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  1. Commercial or editorial?

    No.. at least not in my case.. If i licensed RF, the 'Editorial Only' box would be ticked by me taking the decision out of the buyer's hands. As RM on Alamy was always synonymous with "Editorial", I am happy not to click it for an RM license.
  2. Commercial or editorial?

    When I have this quandry, I typically mark the images as containing property but with no release available and then choose an RM license. The RM license allows the buyer to make a decision for themselves as to how to use the image but you have specified that the image does contain property to cover yourself to some extent.
  3. RM vs RF usage...again!

    Yeah.. in Google Chome, if I right-click on the above image and select 'Search Google for Image', I do find the image on the well known micro site within seconds. Some buyers (maybe the one who bought your image) will be clever enough to do this.. others won't. It also depends on how they want to use the image and how many 'print runs' they require.
  4. I had to lookup your image on Alamy to read your description just to find out what i was looking at!
  5. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    Or pushed the saturation sliders further to the right for yellow, orange, red and blue in Lightroom?
  6. Measures are on their holidays for Diwali!
  7. Fastest weekend QC ever....

    According to this Diwali is on the 19th but it is celebrated on the 18th in the south of India. Either way, this is a major festival, as big a Christmas in Christian countries and India pretty much shuts down I understand.
  8. Fastest weekend QC ever....

    Diwali is on the 19th... much of India is likely to be on holiday Thursday and Friday.
  9. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    A couple of pictures taken in my local park at the weekend.
  10. Have you found . . . ?

    Or.. use the Advanced Search and put your name in the contributor field.
  11. Stock vs Live News

    And it's in the email conversation which Michael had with Alamy and pasted on page 1 of this thread.
  12. Stock vs Live News

    Which in my case, often includes the photographer!
  13. Stock vs Live News

    Fantastic! Then all you need is a property release from Airbus!
  14. Stock vs Live News

    Good plan!!
  15. Stock vs Live News

    "Stock Photo - Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. 30th september 2017. Yom kippur - Kaplan street (Photo by Michael Jacobs/Art in All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images" - Corbis and Getty...