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  1. Slow month?

    80% of my sales here ever have been taken outside UK/USA
  2. Slow month?

    Marb, some months ago i was in your exact position trying to understand why "wait" so much on Alamy for bigger sales. I then came to a conclusion: you have to ask yourself how many "Editorial"-style pics you've on your port, then decide WHICH images sell here (RM?) and which ones on micro. I took a look at the first 3 pages of your port and you barely have more than 60% of typical micro images e.g. background, could-have-been-taken-everywhere, concept images. So , on Alamy your port could be seen not with 1400 images but with 500 or less. Of these 500 pics, how many are images that could sell? Did you make any market research as someone here pointed out? That explains low selling here. As for me, it's a slow month for me but i had a 500% increment on zooms, so i'm working fine finally
  3. Reporting in on RF

    +100 Alamy and Big G are the fews allowing RMs
  4. Scanning colour negatives

    I read in this forum you should have 5000+ pics to publish to Archive? is it true?
  5. Backlog workflow

    wow, thanks for your reply. i didn't think to this ... it opens up my mind. the only thing is... don't batch tagging affects badly your Views/Zooms? thanks again
  6. Backlog workflow

    And since you've 3 times my port online is that workflow rewarding?
  7. October payment

    Paypal for me
  8. October payment

    payment done today
  9. Backlog workflow

    you've about 50k files , may be that's the reason
  10. Backlog workflow

    Looking at LR catalog, i noticed a backlog of about 200,000 pics since 2004 , a quarter suitable for Alamy. My workflow is to select a small portion of each folder and upload to Alamy. The idea behind that is to diversify uploading...as soon as i uploaded enough different subjects i come back to previously managed folders and find new files to upload. Making this process, my priority are those files i consider belonging to topics more sellable. How do you guys proceed? Did you end processing your backlog and upload newer shots or you have my same "issue" with many files?
  11. October payment

    Did you guys receive October payment? Should it be 9 business days?
  12. Alamy Measures broken?

    i've the same issue. hopefully as soon as it will work again we'll see a large $$$$ sale!
  13. Do no forum contributors sell?

    I also believe that many see other successfully portfolios to understand what sells. i'd create something like "black friday" for photography ... Alamy listen here.. for Black friday every ph who has more than 150 positive reviews on this forum will be rewarded with one-day 100% royalties (i'm only at 30). Wouldn't it be a gift for many helping directly or in-directly here ?
  14. Do no forum contributors sell?

    Hi all, today i was considering we active forum contributors (regular plus some newbie) barely arrive at 500,000 pictures alltogether. What about the others? I mean, in your opinion how is Alamy going for the other 109 millions pictures of contributors never writing in forum threads? Are they just reading tricks and secrets of seniors and then use them for their own or may be they left pictures alone since years? Just wondering what you think. We often say we have to compete with 110 millions pictures then re-keyword and boring activities; are we sure this is the "right" number we have to compete with?
  15. Photography tax in Italy

    Paulette, yes thanks for reporting. It was the Cmd+c and Cmd+v which caused these errors... Captions are wrong while in keywords i should have changed them properly...let me double check. Thanks again