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  1. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    Years ago I joked that the time will come where nobody will be allowed anything on board of a plane. That would include any clothes worn, as one my conceal dangerous items in them. On a positive effect, this would get rid of the airport security check - apart from an occasional bend over .... Nowadays I see that joke slowly become reality Btw: I really liked that flying bicycle that John has posted. This would open so many additional photo opportunities!
  2. Repeat Offer

    I would like to see someone trying to dress a bison in a giraffe costume - might be worth a few pictures On a more serious note, "bison and giraffe" does not really bring up while "dog and giraffe" does.
  3. Totally Wrong Information!

    Maybe alamy and the agency are somewhat related. Their webpage looks very similar to Alamy's.
  4. Greetings from the Midlands, UK.

    Hello Kathy, welcome to Alamy and the forum. I had a quick scan of your pictures and tagging and they look good to me. Brutal culling is the right thing to do, at least is what I did - and sometimes it really hurt when a picture I really liked did not meet the QC criteria.
  5. Totally Wrong Information!

    I believe the kangaroos were just diving at the moment he took the picture. He also missed out the keywords that this photo is actually a tsunami covering Brisbane and Canberra at the same time
  6. Totally Wrong Information!

    I am a bit lazy going through all my pictures and have adopted a process to review only pictures that came up in searches. (Nearly) Every morning I go through my pseudonym summary and review all pictures shown the previous day (weekend). There was a time when I could do that weekly, but this is not feasible anymore, hence now a daily task.
  7. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    At the time I looked into both and found darktable more intuitive than Raw Therapee. The difference is probably marginal, and I just had another look into Raw-Therapee. Quick scan reveled it seems to have some more options to control CA - I need to have a deeper look into that again. John, both Raw Therapee and Darktable are genuinely free software distributed using the GNU General Public License. They are not an offspring of professional software that sometimes is designed to generate appetite to buy the full Version. I believe both offer professional functionality comparable with other off the shelf products, albeit I have not looked personally into that personally. Most software bought off the shelf would anyway not be compatible with my Linux system to start with. If I were asked, both are worth a look and a comparison, prior to buying any other product.
  8. had it once with my 5dsr, when I removed the battery grip. I was too lazy to put the battery door back on (which gets attached to the grip, while the grip is in use. Removal of the grip was only for a short period of time, hence the lazyness. I flipped the battery in and tried to turn the camera back on but everything stayed black and dead. after quite a while of sweating and analysing if I had done anything wrong and damaged the camera, it dawned on me that the missing battery flap may be the reason. I plugged the flap in and back on came the camera, ... pfewww just had a look if there is a similar switch as for the CF flap on the 5dsr, but could not determine. Maybe you can exchange one with the other battery flap on your 7D's?
  9. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    I also use free software - for raw processing I personally prefer darktable - which is available for Mac and Linux.
  10. Hello All

    Welcome to the forum from Germany. I wish you success with your initial submission.
  11. bump, trying to get some attention for this thread
  12. I might come one day. Have family living near Aix-en-Provence. Nice is nice (pun intended) and on my list to visit.
  13. Thanks Allan, and yes, I noted that also. I used a filter set in Gimp creating a few layers, some sharpened some blurred and as a result the colour changed sligthly. When I tried to adjust for that, I got the box overexposed, in turn loosing a lot of detail of the box. Have to admit, I am still a noob when it comes to advanced picture editing. Just became confident enough a few month ago, to process my raw files to jpg's with the linux equivalent of lightroom (called darktable). Now I am trying to learn the next step with the Photoshop equivalent and am not yet confident enough with how different layers interact with each other.
  14. yours is 19.99 for personal use. Could not have efforded that