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  1. Image identification

    I think it might be a Hesperoyucca whipplei, although most flowers again seem to be white whereas these were distinctly purple/magenta coloured. Thanks for your help again though. John.
  2. Image identification

    Unfortunately the leaves were dried up and looked dead, sorry. Do all 'Spanish dagger's have white flowers?
  3. Image identification

    Many thanks - enjoy your dinner! John.
  4. Fantastic image John.
  5. Image identification

    Another one from Tresco in May too. Any ideas? There wasn't a label or any helpful gardeners around when I took the pic. John.
  6. Image identification

    Thanks both. I think it's some sort of Olearia too, at least that's better than nothing that I've got in my tags now! John.
  7. Image identification

    Anybody know what this flower/shrub is please? It was at Tresco Abbey Garden, Tresco, Isles of Scilly, taken in May. Many thanks, John.
  8. Good way to start the month

    Yes I had 3 sales of the same pic - 2 'one a day' for $5.12 and a cover for $89.69!! John.
  9. Older Images selling very well.

    Sold an image from 2008 this morning for $58.94. Not done any retagging. Just looked at the image in AIM and it is green, so it must have been tagged properly originally. John.
  10. How was your November?

    14 sales from $3.41 (distributor) to $37.25, for only $227 gross. Sales about average but revenue low (lowest for the last 12 months). Surpassed last year's figures for both revenue and sales. Views a record for the month, but zooms down. 6 sales already in December for $229 so looking good. John.
  11. Thanks Bryan, John Keates
  12. Reporting in on RF

    My second best seller, in terms of numbers, has been a repeat RM seller, all used in the Sun newspaper. John.
  13. Slow month?

    9 sales this month (about average for sales), but my average price is only $14.13. Just had my first 'print use' - for $4.82 gross! John.
  14. Sun flare, advice please

    I think the flare is great and makes the picture, but at 100% it looks too soft and i'm not sure downsizing would fix it? Now that you've submitted it, it will be interesting to see if it passes. Have you just uploaded that one image or is it in a batch? John.
  15. New net revenue and sales pages

    As soon as a sale has been confirmed by Alamy then Net Revenue is updated. So you will find yourself looking lots of times a day, even if you don't sell many, just in case a sale has happened! John.