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  1. First sale.....

    Congratulations on the sale. Also your interest in yechnology sounds cool.
  2. Camera Shopping

    When I moved from Nikon D90 + kit lense to D800 + premium prime lenses I got a big improvement in image quality. I can see a difference even at thumbnail size. But the weight of lagging that lot around can be back breaking.
  3. one or two feet: which is more salable?

    One or no feet when running is more dynamic
  4. Net Revenue

    I remember that name. He was doing very well with a smallish number of images.
  5. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Mine peaked at 97 a couple of months ago. Now reached 53 not much higher than a year ago.
  6. Keywording exhaustion

    Savour that extra £0.10 per year, (for average contributor) every time we finish keywording that image.
  7. Keywording exhaustion

    Keywording can be a chore but given the huge financial rewards can we really complain? 😉
  8. December Challenge, "Taste" as in anything food or drink

    3 from me: 1. Local women making bread at the old Greek Village of Sirince, Selcuk, Turkey. 2. A Fish seller at Pusan's fish market. South Korea 3. A Tawny Owl (strix aluco) swoops onto a white mouse
  9. How was your November?

    That equates to 5 sales per 1000 images. Impressive compared to most of us here.
  10. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    zero zooms for me today.
  11. Good way to start the month

    I had another $41 sale today to go with the 3 I got on the 1st of the month.
  12. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    My zooms are now down significantly after surging to 97 in October. A week ago they stood at 80 for rolling month, but today down to 60.
  13. Slow month?

    Where did you get that from? 1 per month per 1000 appears common. 2+ per 1000 if you are highly accomplished e.g. red snapper with 104 sales from 47000 images. 5 per 1000, there may be some outstanding tightly edited collections achieving this but it would be a tiny minority of contributors. Edit: I see doc achieved 3.8 sales per 1000 last month but that is exceptional not the norm.
  14. Slow month?

    Is RH bringing in the big bucks?
  15. Share your oversaturated subjects sales

    So are you saying that this page 1 image doesn't even have supertags? One of mine appears lower down page 1, then no more until page 5.
  16. Share your oversaturated subjects sales

    With 223 pages of Sydney opera house, this is on page 1 with only 21 images ahead of it.
  17. Good way to start the month

    I had three $41 sales today.
  18. How was your November?

    Total sales 19, the 2nd highest of 2017 (22 in February). Total revenues of only $362 reflect the fact that all sales were below $40, with an average of only $19 gross/$9-50 net.
  19. Slow month?

    I wonder if that 400-500 image sales are spread across 4 or 5 micro sites not just one.
  20. Slow month?

    Is that net or gross? At least one ms site pays just 15% commission for non exclusive images.
  21. At last- a new QC star!

    How many QC stars is good? Whats the maximum number you can have and what does it equate to in terms of QC wait time? Andy
  22. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Mine are a little lower at 80. Last month ranged between 80 and 97.
  23. Think it depends on whether your strategy is quantity or quality. We all make some judgement on the balance between the two. That applies to shooting, processing and keywording. In business, being too perfectionist can be detrimental to the bottom line.
  24. Slow month?

    Or birds hoping for a few crumbs
  25. Advice on my portfolio

    Even if it was practical to implement some over the top processing intensive mechanism to detect spelling mistakes, how would it be able to deduce that the spelling mistakes were deliberate or by accident?