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  1. super tags & tagging

    And that's because "England" and "English" are in the keywords (as are "Derbyshire" and "Buxton")?????
  2. Alamy Affiliate sale

    The 38.5% figure is due to the 3% that goes to Rakuten, which is taken from the Alamy/photographer's slice of the pie. Alamy and the photographer get 38.5% each.
  3. This is my approach, too. I look on the keywording as research, which adds to the enjoyment of taking the photos; time spent reading around the subject is never wasted, in my opinion. Looking at the appalling keyword lists that accompany some photos, especially those from certain agencies, I can see why people who keyword sparingly but accurately probably get better returns. Chris
  4. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    Yes, I agree. I'm a big fan of LR and having been using it since version 1 - I just thought Bridge might bring something new to my workflow. Putting together a nested series of keywords in LR when you already have thousands of individual keywords listed is not a viable option; dragging, say "wolf" up the list to "animals" takes forever - and then you have to do it all again with "zebra"! Life's too short. Chris
  5. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    I'm not seeing this, perhaps my preferences are not set up for it. But in any case, it seems to be more hassle than it's worth - I think I'll stick to keywording in Lightroom, where keywords can be nested, as in Bridge, although I have to admit it could be a lot more intuitive than it is! Thanks for your help, though - I may come back to this at a later date when I have more time. Chris
  6. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    My files are either DNG or CR2. There is an option in LR catalogue settings to "automatically write changes into XMP" but I can't see a similar setting for Bridge - i.e. I can't set it up the other way round. Not being very technically-minded, all I can say is that when I keyword in Bridge the keywords don't appear in LR. If I keyword in LR, however, the results do show up in Bridge. Chris
  7. Keywording in Lightroom - anyone else frustrated?

    I find that if I keyword in Photoshop (i.e. Bridge) which several people here seem to favour, the keywords do not then appear in Lightroom, restricting the ability to search for specific types of images. Or am I missing something? Chris
  8. Mushroom/Toadstool identification please

    Location is always helpful. But if you just want to know if it's poisonous, you're posting on the wrong forum!
  9. Yes, I noticed this, too. Some very whacky results - virtually no zooms expect for one or two items.
  10. How to improve image ranking

    Is "tractors" - plural - one of your keywords? If this was the search term, and all your keywords are singular "tractor", as you seem to be implying, there's your answer.
  11. Do you use a lens with Image Stabilisation? And if so, do you switch it off when you mount it on a tripod? I have found recently that certain lenses (100mm macro is one example) will produce unsharp images at certain shutter speeds if the IS is left on when they are used on a tripod. It had me baffled for a while.
  12. All my images have been deleted

    Good luck with this. I seem to remember that you have some nice stuff.
  13. Some clarity on PU prices please

    OK, it gets curiouser. The sale with the lower price has refunded! A pointless exercise, as far as I can see, for the sake of $1.28! Chris
  14. Some clarity on PU prices please

    Thanks all - it goes some way to explaining the discrepancy. Kay - you could be right. In fact I think the whole stock industry is using a discount code . Philippe, it seems that living in the Euro-zone entitles you to lower prices than in the UK (€9.99 against £11.99). Strange. Chris
  15. I'm completely confused by the fees obtained through Personal Use. Today I had a sale for $11.19. It was for the same image that sold last month for $9.81 (C3X54M), a bit of a coincidence in itself. I don't have a problem with low fees for this type of use as long as they're honestly applied but I fail to see how the prices were arrived at. In the UK the fee is £11.99. I don't know what it is in the US but it clearly wouldn't be either $9.81 or $11.19. Perhaps it's a sale from another country - it would help greatly if this information was applied to the sale rather than the generic "Worldwide". Or perhaps I'm missing something? I'm hoping someone can educate me. Chris