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  1. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Used in an article about cold water swimming:
  2. How would you keyword this image?

    If not already suggested: ground handling, servicing.
  3. Wedding Images

    I thought I'd uploaded this to Alamy, but may have been worried about the noise. When your wedding photo shoot (not mine) is gate crashed by a protest rally!
  4. Alamy Measures broken?

    A sale popped in today, so I can breathe slightly easier
  5. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Relieved to get a sale drop in after a quiet spell
  6. Fund-raising use

    I think most people tick 'no release' but leave 'editorial only' clear to put the onus on the client, which would be the purpose of the contract in Niels' suggestion.
  7. Alamy Measures broken?

    I'm guessing not, but like you I'd like to have a reassuring sale just to confirm. I think it's just down to fluctuations in types of sales, reporting times etc. Some months I'll have a spate of PUs and presentations which seem to get reported quickly, on other months I'll have more newspaper, novel uses etc with long delays. This month I've 'only' had three sales, one $400 and two $50s, so the monetary value isn't too bad, just frustratingly static.
  8. Alamy Measures broken?

    I don't know, as I only had 3000 odd this time last year. January 2018 was pretty good, and, as you say, having a good sized portfolio had started to ensure fairly regular sales as you'd expect but I seem to have hit a wall
  9. AIM down

    Working now (11:10 UK time)
  10. Alamy Measures broken?

    Database updated and IM back. Edit: Sales appear to be broken. Nothing since the 5th
  11. Alamy Measures broken?

    Sadly I don't think they work weekends. Thankfully I got some work done before the crash, I just hope it registered correctly but as you say it's not looking to have updated yet.
  12. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Damn. My image of same was zoomed a few days ago, so I guess you won that one!
  13. Alamy Measures broken?

    Database seems to have started to catch up now. I'd purposely gone back and dug out some Windsor Castle royal event images from a few years ago which might see some current interest, which have now lost a couple of days of potential searches. Only in my head obviously, but that's where most things live!
  14. Alamy Measures broken?

    Tuesday's work has now updated, but not Wednesday's. Measures not updated yet, as at 08:30
  15. Alamy Measures broken?

    Cheers Craig. I hope for both our sakes that they catch up with us overnight