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  1. Dead Animal

    Robin Redbreast and the Big Bad Volvo. Great shot!
  2. It depends on the subjects and light conditions. Also use aperture priority in combination with auto iso - that is if the expected subjects are more or less still. When I expect lots of movement in the scenes I use shutter priority in conjunction with auto ISO.
  3. January Challenge: Music

    Here are my three: Fire artist playing violine with a burning bow Banjo player with skull in background Carnevalist playing trumpet in Cologne
  4. Interestingly he only started photography after he turned blind and found his passion in it.
  5. He only uses old fashioned film cameras with manual focus not digital. For focus, he made feelable marks on the lens to know the distance, that the it is set to. Sound is his prime method of orientation.
  6. Answer: No, the level of your eyesight does not relate in any way to the vision necessary for photography. If interested, have a look at Pete Eckert, who is a completely blind photographer.
  7. In the order of usage 50mm, 85mm, 35mm for most of my shots, all fixed focal length lenses. I usually mount the length I expect to use but take the other two in my rucksack. I rarely change lenses in the field and mostly stick to the focal length mounted unless really justified. For wildlife I almost exclusively use a 120-300zoom, occasionally mounting a 1.4x extender. A 24-70 f2.8 is on my shopping list for some time in the future.
  8. there are no fake news, these are alternative facts .... newspeakingly.
  9. I have a strong view on this; Neutrally said, I do not want to check every internet supplier if they do offer the services I require. This is much like I would not want to check every mobile phone supplier if they allow phone calls to all companies and all countries, without any exception. If telephone suppliers were allowed to be biased - (read as in opposite to neutral) - they may also have appetite to divert calls directed to the local photography supplier, right to their amazin' supplier that they have carved the best deal with to serve every clients photography equipment desires.
  10. In my view the worst thing of dropping net neutrality is the impact on general society. It can lead to taking away freedom of speech and affect everybody's 'free' access to information. Personally I cannot see a point at all, to ditching net neutrality. Already today, as a service provider, one pays for the traffic outgoing, which then is 'paid again' on the receiving end by the consumer. My worst nightmare scenarios would be having one provider, only providing access FOX news, Facebook and Twitter. Definitely not a world that I would like to life in. Fortunately I do not live in the USofA and hope that Europe does not take a similar route. In the long run, when ditched everywhere, I'd also bet an adverse impact on all smaller providers, like for instance Alamy or your personal webpages.
  11. Hello from Spain

    Hi from Germany and welcome to the forum. You will find lots of information in the threads already. you have some nice pictures. One thing I noted that your tagging is kind of lean. For animals / botanic / insects you may also want to include the latin name, ie "felis catus" for the cat pictures. Also you can be more descriptive in the caption of what the picture shows: ie "Just a cat" could also be "Cat with green eyes reclined and resting outside on wooden terrace." or so BTW when I saw this cat I initially thought that it was my own cat and wondered when she found the time travelling to Spain . On direct comparison now, she has more brown than yours:
  12. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    yep, see the point, specially ultra wide angle lenses turning mountains into molehills and also softer than a quality 50 prime. Ultra wide though give a unique perspective, mainly exaggerating depth, that using a 50 or longer one would not get. Will definitely try to do a panorama some point in time, thanks for your tutorial!
  13. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Also was told to move the plane of the sensor behind the axis of rotation - which is a function of the distance of the subject from the axis, its actual size and the sensor size. That has so far kept me away from doing panoramas - I rather get out my wi(l)de(st) angle lens ;).
  14. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    agree its a nice shot, reprocessing may become tricky as the overhanging red thingies (how are these called in English?) may get cropped. They are already a bit close to the edges. looking at the tutorial out of interest to see the original shots and steps. (just to do some smartarsing now ) : Two additional shots one further to the left and one further to the right on the very bottom of the stitch could have helped - and maybe also additional sky as you mentioned. First to keep these red thingies in the final crop after levelling but also the solitaire car and the empty space in front of the stadium, which for my taste does add interest. I have not done any stitches yet, and made a note to self to take additional shots.
  15. Bugger, now I am jealous!