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  1. 10 day account freeze

    Sounds like it is the whole batch and using a nogo camera, but maybe the stars thing is a computer generated issue, may be worthwhile asking, although I don't think the stars have much to do with anything, apart from saying you haven't had many failures. Another question which could be asked of Alamy, is that if you/we buy or try a new camera, can we e-mail them and say, as there is no longer a camera list, if we upload and say I'm doing a test on this camera, can Alamy let you/us know, rather than a ban? As you/we are testing a camera for suitability? Chris
  2. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    Mine still isn't working & I'm in the UK, saying best guess for my image is Liverpool, yeah FH5GWM is Liverpool, but the matching images etc aren't anywhere the same, seems like its picking up keywords or tags, rather than the image. Has anyone tried anything that makes it work? Chris
  3. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    Mine isn't working again, had a new zoom so searched for it, once again pages and pages of stock photography & the one I searched for a few days ago that was working, now isn't
  4. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    cancel that, It seems to be working again now! Maybe it had too much Christmas Pud!
  5. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    cancel that, It seems to be working again now! Maybe it had too much Christmas Pud!
  6. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    I guess I might have to try a different browser, Tineye still works, but doesn't find many of my images
  7. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    HI Lynne, It does show thumbnails, but they aren't the photo of my subject I've searched for, Google Reverse Image has just searched for "stock photos" & all the links are about stock photos, not what I am after and not what i used it for and not my image Thanks Chrsi
  8. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    Hi I noticed a week or so ago, it isn't matching any images any more. One photo of mine was zoomed so did the usual right clock reverse image option and it just came up with the suggestion that as google thinks it is a stock photograph, it gave me pages and pages of links to various stock related images of mine. Then when I right clicked on one that was sold and I found being used by The Sun in an article on Peaky Blinders in a search on 23rd December it now says the same thing, ie its stock photography! Has anyone found a way around this & is it just google chrome? As it's now useless for finding images?
  9. Post your positive results here :)

    Spoke to soon, It's been credited today and re-sold for over $100 less
  10. Post your positive results here :)

    After no zooms whatsoever this month, I had my biggest sale & first since Jan 2015 of +$100:- Country: Worldwide Usage: Marketing package - Large business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This license is for large companies with more than 10 people. Start: 13 December 2017 End: 13 December 2022 Sales also have also increased prior to that for the last two years, but income was up this year, last year it was lower. I still need to caption better & Tag better and re-do my old images really $ 144.13
  11. It has all changed their is no delay, I had just gained 3 stars from two and my next upload failed. I then failed for CA at the beginning of the month, was notified in the same time it takes to pass the images. then I also uploaded the same images without the CA the next day, I still have 3 stars Chris
  12. At last- a new QC star!

  13. At last- a new QC star!

    I should probably add it to my general preset, I've been caught twice on that, it's one that is so easy to miss, but easy to solve, this was on a grey day and as is often the case I didn't check, because generally it's quite rare.
  14. At last- a new QC star!

    Sorry That was supposed to be in reply to Losdemos as I was uploading several images Which were rejected yesterday for blinking Chromatic Abbertion, although I still have 3 stars, currently and have just uploaded again