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  1. Repeat use cheaper than one off use?

    First license says print, second only digital ... that may account for the difference?
  2. hahaha - brilliant! thanks for tracking this down - I had some removed last week but I think this one was taken down some time ago. They’ve used it before so must have had it on file
  3. https://issuu.com/ this is a useful site to search in magazines - if they've credited you by name it might show if you search for your name, or I suppose you could get lucky if you search for the subject in the photo?
  4. Thanks Lynne - glad they were there this morning!
  5. yay! thanks guys for the spots - especially happy with the uses given how many weather pics are flying around today
  6. Fishy Photos - Identification please

    I agree that the flat ones might be skate Bryan, but I'm no expert
  7. They're amazing things aren't they, I spent a while looking at them being manufactured in the BiFab yard on the fife coast just a couple of weeks ago - and took some pics of course!
  8. Sally - https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/leith/what-is-the-big-steel-structure-that-has-appeared-in-leith-1-4589328 Unfortunately BiFab are struggling at the moment
  9. Many thanks Bryan
  10. thank you thank you thank you! Have just put an extra 8GB into my mid 2011 imac (only had the original 4GB in) - it's made an amazing difference!
  11. Very helpful thread - I'm also using a mid 2011 imac that's running slow. I've used the Crucial scan and have just ordered more RAM Feeling hopeful! Many thanks
  12. Holiday

    Happy Christmas to you and everyone else on here Betty - I've learnt such a lot from you all over the last couple of years
  13. Congratulations on your first sale! I found it here (pg 127) by searching your name in issuu - luckily they'd given full credit - it's a very useful site for checking magazines https://issuu.com/morrismedianetwork/docs/guestbook_chicago_2017_2018
  14. Will it be worth it?

    Hi! I was also at the Santa Dash at the weekend! - what a fantastic sight - 8,000+ santas! I also moved over from micro sites. Initially I duplicated images here and on micro, and grimaced every time I saw an image zoomed here, and then bought for 33c on micro. Very occasionally I have sold an image on here that is also available more cheaply on micro sites - but very rarely. I shoot mainly editorial, and have just a couple of images on micro that have sold hundreds of times. My view is that if you think an image may sell many many times, then micro may not be so bad, because it does add up, but equally if that same image is only on Alamy it could have sold just a few times for more in total (and it feels more rewarding), but if you're shooting editorial images that may sell once or twice if you're lucky, they need to be on a macro site not micro. This is purely my opinion and may or may not be right, but I've stopped uploading to micros and am concentrating here. Good luck! Kay edit: as an 'experiment' I removed my most popular images from the micro site last week, just to see if they now sell here for the first time