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  1. Am I wasting my time?

  2. Am I wasting my time?

    Is there a facility where I can message Geoff directly ? thanks
  3. Am I wasting my time?

    aw such a pity. thanks Elaine
  4. Am I wasting my time?

    Thank you.
  5. Am I wasting my time?

    Hi Geoff, I came across this old thread from a link Wim posted earlier and began stalking your port!!.. as you said this "I've had a payment from Alamy every month since August 2016". I am still on a mad hunt for figuring out this algorithm and so, I picked at least 10 random photos of yours and am intrigued. They turn mostly on page 1 sometimes out of 100,000 photos. So I am happily confident that you have something figured out. I assume you have a 3 star ranking? Can I pick your brains for keyword, caption tips please? Thanks Elaine
  6. Net Revenue

  7. Net Revenue

    and where is the "Net Revenue" page?
  8. My opinions are just that ..my opinions, based on many hours of testing. I am not insisting anything. Im hardly one to talk with my 8 sales!!! Perhaps I am not an experienced contributor but that doesn't mean I shouldn't give me tuppence worth. I am a seller on teacherspayteachers.com and tes.com and also a software engineer having written these type of algorithms for many years so I certainly have some insight to offer. (whats written in the code, and whats written in the manual are often at odds!) And I have always been one to gracefully question what we have been told! ;-) ..so whilst I accept this as what most believe and are experiencing, From AIM instruction manual "The discoverability bar is not in any way 'reading' or 'scoring' the quality of your metadata, it simply increases with the volume of searchable information you enter". It is not what I am seeing in my effort to improve my discoverability. Whilst I agree quality is of course paramount, at least to photographers and people with a keen eye or looking for a particular concept or book cover, I would believe there are plenty of buyers who are not willing to scroll past page 3 in this fast moving society of 2017 and so, discoverability trumps quality in my opinion at least!
  9. Tone! The title of this topic is "How to improve discoverability of a photograph" Some members commenting here are people who have good sales which suggests good ranking and good visibility and good quality images etc. I on the other hand, am looking at this as someone who had 1,500 photos with no visibility and no sales! Virtually Zilch. Now granted perhaps all my photos are shit and this is the reason but I chose to think otherwise and hand on heart I have moved photos from being undiscoverable in a few hundred pages to the top few pages many times and continue to do so daily and I had 3 sales last month. So I am just adding my tuppence worth to help those starting off like me trying to get a leg up and also those who feel frustrated with lack of control. I could go to the trouble of posting my stats for the last year which now are quite dramatic but its time to put up the tree! Elaine
  10. woops,, hah love that movie! Yes i hear you re Alamys adjustments and it was possible directly after the adjustment perhaps but not now i dont think, they promptly move to a much improved position when I make keyword changes!
  11. hah love that movie! Yes i hear re Alamys adjustments but and its possible directly after the adjustment perhaps but not now, they actively move to a much improved position when I make changes!
  12. Obviously I can't answer definitively on this without knowing the exact algorithm and I would love to know who said discoverability is irrelevant and with what authority. I don't agree. yes I am finding that by moving images in a topic to green, it appears I get pushed up in the rankings as a whole for that topic. (I'm the one who had only sold 5 pictures in 2 years until recently when I made changes) I obviously went back and fixed lots of legacy photos (hence my feeling of regular activity on Alamy being a possible factor also, uploading often etc) but as an example, there are 89 pages for "ring of kerry", I was unable to find ANY of my photos at all previously (go fed turning pages!) but when I changed some to green (for this pseudonym), I just searched and see them starting on page 4 (usually green first, but an orange may be on the same page) I have done this with many pseudonyms! And I now expect to see my images in the first 5 pages. For pseudonyms such as 'children playing' which returns 259,948 images, i obviously don't bother going looking for my images :-) so only possible to test with more niche subjects. Elaine
  13. It's most likely not a random algorithm so its using some sort of combination of criterium, which Ive been playing around with just. Im not saying its fact just that, changing images to green has proved effective for me in improving views on niche pseudonyms.
  14. Gosh no, I would not add irrelevant keywords, I add combined words and certainly appropriate words that might be entered in a search.