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  1. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    Red arrows come back
  2. How to recover this situation?

    Thanks guys for your advises. Much appreciated! Starting the "long job"
  3. How to recover this situation?

    They are good, the problem is that i started 2 years ago. Since Dec re-ranking zooms dropped by 95%
  4. How to recover this situation?

    Reimar, i never did this. I read somewhere in the forum that Captions were more and more important and enough instead of keywords. Is it wrong?
  5. How to recover this situation?

    On Jan i had 0 sales, 1 zooms (last day) and very few views. How would you recover from this? Keep uploading? Rekeyword old images?
  6. Slow month? 2018

    Since this is becoming my slowest month ever, should i consider Sep/Oct like worst months (3 months to report a sale) or the fact buyers are not interested to my Spring images (2/3 months ahead) ? Is this the logic to analyze a specific month performance?
  7. Slow month? 2018

    Yes Ed.... love the Tuscany cousine
  8. Slow month? 2018

    Sorry for asking, thanks for the clarification about travels
  9. Slow month? 2018

    Pearl, what does 43 sales mean in term of revenues? I see you mainly shoot travel images am i right?
  10. 2017

    My hopes to become full-time shifted in a medium-range period after seeing these numbers from fellow contributors 12 Sales, first year on Alamy.. about 500$
  11. 2017

    Keith, i wrote u a PM on that
  12. 2017

    Where is possible to attend Keith's seminars? Online version?
  13. 2017

    Bryan on my screen your pics seem not processed. Poor saturation and contrast and some a bit overexposed.sDo you think this could be a way to sell more ? I mean, OOC pics?
  14. RF vs RM

    What i notice from other well known agencies, each of them has at least 2 channels. One totally RF (Editorial or Commercial, doesn't matter too much) and the other one totally RM (or a sort of curated RF collections). Looking at their respective forums actually the situation is: the "RF"photographers complain a lot and often. "RM" photographers rarely join the forums and when they do they report very huge sales and they're very happy. I don't think RF-way is the way, not for Alamy at least.
  15. Slow month?

    80% of my sales here ever have been taken outside UK/USA