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  1. AIM issues - An update please

    "not having tags entered automatically when pasting text" I agree with! Some sort of feature whereby when the 'exceeded 50 tags' message is received the new tags are only added to those images that haven't reached 50 tags. To be able to copy and edit tags. To be able to search for our own image ref numbers (although I believe this has been addressed?) John.
  2. Joined Alamy line?

    Geoff, I would think they were removed at the same time as they stopped PMs as you say. John.
  3. Joined Alamy line?

    They have removed the signature line at the bottom of our posts. Don't know when that happened. John.
  4. Slow month?

    1 sale on the first so I got excited it was going to be a good month, but no sales since then. Historically, August is my 5th best month in terms of sales. So i'm expecting about 12 to 15 sales this month. John.
  5. No more PMs

    Another vote for restricting it to just 'forum regulars'. I've found it very helpful in the past. John.
  6. Perhaps your old donkeys have been put out to pasture? John.
  7. How was your July?

    11 sales for $236 gross. So a little below average for both volume and revenue. Lowest $6.78, highest $44.19, no distributors. Rolling zooms 1st of month 52, end of month 32, so not a good trend. However, rolling views on the 20th, July best ever, for the second month running. John.
  8. July has 31 days

    None so far today, but I had a surge on Friday - 2 sales!! John.
  9. Your longest edge needs to be about 2880 pixels to get an 18mb file, which is the smallest acceptable size for submission to Alamy. John.
  10. Saturation

    Yes, very interesting! Your images look very good John. I might have to change my preset from +25 vibrance, +20 clarity and add a bit of saturation. John.
  11. Saturation

    I've always used Elements and now Photoshop CC so I suppose it's habit! I also do other tweaking in Photoshop too. John.
  12. &$@#%

    No capture for me today either. John.
  13. &$@#%

    Green arrows all round! John.
  14. &$@#%

    Ok, sorry! John.