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  1. Worst photoshop job ever!

    I think this might be what is called 'click bait'. Gets the inquisitive to click on the page which carries adverts.
  2. my new ACR NR scheme: comments?

    Just tried it with some of my 'low light' images, Jeff. Used your exact figures with my Sony RX100 M3. First impressions - very promising. Thanks
  3. Similar for me - usually 40 - 50 per month but only 8 so far this month.
  4. So how was December?

    Average number licences. No low prices. (I agree with others that it's not good policy to advertise low prices as I feel it might give a false impression to buyers who can also read our comments) Many low prices are due to bulk buying but many buyers might be led to believe that low prices are for one off purchases.
  5. I'm sure we've had this before but I can't find the thread. On the Dashboard I am showing a total of 4887 images. I also show the same number under my name in my forum posts. However, in Image Manager, I am showing 5219 images. Which figure is correct?
  6. Affordable online backup solutions/providers

    I've been using Backblaze for some time now. works in the background and is very affordable (£3.50 p.m. ). Files can be retrieved singly or in batches. I also have two 2Tb external drives. John
  7. Slow month?

    I've noticed recently that I get a sale or two at the start of the month and then nothing until a burst in the last couple of days. Fingers crossed for the next day or so.....
  8. Scanning colour negatives

    I use an Epson V550 for scanning my old medium format negs and transparencies. After dust spot removal etc they are fine for Alamy Archive but I wouldn't put them up for normal insertion. John
  9. Sony RX100, a6000 and Lumix LX100 questions

    Hi Colin All I can say is that all of my images on Alamy (except the archive images) were taken with a Sony RX100 M1 and an M3. The image quality is more than adequate for Alamy stock. I always shoot RAW and don't suffer blown highlights. CA is almost non existent with the M3 - just the occasional purple fringing (easily corrected) in extreme lighting. John
  10. Interesting - Copyright Video

    Not sure if this has already been put up and also not sure if the info is correct. However, it's food for thought. John
  11. Chromatic aberration

    The only C.A. I ever have with my Sony RX100 M3 is purple fringing but only in extreme lighting conditions. I don't use Lightroom but have my own way of dealing with it in Adobe Elements that works well for me. I zoom right in (over 100%) and go into Adjust Hue/Saturation. I then use the dropper tool to select the purple C.A.. I then reduce saturation which only affects that exact hue. I also find that reducing the brightness turns the C.A. almost black and make that area look sharper. I'm sure there are other methods but I'm comfortable with the method above. John
  12. October

    11 for $140 - mainly newspaper sales.
  13. Puzzled

    Alamy - Name and Shame those who think it's fun to give Red Arrows. Basically the same level as a Troll (op)
  14. DACS

    Out of interest, what search parameter is best in Google for this purpose? ie. Alamy book contributor name etc... John
  15. Another personal use rip off?

    If Alamy remove the Personal Use option, then surely people will just use the Presentation Use at the same low price. My concern is that buyers are obtaining full size images for very low prices and then even if refunded my non water marked image is out there uncontrolled. A full size image is not needed for presentations. John