if someone searches for 'Arable', or 'farming', or 'Suffolk', images will come up in searches even if they aren't individual tags, but lower than a search for 'Arable farming in Suffolk'.