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  1. What to expect?

    More or less :-) denden
  2. Short term memory loss

    I just turned 92 and I can't remember how old I used to be. I keep forgetting I have dementia :-) denden
  3. Isn't there some kind of statue out in the harbor...might make a good shot...or at least an interesting boat ride. denden
  4. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Haven't seen the bumper sticker, "Let the bastards freeze in the dark," in a long time. :-) denden
  5. Pricing an image

    A Ask them what their budget is for the particular use. denden
  6. Another milestone: Sale #6,002 today...

    How many sales for your entire staff of photographers? denden
  7. Significant changes in DACS system

    Thanks Kevin, the total amount, $411.99 marked clear so Alamy will probably add half to my next payment. Works for me . denden
  8. Significant changes in DACS system

    Douglas...I finally discovered my Other Income is indeed a DACS payment. I did not receive any money; will it come from Alamy or the DACS office? I live in Florida and have never applied to DACS. I guess Alamy did it for me for which I am grateful. denden
  9. Other Income

    I received an Other Income notice from Alamy but no mention of DACS. I live in Florida USA and have never been involved with DACS. So what is this Other Income notice about? Thanks. denden
  10. Search engine changes (was: Re-rank)

    Thanks, Bill...taking pictures is the second most fun I've ever had. denden
  11. Search engine changes (was: Re-rank)

    Thanks, Bill...taking pictures is almost as much fun as high school was :-) denden
  12. Search engine changes (was: Re-rank)

    BHZ? No way...when I need an answer to rank I consult the Tooth Fairy. denden
  13. Can you identify a thing?

    An enema device for very tall people. denden
  14. Falling PPI

    "Does anybody shoot for fun anymore?" :-) denden PS David Douglas Duncan asked this question fifty some years ago at an ASMP conference in Miami after listening to many financial questions from the audience.
  15. Is this image digitally altered?

    I asked a woman photographer about her experience with digital altering..."Not since high school." denden