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  1. New Year, New Lens

    Excellent. My feeling was that I don't absolutely need a long telephoto for my kind of photography, but given the cheap price and that the quality would be easily good enough for Alamy and other uses, it would be worth it to open up more opportunities and give me an excuse to get out and be productive and creative. I'm also sticking with a 6D - mirrorless cameras don't seem so much smaller that I would gain much, and they feel more like electronics than optics in use. I like the ease of use of the 6D and the satisfying clunk of the mirror.
  2. Kodak - remember them?

    Looks pretty desperate. Why would you want to be paid in Kodak cryptocurrency?!
  3. New Year, New Lens

    Canon EF 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS II - apparently very good (certainly looks that way in my brief tests at the weekend) - and currently at its lowest price ever in a certain high street camera shop, lower even than a certain online camera shop's used offerings, and with an additional substantial cashback offer from Canon until mid-January. Anyone else indulging in the sales?
  4. Thanks for spotting it! Nice start to the new year ... at least, it would have been, but no sale (or zoom), and the image seems to have been reproduced over lots of news aggregator sites without credit (or fee) ... How long do these take to appear on Alamy, do you know?
  5. Oversaturation on new screen

    I would check your monitor menu settings and graphics card settings (before calibrating). My laptop has an excellent IPS screen, but it took me ages to realise why the reds were all blown out - the graphics software was on a default "vivid" setting, buried down in advanced settings somewhere. Monitors also seem to have extra saturation on some settings. Some of the reds, oranges and blues on your photos are more punchy than natural, but not excessively so.
  6. When do you need a property release for buildings?

    You never need a release if you set it as RM rather than RF. Then it's up to the buyer to decide whether they need to get their own release or not.
  7. Site Security

    Response from Alamy - payment details and passwords are encrypted, but the rest of the site does not use https - false alarm then, I hope.
  8. Site Security

    Be careful, I've just noticed that the Alamy website is being reported by two different browsers as insecure and not properly encrypted, leaving it open to hackers. I've sent an email to Alamy to ask about this.
  9. Your favorite blurry image

    Tilt-shift lens experiment.
  10. A shockingly low sum of money for website use at any size.
  11. Canon G1x 11 v Sony RX100 11

    I was thinking of this to replace my deteriorating RX100 I but the image quality didn't look quite good enough for Alamy (blurred corners very evident, grainy in low light). Don't you find that? My original RX100 was also very hit and miss and I only submitted a few photos from it. Got a RX100 III instead, which is very noticeably a lot better and hopefully will give me lots more usable shots. The main difference is lens quality, and a brighter lens meaning you don't have to raise ISO so much.
  12. Portfolio review please

    The biggest change you can make immediately in image quality is to shoot in RAW format and convert using software. Lightroom is available with a one-off purchase. There are others including free ones.
  13. Portfolio review please

    I don't have any expertise on what sells, but my purely personal opinion on your photos: 1. Some look a bit over-exposed - watch out for blown out highlights; better to underexpose and lift the shadows later. 2. In some cases subjects are slightly cut off at the edge of the frame - line up frame edges with pleasing and natural cut off points - picture buyers can crop later if they need to. 3. Quite a few subjects are extensively covered already (e.g. Big Ben, farm animals, common bird species) - think about how to make your shots different, e.g. by exceptional technical quality, unusual animal behaviour, distinctive light quality or post-processing, etc. 4. Put more accurate description in the captions, e.g. what colour or variety the flower is, what the sign says, the fact that the blue tit is on a hand, etc. But generally I think your photos look great and you have a nice personal style.
  14. Portfolio Review

    Quite a lot are underexposed (and there is inconsistent exposure). Calibrate your monitor?