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  1. Slow month? 2018

    I had a peep at your micro site's forum. They have a doom and gloom thread running. Things don't sound so rosy over there either.
  2. Quiet out there

  3. Slow month? 2018

    Not as shocking as $50 but still very surprising.
  4. Slow month? 2018

    I can't believe I have understood this correctly. The payout threshold is only $50 and you have 27,000 quality images. Are you really saying that some months this year you were barely over $50?
  5. Slow month? 2018

    Some people would probably still contribute if libraries paid them in points instead of dollars. They enjoy the 'game'.
  6. Slow month? 2018

    Only 4 sales so far this month after averaging 20 per month in recent months. 3 are low value direct and one distributor sale for 131 gross.
  7. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Thanks you it took me 8 years in the end.
  8. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    I finally reached 10,000 images on alamy today.
  9. Views from the back of my Cambridge back garden: Used to be University playing fields. Sadly after a couple decades of enjoying the views, it is now a building site for a new development.
  10. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    I like this one too. Rome Scooters and Motorbikes on cobbled street.
  11. Quiet out there

    For me the problem in 2018 is a severe drop in the value of each sale, rather than a drop of the number of sales, compared to the same period in 2017. Jan 1st to March 7th 2017: Number of images on sale: 6200 approx. Total sales: 42 Total revenues: $1861 gross Jan 1st to March 7th 2018: Number of images on sale: 9900 approx Total sales: 45 Total revenues $899 gross So I have experienced a 50% drop is revenues even though I have increased my images on sale by 60%. Maybe this is just a temporary random blip or maybe the re-rank had a bigger impact than I expected it to have. I don't think this is typical across all of Alamy? It certainly shows why I can't rely on stock for a reliable source of income if I was to retire.
  12. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    Still a long way to go in processing and uploading, but a few from my recent trip to Rome.
  13. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    But I assume your average on Micro is still way down compared to your average on Alamy?
  14. February over already?

    Revenue is pretty grim showing a large collapse compared to Feb 2017, even though I now have nearly 4000 extra images online (produced at significant cost). Total Sales: 20 Revenue: $349 gross
  15. The $100,000+ club

    I joined in 2010 and have only achieved just under $31,000 gross. At the current rate, it will take me another 11.5 years! Maybe I am just rubbish or maybe I just joined too late.
  16. The $100,000+ club

    I guess my point is that the 100K club is a historical record of success and no way reflects what can be achieved today.
  17. The $100,000+ club

    Your Sales Volume chart above shows you more than doubling sales since 2016. Its your revenues chart (from the "2017" thread) that tells a different story.
  18. The $100,000+ club

    You make an interesting case study for the 100K club. With 58,000 images currently, yet your earnings peaked in 2006. So you were earning far more then from a small fraction of the images you have today.
  19. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    I think maybe there are at least 3 categories of stock contributors: 1. The professionals who through ability, knowledge, experience and hard work are still covering costs and making a worthwhile income. I think these are becoming a small minority on Alamy. Also most don't rely just on stock. 2. The hobbyist. Does not care about the cost of production or just ignores it. It doesn't matter if they spend thousands on their hobby and then make hundreds back. I think they are now the majority. 3. The failing wannabe professional. They do care about the cost of production and are frustrated that they can't make the numbers work in their favour. By trying to make it work as a business, they are trying too hard and it stops being fun and just feels like hard work with little reward. For them stock has certainly lost its mojo. Sadly I fall into number 3.
  20. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    I bet that figure is gross not net. Also it took you 15 years to submit 6700 images so small tightly edited collection. Stock can still provide a nice top up to a pension but would you solely rely on it for 30 years with no other income stream?
  21. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    Just read your blog. Entertaining but flawed. 1. $1000 per year is nowhere near a first world pension. 2. 10c per image is not achievable by average alamy contributor over 30 years. 10c is the current average.
  22. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    I can see the point you are trying to make but £300K is quite an exaggeration. Even with current inflated house prices, £300K will get you a property paying £1000 pcm not pa. Stock images do have value though it is tricky to put a true value on ones collection.
  23. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    Interest rates are ridiculously low. How is someone supposed to live on £1000 pa in UK?
  24. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    But £1000 a year is trivial. That isn't enough to call it a pension.