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  1. Zooms working?

    I have found them rather erratic over last month, I mean more so than usual.
  2. First Sale Ever

    Too late. You've already given your Portavogie niche away to SS.
  3. Stock photography - how (not) to get rich quickly (video)

    If I'm not going to get rich quick then what's the point in watching it?

    The only similarity between contributing to alamy and a part time job is the many hours of hard work. With a part time job you are guaranteed to earn thousands in year 1. How much does the average newbie earn on alamy in year 1?

    I wish it was $25 net. My average net for the first 6 weeks of this year has sunk to $11.
  6. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    How come you are continually policing this forum?

    By deliberately ignoring the bad and only trumpeting the good this forum will be misleading photographers into investing time and money that may be better spent more constructively elsewhere. This forum is worthless to us if it is little more than an arm of alamy's public relations machine.
  8. Are there no exceptions? What about city skylines or public buildings?
  9. What to expect?

    A dollar a year gross would imply alamy's turnover was 125 million dollars a year when in fact it is only £20million. I would suggest that excluding newbies looking for help, most forum regulars are well above average.
  10. What to expect?

    What to expect? The short answer, not too much. If you are an average contributor then roughly 0.2 dollars net per year per image, or 200 dollars per year for 1000. If you are a top 1% contributor then several multiples of that. If you are a bottom 1% contributor then expect almost nothing.
  11. If you have passed the initial QC then why don't you tag your images?
  12. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Busan City skyline
  13. How to recover this situation?

    I don't know but you are making me hungry!
  14. January

    Ah I see what you mean. No I was born in North London.
  15. January

    No. Why do you ask?