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  1. Thanks for the ranting response. I am very appreciative to receive constructive criticism from those who have the experience and wisdom to be of help, or even from those that may be less experienced but have something useful to contribute. There is always something new we can learn. But you so far come across as an over opinionated and rather clueless novice, that would be advised to listen more and only talk when you have something worth saying.
  2. Yes I got my first camera 40 years ago (giving away that I am old).
  3. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    The flip side to this concentration of earnings at the top is that if you are average, your RPI is a lot less than £0.10.
  4. What have you read? As is being noted on the 'financial results' thread, the average RPI on Alamy is a mere £0.10. So if you are average, to earn £1000 per year, you need 10,000 images. What has SEO got to do with Alamy? I don't see the connection. As a newbie with just 12 images on Alamy I am not sure you have the experience to judge how many similars is too many on Alamy. Each person decides their own strategy. I spread similars across a few pseudos, with my best images on my main pseudo.
  5. How many people on here earn thousands? Do you mean per month or per year? I think very few earn thousands per month. 3 or 4 forum contributors come to mind, but the vast majority get nowhere near 1 thousand (USD) per month. I earn £200 (British pounds) per month net from 8900 images on Alamy. But to make a modest living in the UK, just from stock images on Alamy, I would need to earn at least £2000 PCM. So I need 89,000 images (of equivalent quality) as of today. So I have absolutely no chance. I set myself a target to reach £300 PCM in a couple of years but that is best I can realistically hope for.
  6. Wallabies in farmer's field near Kakadu national park, Northern territory, Australia Usage: Marketing package - Large business

    It is poor compared to my previous months. I don't know what the average sale price is these days, but a $24 gross average is lower than I would normally expect .

    17 sales for a poor $417. I had achieved over $500 for each of the previous 3 months. On the bright side, my zooms continue to improve and recently hit a best ever of 86 for the rolling month. A year ago they were half that. So hopefully sales will pick up soon to reflect the improving zooms.
  9. How was your August 2017?

    Total sales very good: 18 Total revenue disappointing considering total sales: $565 Highest sale: $150 Lowest sale: $6 Rolling zooms hit my highest ever mid month at 69, but dropped back to 58 when zooms dried up completely in late August.
  10. How was your July?

    13 licences totalling a disappointing $481.39 gross. Zooms on the up currently with 62 over last month (several from my recent uploads), hopefully will translate into some good sales.
  11. How was June?

    8 sales for a total of $574 gross. Best sale $244, worst $6.24. Just reached 8000 images on sale.
  12. Post your positive results here :)

    I just reach the milestone of 8000 image on sale on Alamy.
  13. Hi, I apologise if this has already been answered. With the new tool, can I quickly copy and paste tags from an image I have already tagged to a new one? Thanks Andy
  14. How do I copy tags from existing image to new one?

    Thank you. So a comma between tags appears to treat them as separate tags.
  15. Wooolf! I mean re-rank.

    I am very surprised to be back on BHZ page 1 again, especially after my zooms stopped completely for a couple of months in October. My sales aren't particularly strong recently either.
  16. Though my zooms have dropped generally from a peak of about 60 per month a year ago to 30 recently, I was still getting zooms reported until recently. From September 23rd to October 7th, Alamy have reported zero zooms from 2812 views. I asked member services but they say there's no problem. Anyone else also had a sudden drop to zero? Total Views for Andrew Michael : 2,812 Total Zooms for Andrew Michael : 0 Average CTR for Andrew Michael : 0.00 Total CTR for Andrew Michael : 0.00 Average CTR on Alamy for last month : 0.46 Andy
  17. Is reporting of zooms broken yet again?

    Member services are prone to using canned responses instead of showing any real interest in resolving the problem reported to them. If the first canned response doesn't get rid of me they dig out another one in their next response.
  18. Is reporting of zooms broken yet again?

    I still see no sign that this is being addressed. From September 23rd to today my stats are: Total Views: 4178 Total Zooms: 1 Average CTR: 0.01 Prior to that I was getting 30 to 40 zooms per month. This is going to obliterate my rank.
  19. Is reporting of zooms broken yet again?

    This is the sort of advice I got from member services: However keywords also play a major role for your images standing out in the search results and having chances for the customer to zoom over it ,so we suggest you have a better check of your keywords before your image goes ‘On sale’ . Very helpful!
  20. Zooms and views down

    In October I had 56 zooms and in November I had 48 zooms. I tend to get 2 - 3 zooms per working day Over the last 7 days I have had: Total Views for : 1,323 Total Zooms for : 0 I asked member services if there's a problem with recording of zooms, but as usual they are dismissive and not interested. Andy
  21. Zooms and views down

    I normally average 40 to 50 plus zooms per month. Over the last week they have completely collapsed. 1200 views and zero zooms? Is it just me? Andy
  22. How was your September?

    8 sales for $555 gross. Andy
  23. Number of Photographers on Alamy?

    I was surprised to receive the 'top 500' email. My sales over last 3 months are only 30 sales for $1330 gross. I haven't uploaded any new images for a year now. Andy
  24. How was your April

    16 sales for $750 gross. Highest sale $225 gross, lowest sale $6-24 distributor sale for a whopping $1-87 to me. Andy