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  1. Bulk discount

    Though it appears that the lows are getting more frequent and the $100 plus sales more and more rare. If they were to disappear altogether, then Alamy risks becoming a library with barely above microstock prices but with a small fraction of microstock library volume.
  2. How to travel light?

  3. How to travel light?

    Is this for some high paying commission? Maybe you need to hire some help to carry the equipment.
  4. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Thanks Alan. Good meet.
  5. Worst photoshop job ever!

    This is so ridiculously bad that it has to be fake news. I can't see how a professional would do this and not realise there was anything wrong with it.
  6. RM and RF for the same image

    I expect it is a sign of the times. It wasn't always like this.
  7. RM and RF for the same image

    I always thought that an image can be either RM or RF and if we labelled it as one at a library, we had to stick to the same RM/RF classification if we then sent it to any other library. But I just I came across a library that offers images with the option for the buyer to select whether to buy as RF or RM. I was surprised to see this. What does everyone think of that? Andy
  8. Between 1 and 100, but more typically in the 20 to 30 range.
  9. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Great. See you then.
  10. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Hi Allan, Just wanted to check that you got my email on 10th as I didn't receive an acknowledgement from you. I can make it for a couple of hours on Wednesday after all. Andy
  11. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    Many thanks!
  12. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    Thanks for the details you supplied.
  13. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    I know A, I noticed you are on there (me too, sales taken a drop in recent years). I don't know who the second one you hint at is. I just found BAPLA site and looking through their list of suppliers.
  14. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    How did you find these other non exclusive RM libraries that are a good fit for your Alamy images? When I search for libraries via google I just get swamped by info on the microstock sites.