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  1. In the green

    My impression is that the Alamy search engine takes account of words like "in" or "on" while ignoring others like "a" or "the".
  2. Image identification

    Impressed with the knowledge available here and the willingness to assist. Can't help with plants, animals and cars, but if anyone needs help identifying an aircraft I'd be happy to give it a shot
  3. Bad Weather Pics

    Shot from inside my car ... ... while waiting for this one (and some others) to arrive ... (I don't normally go out shooting aircraft in bad weather, but this was in early 2011 when fighting had broken out in Libya, and planes were coming to Malta from all over the world to take expats who had made their way out of Libya home.)
  4. authenticity = ???

    It can't because they won't be model-released.
  5. Favourite images uploaded in October 2017

    Some great shots here but I particularly like the last two (Michael Ventura and Richard Laidler).
  6. October Challenge :: Failure

  7. Stock vs Live News

    Seems like a lot of work though. There are airlines which would give you an easier job - Lufthansa comes to mind. Just remove the titles and tail logo. Then there are all white chartered aircraft which are easier still (just remove the registration) but these are not so common.
  8. Stock vs Live News

    I looked up the photos and all they show are a stretch of empty road. They make sense when you realise that all motorised transport stops on Yom Kippur. But I only learned this from somebody else's photo. You don't explain any of it. As others have said, your captions need to be much more informative. Plus Alamy deals with lots of news submissions and they can't be expected to handhold photographers who skimp on the basics.
  9. Stock vs Live News

    This strikes me as very topical now but it will grow increasingly less so as time passes. Still, this doesn't mean you should remove it. It will gain some historical significance and you never know what a buyer might need.
  10. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Thanks for spotting this Bryan.
  11. Your favorite blurry image

    My take on the blurry train theme: Wish I could have gotten more blur on this one, but I was shooting handheld: I had only a moment to shoot this and the autofocus locked on the birds not the plane, but with hindsight I'm glad it did:
  12. Photographing children

    Great shot indeed. Thanks again for the replies. I'm checking to see what the rules (if any) are locally.
  13. Flying under that bridge looks like a pretty hairy stunt ... can't imagine that the pilot did it more than once!
  14. Photographing children

    Thanks for the replies. Sets my mind at rest. Incidentally, the photo I posted isn't mine. It's by Yurii Zushchyk. I wanted to illustrate the aircraft type but I don't have any of my own shots of it online yet. Yes it would be interesting sitting in that nose when the plane is airborne ... but I agree, not if it's in a dive!