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  1. QC some questions

    At Alamy, I get the impression it's all done manually. No. Alamy randomly pick images to QC.. they don't look at every image. But if one image in the batch fails, they all fail. This is common practice in other industries. If they checked every image, QC would take much longer and be much more expensive which would ultimately effect what we as contributors get paid.. so it's a balance.
  2. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    I get drawn to markets.. can't help taking photographs at them, especially fruit and veg stalls with colourful produce! A customer makes a purchase at a fruit and veg stall in Surrey Street Market in Croydon, South London. Looking down at Surrey Street market in Croydon from a bridge on a cold, wet day about half an hour before the light failed: Strawberries for sale on a market stall: Guylian chocolates:
  3. London Fashion Week

    Absolutely, 100% agree with this! And I think for many of us, it can be applied to stock photography generally!
  4. Should I purchase used equipment ?

    Absolutely! I've also bought from (MPB in the UK) a few time and have been very happy with them. I also bought my Nikon D7000 from a dealer on Ebay... but I checked his selling history and reviews carefully.. and he did only sell photography equipment (this guy When buying a secondhand body, what I would be asking for is the shutter count.... the likes of MPB specify it by default.
  5. How to travel light?

    You could use something like Shuttersnitch to update IPTC info (including location) and it has the added bonus that you could then use it to send images to live news. Doesn't a laptop require electricity and Internet connection in the same way as a tablet would?
  6. Free app for iptc data

    And it's only available for Android.
  7. Sale but no zoom?

    Also not every zoom is counted by Alamy.. only those by certain recognised clients... and only then if they bother to log in. Try it yourself... find one of your own images and then zoom it... does it show as a zoom the next day? I bet it doesn't!
  8. How to travel light?

    Last summer I went on a business trip to Valencia, Spain flying EasyJet with only carry-on luggage. I really wanted to take my camera (Nikon D7000) but couldn't fit in into my carry-on. And I missed so many good photo opportunities as a result. For Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a Sony RX100M3... so if I have any more trips like the one to Valencia, I can at least simply fit the RX100 in a pocket. While maybe not good for wildlife photography as Gen mentions, for my needs it solves the problem!
  9. Alamy Regions

    I might be being a bit cynical but why would Alamy want to make it easy for you to collect your DACS payment when what they really want to do is collect it for you and take a share?
  10. Worst photoshop job ever!

    What do you think? Would these images get past QC? Anyway, this amused me so though I'd share...
  11. Worst photoshop job ever!

    Yes.. have to admit, I assumed it's a spoof. I can't imagine a photographer would charge money for a shoot like this until they were confident in their skills (well,, i wouldn't anyway). But as 'click bait', I guess it worked and made me smile for 5 minutes,
  12. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    EDIT: Just noticed that this is quite an old article form September 2017... oh well.. leave it here in case it's of interest... B0HCP2 - imageBROKER - Inflight entertainment program, in-flight program selection BT2E13 - Brian Jackson - Champagne on ice F1335C - Matej Kastelic - Lady traveling napping on a plain
  13. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018? H2A6WA - Ilya Starikov - January 6, 2016: McDonald's food isolated includes Big Mac, French Fries and Coca Cola drink. McDonald's Corpor
  14. Dead Animal

    Are you sure he wasn't just resting?
  15. Winter

    She's Eileen's sister.
  16. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    'The Sun' does love, rightly or wrongly, predicting snow: KYD75C - DGDImages - Flintshire, Wales, UK 14th January 2018, UK Weather: A cold frosty but clear start to the day in the village of Lixwm, Flintshire but snow is on the way in the coming days. (Alamy Live News) KYD5NN - EnVogue_Photo - Afternoon Sunshine, Southport, Merseyside. UK Weather. Dog walkers take their beloved pets for a good run in the afternoon sunshine along the golden sands of Southport beach (Alamy Live News)
  17. Am I wasting my time?

    I think Geoff is taking a bit of a break form the forums... you might be in for a bit of a wait I'm afraid.
  18. Winter

    There might be more of a market for pictures taken outside of winter but I think winter shots will still sell. For example, a company printing a calendar would want winter shots like the one above for December or January in the calendar.
  19. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    I think an analogy made by Philippe (no longer on the forums at the moment unfortunately.. so I'll borrow his analogy) is that there are two approaches: 1. The bonsai approach 2. The fishing trawler approach The bonsai approach suggests that you go for a small(ish), tightly maintained portfolio in which every photograph is perfect. The idea is that you mantain a good ranking and sell a high percentage of your images. The fishing trawler approach suggests that the more images that you have, the more likely you are 'catch a bite' and make a sale. Sometimes, particularly for editorial purposes, having a perfect image might not be as important as just having an image that matches a buyers search. Both strategies work for different people.
  20. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    I wonder if it might depend where you are in the world. Although I live and work in The UK, my company's internet gateway is in Amsterdam. This means that when I am logged into the corporate VPN/network, the internet thinks I am in Amsterdam. And Google Image Search hasn't worked for me all day... until I logged off the corporate VPN and started using my home internet connection without a VPN. So at this point, the internet thinks I am in The UK (which I am) and Google Image Search miraculously started working!
  21. 10 day account freeze

    I would send a polite reply thanking them for the information so far but asking them to explain how you dropped from three stars to one star (and maybe even ask for an explanation of how the star system is meant to work?)
  22. 10 day account freeze

    I thought the idea was meant to be that a QC failure meant you lost a star until you got down to 1 star.. but no ban. Once down to 1 star, a QC failure would then result in a 10 day ban. I don't think I ever saw an explanation to the criteria for (re)gaining stars. This is what I seem to recollect the idea behind the stars was meant to be.. but I can't provide any link to anything to backup my memory.
  23. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    Still broken for me (11:55 GMT)
  24. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    Broken for me too still.
  25. January Challenge: Music

    Good theme! A busker on Brick Lane in East London: A Tago drumming group perform at the Korean Festive in London Olympia (1): A Tago drumming group perform at the Korean Festive in London Olympia (2):