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  1. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during September

    Jansos and York Photographer, Thanks for finding this.

    7 sold for a total of 383 with one just a bit over 100 and one a little tiny one which was a distributor sale.
  3. Uploading photos get split into multiple Alami ID's

    Yes of course its normal server assignment, just interesting that it has changed from keeping alive an upload process to allowing it to split into multiples which it didn't used to do. Would think it adds a bit of administrative burden on Alamy.
  4. More of a minor annoyance than real problem but if I upload say 20 photos then end up with a split between a number of Alami IDs. This is both with FTP and Alamy upload. Before all the changes this was never happening. I don't know if its my relatively slow upload speed from the ISP as I see a lot of Alamy server timeouts in the logs, if its some setting I have wrong, or if it is now just the norm. What are others seeing?
  5. How was your July?

    11 sales for 578. About recent average, nothing very high value.
  6. I photograph a reasonable number of people, often starting with then not noticing then maybe show them a photo and can generally get a few more more posed and looking at camera. Don't find it hard to get the unobserved shots even with a large DSLR and lens reasonably close by just being quick. Sometimes practice with idea that see something, have camera up photo taken and back down in less than 2 seconds.
  7. People who dislike photographers

    My camera isn't small, but generally seem to seldom get noticed. If I am and taking a photo of some individual I usually go up to them to show them the shot. Often end up with them wanting a few more taken, sometimes asking if I can send a copy but often they seem just happy to be photographed. I was just in Italy and had a lot of people not only happy but wanting to be in photos. Have had the same in the US and Portugal, less so in the UK. In Italy saw another photographer taking photos of a seagull and took some of him. Ended up with his card and could I send a copy.
  8. I still have mine showing the date of modification not the date image was taken. Means every date has to be individually manually changed, really tedious or just leave with maybe very misleading date.
  9. Verify to enter dashboard?

    Had it on desktop first time this evening, rather ambiguous images for the question being asked. Not fun.
  10. USA tags?

    If I put in just US or just UK or any other 2 characters, nothing else, I get a message must be 3 minimum. Accepts if have more and it uses the 2 letters in a search. Looks like worth having some of these variations as well, maybe I should go back and add more
  11. USA tags?

    I had thought that 2 letter searches didn't work or is it just when they are the only letters in the search but OK in more compound searches? Answering my own question, just checked and simply need 3 characters or more in the search. Accepts full stops so US on its own not accepted U.S. is. Now need to go back and look at my UK and GB entries.
  12. Personal Use? - yeah right...

    I've had two photos of a reverse osmoses system and sold as personal use. OK could see it as part of a theses or even school project so yes, maybe.
  13. Contributor image ID disappearing in IM search results?

    I thought could still copy keywords across if you can find the image, have to click on its preview to get to a new page where the option to edit is. From that edit page can copy keywords (er tags).
  14. Slow image upload?

    Ah, so now we know who to blame for our uploads stalling
  15. Contributor image ID disappearing in IM search results?

    I think Alamy said the new system won't do a search of our file number but they are trying to fix it.