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  1. Should I purchase used equipment ?

    I have recently bought quite a lot of equipment, all of it second hand. I got one lens from MPB, everything else from Camera Jungle - linked to Jessops and based in their London Oxford Street store. All in excellent/as new condition and delivered quickly and well packed.
  2. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Competition time!
  3. I never used auto ISO until I started doing tennis photography on a partially cloudy day and found I was changing the setting every time the sun went in and out. I now use it almost all the time.
  4. 1 copy here, one at the parents' house (who I visit every weekend - though I don't always remember to do the backing up) That goes for RAW files and TIFFs too. I did originally have two copies of everything here, but decided there wasn't really any point.
  5. My cameras allow two lots of settings to be pre-programmed and easily selected at the click of a switch. I tend to have one (default when I'm walking around) with a fast shutter speed and variable ISO - for grabbing shots quickly, and the other set with a smaller aperture and slower shutter speed for more considered shots with more time to think and less camera shake. It also depends on the lens fitted. Long telephoto - fast speed. Wide-angle - aperture priority, shut down a couple of stops.
  6. Exactly - I was using a short shutter speed and low ISO but it still came out looking like it was shot at 16000. I've tried more than once and I'm always disappointed by the results.
  7. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    It is also possible to spend most of your days on a trawler, but occasionally devote an evening or two to tending your bonsai collection.
  8. Slow month? 2018

    Very quiet first week, and numbers still down but a couple of healthy sales have pushed the income up to OKish.
  9. I found exactly the same thing when photographing the moon recently - taken at 100 ISO but looked more like 16000. Edit: OK, reading back I realise I had a different problem - but still, couldn't understand why the quality seemed so poor with 'normal' exposures, just because it was the moon at night.
  10. Landscape vs portrait

    Looking at my sales for the last three months, a clear majority are landscape. I am pretty sure, however, that a clear majority of my images are taken in landscape format, so that's probably to be expected. I tend to take portraits in 'landscape' format anyway.
  11. I always (almost) do them in tens. Do ten, upload, have a coffee, do another ten,....... Some days I drink a lot of coffee. I don't think the chances of being rejected should be taken into account when deciding how many to upload. If you think they might get rejected, process more carefully to make sure they don't. If you process 10 / 30 / 100 photos a day, you need to upload 10 / 30 / 100 photos a day or you'll simply get a huge backlog. I think it's important to keep the uploads going. The QC clock starts ticking with your first upload. If you take two days to process 100 images and THEN upload them all, you have to wait at least a day for them to pass. If you upload the first ten, and continue in small batches, they should go through QC before you've even finished processing the rest.
  12. New Year, New Lens

    After deciding I really couldn't justify the Nikon 200-500, I got a secondhand Tamron 150-600, which I'm not sure I can justify either. We'll see. Very happy with it and got some nice kingfisher shots at the weekend, to go with Alamy's 21,000 other kingfisher shots.
  13. demonstrate strong editing skills

    Very hard to say. You do a very different photography from me and presumably it sells. Some of yours are less 'visually striking' than others, but you must have experience of selling them or you wouldn't keep taking them. If I had to delete half my images at Alamy, when I look through the sales I've had over the years, I know for a fact that many of them are from pics I would have chosen to delete. Photography is one skill, editing is another (then there's captioning, keywording,....) I'm sure that was not help at all - sorry.
  14. Many years ago I, like others here I suspect, contributed to a now defunct agency who were hopeless BUT when keywording uploaded images you had to chose the meaning of each from a list of synonyms, so the translation software knew how to translate them. It meant a lot of work, but at least the translations were accurate. Though they did, as I mentioned, go bust so........
  15. I've never been a fan of translating software, especially for individual words (eg keywords / tags) for the simple reason that it doesn't work. Now Alamy has a German website, software is used for this purpose and I have started noticing some effects it's been having on captions. Jacob Reese Mogg has become Jakob, for example, Theresa May is now Theresa kann. Former shadow education secretary has become Ed Kugeln (think about it) and 'Theresa May attends the Conservative Conference' becomes 'Theresa besucht Mai der konservativen Konferenz' ('Theresa visits May (the month) the conservative conference'.) If you do a search for 'Milan' (not the Italian city, but German for Kite, the bird) you get dozens of images of kids playing with kites (the toy) A search for 'Trinkgeld' (the tip you give to a waiter) brings up images of white tipped sharks, felt-tipped pens, orange tip butterflies and the sharp points of pencils. The grammar of some of the captions is nonsensical. Any German members out there who have spent more time examining it?