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  1. Photographers Karma

    Thankfully no, but I was shocked at the carnage at the end of the World Athletics women's marathon this summer. They were running out of wheelchairs!
  2. I'm still waiting for a sign. 'til then, guess I'll have to carry on working :-(
  3. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

  4. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    My CC, LR and PS updated today
  5. Salmon Calendars

    They appear to be choosing to close in an organised manner in which case you'd assume all debts would be paid. There are long delays for calendar sales to appear so it might be worth checking with CR that the purchases have been registered
  6. ...and another. I could get used to this
  7. Sales are working, so somebody is in the office. I've just had one reported
  8. I don't know the usage yet, but the figure would suggest magazine:
  9. In the green

    Again, have a look at AoA searches. Customers would appear to search for, using your example, Trafalgar Square rain, or Trafalgar Square sightseer. If you have unlimited time then by all means cover as many bases as you like but I'd suggest that you'd only be increasing your chances of a sale by an incredibly minuscule amount.
  10. In the green

    "The woman on the stamp" or "The Queen"? Most of my images are vanilla objects or people, so there's little to gain beyond describing who, what, when, where. Have a scan through AoA and you'll find very few searches that aren't as simple as that.
  11. In the green

    About 3.5%. Means nothing
  12. Fastest weekend QC ever....

    .....finally just after 14:00
  13. Fastest weekend QC ever....

    I think it normally updates overnight, regardless of what time of day the images were saved.
  14. Fastest weekend QC ever....

    Having worked on those images yesterday, I find that the database hasn't yet (09:00 BST) updated. Swings/roundabouts
  15. Fastest weekend QC ever....

    Indeed. I slammed through fifty images on Sunday which were passed that same time. Encouraging (unless the person in charge of zooms was moved to QC, hence the delay in measures!)