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  1. Payment query

    I had the same thing a few months ago where my cleared balance on my dashboard dropped in value a few days before the end of the month. Alamy won’t investigate without a screenshot, but who does this!
  2. Thank you for the spot Bryan!
  3. Thank you for the spot, don’t recall a zoom for this one. Edit: it was zoomed!
  4. January

    It’s a long game, but fortunately all the answers are here on the forum with a lot of experts giving their wisdom (I’m not one of the experts!)
  5. January

    Be ruthless when you search for your own images.... “abandoned Ford Capri” your image is front page, but “abandoned car” I don’t see you image. Realistically that image is competing in the latter search as an editor looking to illustrate an article with an abandoned car image proabably won’t be interested in the make and model. Have a try with some generic terms to find your images, I found that a useful process.
  6. Celebrity Spotting

    Three right from Steven Fry (bald with orange handkerchief) is Matt Dawson (ex rugby player) then Vernon Kay (TV presenter), his wife Tess Daily (also TV presenter), don’t know the woman, then Geoff Boycott in the beige suit (ex cricket player)
  7. GDPR - impact on photographers?

    Really useful link with some good information, thanks for sharing.
  8. Put the Year in the Tags?

    I’ve certainly had searches of London skylines where the year was in the search term and not ‘DT’ - this pulls up any of my live news submissions only. I was going to go back and add the year to any London skyline I have but had forgotten.. thanks for the reminder!!
  9. 5 Sales in two years on Alamy

    I know Betty covered this, but do check your horizons as most are off on the seascapes. If you use Lightroom to process there is a horizontal line you can draw across your horizon to straighten in the crop tools (I use this as my horizons are always off!)
  10. News question.

    There isn’t an advantage to live news unless the news team sends out the images to news desks which they wouldn’t for old images, also from the site... For editorial images more than 48 hours old, please search the main collection from the home page.
  11. In the green

    0% on 3.5k images
  12. The uploader on the new image manager has never worked for me and always stalls on a batch of images, usually after just one image. I did raise with Alamy but they just claimed it was my internet connection, which is super fast broadband and was always ok with the old system! For unknown reasons FTP is the only way to go for some of us.
  13. It's a fixed lens camera and all corrections are sorted in the Sony raw file, so no need to select this option in Lightroom