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  1. Noise in my photo ?

    Thanks, I''ll take a look at the software.
  2. Noise in my photo ?

    Yes, I noticed that too but think that may be caused by the rust spots on the frame.
  3. Noise in my photo ?

    Thanks for your replies. I forgot how to upload the image at 100 per cent. How do I do that, thanks ? Also, any advice on software I should use to reduce noise in future ?
  4. Hi, Recently had this photo rejected because of noise. Doesn't look too noisy to me. What do you think ? Thanks.
  5. Museum and Gallery Exhibits

    Thank you. Guess I''ll have to email the museums/galleries first then.
  6. Museum and Gallery Exhibits

    Hi, I was wondering if its ok to upload objects/ exhibits I've photographed in museums and galleries ? Recently taken photos of marble busts of famous people, terracotta army(in Liverpool), paintings, clocks, etc. Thanks..
  7. Confused of failing QC

    Surely, its the portrait that's important.
  8. Confused of failing QC

    I don't see any noise on the portrait.
  9. Confused of failing QC

    The portrait seems pin sharp to me, I can even see the whiskers. I can sympathise with you as I have also had quite a few submissions failed for softness.
  10. I had very few failures for the first 3 or 4 years, then suddenly in the last year failures kept cropping up. I am now more critical before submitting but to no avail. You don't feel like submitting when you get so many bans and the return for your efforts is minimal.
  11. Thanks. I just came across these 2 lenses which are worth considering and are quite cheap : Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN, Samyang / Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS. Unfortunately, I prefer jpegs : ). Smaller size and I find then easier to process.
  12. Thats fair enough, but there's only going to be one winner when comparing a photo taken with apsc cmos sensor to one taken one taken with a full frame sensor. (Not comparing apples with apples !)
  13. I thought we agreed that your photo on the right is a bit sharper. Could be due to may things like weather conditions( my photo was taken down by the docks with a slight breeze, your photo looks like a holiday destination in summer), f number, camera ensor. You can't say its comparing apples with apples as you have a superior camera to mine.
  14. Just looked at a review of the Sony A7R2. It's a high spec camera at 43.6 mp. My Sony Nex 5N is only 16.1 mp and cost me under £350, I think. The Camera body for the A7R2 is £2,000. So it's hardly comparing apples with apples !