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  1. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Blimey, two mentions on the one page - that's a first for me..! Thank you, Bryan and Clare. Much appreciated.
  2. Took the 'Political' black cab taxi tour in Belfast a couple of years ago - visiting the Falls Road and Shankill Road areas among others. Well worth it, not least for the craic - £30 for three people but we bunged him a few quid more. Was supposed to be an hour but we were out for nearly three. Worth it for stock - no. Some of my photos of the famous political murals were removed by Alamy in the 'Great Mural Cull'.
  3. Ikea LADDA batteries

    The Nikon SB800 Speedlight has a clip-on adaptor which takes an extra AA cell - rather grandly called a Quick Recycling Battery Pack .... No problem using rechargeables with this unit or the SB600.
  4. Ikea LADDA batteries

    Check this out.....
  5. Ikea LADDA batteries

    Interesting. 4 x Panasonic Eneloop 2450 - £15.95 on Amazon UK. 4 x Ikea Ladda 2450 - £5.50 Looks like I might be having a trip myself. Not today though - I don't do Ikea at weekends...
  6. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Trail magazine (UK) March edition Page 8 - CEXNYH - Septemberlegs (miss-spelt as Steptemberlegs) - Swallow Falls on Afon Llugwy River, Snowdonia National Park, Betws y Coed, Gwynedd, North Wales. Page 9 - EBFFDB - Cliff Green - Ben Nevis mountain from Corpach, near Fort William, Scotland page 9 - John Anderson - fell runner (?) with dog (can't find it). page 13 - F0R5G7 - Nature Picture Library - Common raven (Corvus corax) portrait, Extremadura, Spain pages 38-39 - GCYGR7 - James Grant (miss-spelt as Grany) - Snowdon Sunrise - Snowdonia National Park, North Wales page 40 - DJ153Y - Joanne Roberts - Ice climbers at Kinder Downfall in the Peak District (great shot..!) page 42 - Loch Ossian Youth Hostel, Scotland - credited to Ashley Cooper but I can't find it. page 43 - F83927 - Me.. - Ben More from Lochan nan Daoine on Beinn Bhuidhe, Isle of Mull, Scotland page 43 - GMC2XT - Kevin George - Little Chamonix Cafe, Keswick, Lake District page 63 - C1DNNR - Ashley Cooper pics - Braeriach from the summit of Ben Macdui, Cairngorm mountains page 92 - J59GD9 - WB Parry - The summit of Tal-y-Fan, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales page 99 - HG7028 - Robin Weaver - Upper Dove Valley from Axe Edge Moor, Peak District National Park, Derbyshire ISSN - 13619748
  7. Aurora chance tonight and tomorrow

    Ah....but Dr Skov is saying the solar storm will hit Earth near midday on Friday. So maybe not tonight or tomorrow but Friday night looks good. I'll keep a watch on er..AuroraWatch. Direct Hit! #NASA predict models show #solarstorm launched by the #Sun yesterday will hit Earth near midday February 15 GMT! Expect #hamradio issues, especially on Earth's night side. #Aurora possible to mid-latitudes where there are clear skies. #GPS may be glitchy near #aurora! Edit - just had a look at the NASA site and they are predicting it as 'minor' -
  8. Aurora chance tonight and tomorrow

    Strange - according to both AuroraWatch UK and Aurora-service (Europe) there is no significant activity at the moment so I don't know where your university is getting its information. You can sign up with either of these and get alerts sent to you. AuroraWatchUK has a smartphone app. (maybe the EU site as well but I haven't checked).
  9. Yeah but... no but.... the whole point of this thread is that auto blending / photomerge wouldn't work....
  10. February Challenge: Winter activities

    Hendrick Avercamp perhaps? The figures remind me of Lowry.
  11. Can you explain Wim's technique? I read it above but don't understand it. Align automatically or shift by hand. I did it by hand - created a new document approx. three times as wide as the originals. Pasted copies of all three images onto the new doc. as separate layers. Reduced opacity of the middle image (set as top layer) so that I could see the other images behind it. Moved the outer layers to get the best fit at around the middle of the overlaps. How do you align automatically? Is this a function in Photoshop? Yes. 'Edit.... Auto-Align Layers'. You need to have at least two layers selected in the Layers panel otherwise the command is greyed out. I didn't try this; as it didn't work in Auto-Photomerge I assumed it wouldn't work here either. Keep copies of all three layers. I didn't bother - but the original images are still available if needed. Auto Blend 3 layers. How do you auto blend? Is this a function in Photoshop? Yes. 'Edit....Auto-Blend Layers'. Again you need to have at least two layers selected in the Layers panel otherwise the command is greyed out. I restored the opacity of the centre image to 100% then applied the auto-blend. Now use the copies to correct blemishes in the blended image. (Not necessary in the thumbnails, but maybe at 100%.). How? Not sure - I didn't need to do this. Presumably clone / blend bits from the copies to hide blemishes. To finish I flattened the image then touched-up a bit of the sea around the join, using the clone brush at various opacity settings to blend in the waves as best I could. The wave pattern had changed between shots. Edit - just to add I'm using the latest version of PhotoshopCC. I can't remember if the auto commands are available in earlier versions.
  12. Yes, I tried that. Merging the centre and right was ok but couldn't get the left one to merge. Tried just left and centre, still no joy. The only thing that worked was blending them manually as suggested by wim. Edit - as wim said, it's actually quite easy - once you know how...
  13. Photography on NHS property

    Mind you, if like mine, your camera has dual card slots you could go through the motions of deleting them, knowing you still have them on the second card.....
  14. Photography on NHS property

    Important to note that (in the UK) no-one, including the police, can force you to delete any photographs without a court order - even if they had been taken on private property without permission. There are some exceptions of course - military etc.
  15. Ha..! I know the feeling. Vince PS - I love the chocolate Nikons......