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  1. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    22/02/2018 Daily Mail (print) Chinese Pangolin in danger of extinction now championed by MP Boris Johnson. H86CTF Suzi Eszterhas 23/02/2018 Daily Mail (print) An Austrian church painting featuring Jesus Christ. HGT81C Jozef Sedmark Hungary's Miklos Horthy and Adolf Hitler pictured together in 1938. KX0PPK UtCon Collection Two policemen on patrol in a busy high street. BGE1AN Justin Kase
  2. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    My pleasure John and I'm sure if TPB had seen your pic he would have been equally effusive. 20/02/2018 Daily Mail (print) Hens eggs in a wire basket in the shape of a chicken - to go with an article about how a tiny wire cage could help with an enlarged prostate. D20P8J Icon Digital Featurepix EDF Energy juice point for charging an electric car. Think it's a cut out of this one, with a couple of starbursts added. B592BB Paul Francis A stack of books - can't find it but in my defence there are 42, 449 images so keyworded.
  3. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    18/02/2018 Mail On Sunday (print) Chef Michel Roux Jr pictured prior to running the London Marathon 2014; his specialist has advised he stops running permanently due to severe joint pain. DYBE6X Nick Savage The Fordwich Arms Canterbury for a restaurant review by Tom Parker-Bowles (he gave it 4 out of 5 stars). D6CHYX Bax Walker
  4. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    12/02/2018 Daily Mail (print) Pope John Paul II in the Popemobile at Crystal Palace 1982. BDP24B Tim Graham Doctor holding an ink drawing of a human head with the brain marked - an amended version of CWEH6B MBI
  5. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    05/02/2018 Daily Mail (print) House of Fraser Department Store entrance. DMK949 Justin Kase Recycling box filled with clear plastic containers. JBB3AW Elena Elisseeva Guinea Pig on a white background. CF6BEP Vasily Kovalev
  6. 25/01/2018 Waitrose Weekend (print) Street art in La Paz, Mexico. HGC7J1 Sergi Reboredo Hotel California, Todos Santos, Mexico. E2AWOF Hemis
  7. 27/01/2018 Daily Mail (print) Doctor in blue scrubs holding a union jack purse. F6WT75 John Gomez Weekend Supplement Himeji Castle Japan during Spring cherry blossom season. HYY3NJ Sean Pavone Otter, lutra lutra, on a river bank in Devon. ANC2E4 David Tipling Photo Library A fox watching through the undergrowth, UK. DJ2GM1 Colin Varndell
  8. specific back pain starting 1 hr after standing-roaming

    Jeff, My treatment was massage followed by ultrasound - administered by a physiotherapist who specialises in sports injuries. Try googling "trigger point therapy " and you'll get plenty of info. Totally agree with Brian though, let the physio diagnose what the problem is. Hope this helps. Dave
  9. specific back pain starting 1 hr after standing-roaming

    I've had something similar which the physio diagnosed as a trigger point problem - a sort of knot in the muscle tissue. Had some treatment which eased it considerably.
  10. 18/01/2018 Daily Mail (print) A view over Thirlmere Reservoir - for an article by Melvyn Bragg on the vandalism of the Lake District. H34R6H Stewart Smith Discarded coffee cups overflowing from a waste bin. D2KPNY B. Christopher
  11. You're welcome Jansos. 14/01/2018 Mail On Sunday (print) Students outside the Senate House Cambridge waiting to enter for their graduation ceremony. CRR6PD Julian Eales 15/01/2018 Daily Mail (print) An electric fan blowing - for an article about the menopause. EH7TDW Science Photo Library
  12. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Allan, Yep, definitely on Alamy - I tend to regularly post on the "have you found any Alamy images" thread. Dave H
  13. 13/01/2018 Daily Mail Weekend Magazine (print) View of the Taj Mahal, used as a composite with a picture of TV presenter Monty Don. GWSYMM Boris Stroujko Fountain in the Generalife Garden, part of the Alhambra complex, Granada. G1G868 Benny Marty Stainless steel colander filled with fresh kale, cut out. FAR2TF Danny Smythe
  14. 13/01/2018 Daily Telegraph (print) The Windmill International, the famous gentlemens' club in Soho - for an obituary of Oscar Owide one time owner of the club. KD20AY Benjamin John Fire at Nottingham railway station yesterday, believed to have been caused by arson. KY2CBE West Bridgford Wire/Live News
  15. 11/01/2018 Daily Mail (print) Close up of a splayed banana skin - you can make tea from it to beat the winter blues (apparently). CBWNWN Lee Avison Shoppers walking past a sale sign in a shop window. D1MK91 scotroots/Kenny Williamson