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  1. Fine Art photography

    Or even a platinum print of a Globe Artichoke. They really do sell for big money. http://www.pete-davis-photography.com/platinum.html Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk/
  2. Fine Art photography

    You should read my blog; particularly posts for 14/11/2015 - 'The Curse of the camera Club' and 22/11/2017 - 'The Return of the Curse of the Camera Club'. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Help Ed Rooney

    Yes, a great gesture by Alamy. I sent a PayPal contribution yesterday. I sincerely hope he gets sorted. Fires are utterly devastating and life-changing events even without serious injury. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. Fine Art photography

    Yes, that's pretty much what the OP means I think. They ask if anyone has a background in this, actually it's my foreground, as 90% of my income comes from selling original prints of my work through galleries and direct. Very specialist market at the high end. I'm absolutely not talking about POD sites churning out inkjet prints of sunsets. I make archival, selenium toned silver/gelatin prints of my past and current B&W work and chromogenic, Fuji crystal archive prints from my colour work. I also make and sell platinum prints. I'm sure you understand that I can't discuss prices here but they are of a very, very different order from average stock and POD sites. I mean higher of course, much. You need to be with a reputable gallery with a reputation with collectors who are very knowledgeable and discerning. You also have to have both past and current work that has a national or international reputation. Try looking at the 'AIPAD', (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) website. These are galleries that all belong to the very reputable body that sets standards for the high end galleries. Hope that's a help. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk/
  5. How to travel light?

    I don't travel light, in fact I wrote a piece about this on my blog in 2014 . Makes life interesting sometimes! 'Travelling Heavy... entry for 21/02/2014 Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. Dead Animal

    Yes, great series. Clive borrowed my big Gitzo tripod to photograph the deer. You can see the bottom of the legs in some of the big prints made. The prints were made for the exhibition so the animals were all actual size.
  7. personal websites

    Ah, time flies. I was counting back incorrectly because i mis-dated the time that Documentary Photography moved to Caerleon which was all set up with Macs then. They were well up on that then. You are right, but it was certainly very early on so 1993 might be right. I know I did a basic html course as there wasn't anything else at the time. So it's 23/24 years anyway.
  8. personal websites

    I have had my own website for over 25 years. Way before you could buy 'of the peg' site templates. Bought my domain name, got some webspace, free at that time when you bought internet connection and an e mail account. There were no web design programmes so had to learn basic HTML and write it myself. Now I update and amend with Dreamweaver, taught myself the basics, but my (very) basic HTML skills are still useful from time to time if I want to tweak things. I don't sell from my site or POD sites as folks who want my work, (not stock), don't want an inkjet print but a proper chromogenic print or an archivally processed silver gelatin print if B&W. My site is just information and shows a range of my projects and publications and my prints sell through the galleries and dealers that handle my work. A website is useful to point people to and as a guide to your work. If I was starting now I would probably 'buy in' from one of the template providers or hire someone but I quite enjoy fiddling with my site from time to time. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk/
  9. Presentations galore

    Yep, so-called 'presentations' is the new 'personal use'. Clients have twigged that they can get a full size image to do what they want with for peanuts. I opted out of 'personal use' with many others because 90% are absolutely no such thing, no matter what anyone says. I don't have a problem, per se, with a genuine 'presentation' use, provided the client gets a presentation size file, just big enough for Powerpoint or similar, not a full-size file. Luckily for me I can do without $10 sales, especially when the right fee for what they are used for is probably 10x that. Pete Davis http://www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk
  10. Personal use sale

    Maybe I'm overly suspicious and cynical but I would guess that client realised they can get a full size image to do whatever they want with for peanuts and for ever if they click 'personal sale' when they licence it. Having paid for two at editorial rates they probably decided 'buy two, get one (very) cheap' was a good option. Pete Davis www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk
  11. Absolutely. Better fun than clay pigeon shooting.
  12. Antique camera makes a mint

    I have some Leica stuff that I bought s/h to use as my own personal kit many, many years ago when I was a young photographer that's now worth very silly money. Some of it I still use so its value to me is not in money but use.
  13. What was your original equipment?

    Very first camera (aged 11) was a Brownie 127. My Dad rigged up a simple darkroom at home with an enlarger made up of bits so I could develop and print. Started work at 15 (1962) and Ii acquired a Kodak Retina and an old battered Rolleiflex. Where I worked (Cardiff University) we used Leicas and quarter plate cameras for technical stuff. I became a fashion/advertising photographer in 1967, (after seeing 'Blow Up'), and acquired a whole load of stuff bit by bit that I used for 'commercial' work over the years. Nikons, Mamiyaflex TLR's, RB 67's, Hasselblads, 5"x4" & 10"x8" monorails etc. etc. Plus I added to my own Leica stuff over the years for my 'personal' work. Nowadays 90% of my work (not stock) is on a 10"x 8" field camera with 9% on one of my film Leicas. The other 1% which is stock on digi Leicas. Buying Leica stuff very early on was a fantastic investment, as even very early Summicrons etc. (even very old screw mount), work really well on the latest digi bodies. Big, no huge, investment when I was young and poor but over the years, in the long run, given the amount of service given, a bargain. They will see me out. Pete Davis www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk
  14. Might we just stop using reds and greens

    Yes, it's a shame. I suspect many of the people who flinched at his strong, honest but always knowledgeable, constructive criticisms, have never met a picture editor, gallery director, or a grant awarding committee. You sometimes need the protection of the skin of a rhino in armour!
  15. Contact with the user?

    I always put my contact details on here as I think it's courteous to identify yourself and as Arletta has said, some people may wish to contact each other for advice etc. I know that quite a few people here contact me with photographic matters not necessarily related to Alamy or stock and I'm happy to help when I can. Seems fair in the spirit of professional co-operation. I'm easy to find via Google anyway and I get many enquiries from all over the world from students and experienced photographers about stuff and I always try to respond and help if I can. Not sure if Alamy approves or not as they removed our signatures. I'm sure they will let me know if not. Pete Davis www.pete-davis-photography.com http://peteslandscape.blogspot.co.uk