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  1. The uploader on the new image manager has never worked for me and always stalls on a batch of images, usually after just one image. I did raise with Alamy but they just claimed it was my internet connection, which is super fast broadband and was always ok with the old system! For unknown reasons FTP is the only way to go for some of us.
  2. It's a fixed lens camera and all corrections are sorted in the Sony raw file, so no need to select this option in Lightroom
  3. Not a single post about the forum being down?

    Same for me with issues logging on to the site for the last few days, seems ok now.
  4. Airlines advise not to put high value items in the hold as they won't insure them if they get lost or damaged... so no!
  5. Corin, Good to know someone else has the issue, same canned email to me as well. If more users are having issues with web uploads please post a reply to this thread. I will see if my FTP uploads show up, thanks for the heads up on that. But so far as noted, 2 days web uploads just end in "Error" Have a super day! Dave Same here. There is an issue with the new uploader as it's been reported by others in a different thread, we've not all suddenly got problems our end at the same time Alamy changed to the new system!
  6. Not sure what you are testing here.What did you find when you CHANGED a tag to a supertag? Supertag back to a tag? Can you add two tag duplicates? How does that compare to having both tag and supertag? From my experience, putting the keyword in the caption is going to send the image higher than all the above. Let's see. I believe that I am testing the effect of duplicating a tag as a supertag. No, I haven't changed back and forth. I haven't done the other things you mention except put it in the caption as well, which is pending update.A duplicate tag isn't allowed but of course you could add a space and a random character and save it as a phrase. I haven't tried that. The search engine has now updated.Adding the duplicate keyword to the caption made no difference at all. To summarise, I find that duplicating a tag as a supertag moves the image up 35 places. Adding it to the caption makes no difference. Don't know why your findings are so different from mine. Adding a searched keyword to the caption brings the image WAY higher in search results. I think a number of testers agree with this finding.An image with a searched keyword as supertag will be WAY lower in placement than the same keyword as a regular tag. Adding a duplicate supertag to a tag that's already there has absolutely no effect on image placement. Yep. Look for molehill and my image lands on page 6 of 7. I have molehill in the caption AND as supertag Look for mole hill and my image lands on page 1 of 12. I have mole hill in the caption but NOT as a tag NOR supertag Understand who can! Cheers, Philippe Actually does this not prove that repeating tags works? Based on the fact that individual words in multi word tags are searchable, mole hill has 7 total matches, molehill only 3... Mole = 6 matches (caption and tags) Hill = 1 match (caption only) Molehill = 3 matches (caption and tags) "mole hill" (search with quotes) = 1 match (edit: based on proximity) in the caption and you're on page 3 of 4 based on my phone view If you added "molehill" four more times as part of multi word tags this should correct the result. It should but probably won't!
  7. Niche photos won't sell often, if a buyer wants three photos for an article let them buy three photos... otherwise you're only a small step away from offering them for free on Flickr
  8. Slow image upload?

    I contacted CR about web uploads freezing as I never had a problem with the old uploader, but apparently it's my issue not their isssue. So my apologies as it looks like I've caused upload problems with all your systems as well.
  9. It's switched round how some of my images are shown in the results, images that used to be first in a batch of mine are now last... my test searches have definitely changed position, some better, some worse...
  10. I've noticed on a new batch that images imported with tags but where I've not assigned supertags show as 'On Sale' in AIM and they are searchable online, however the download link is greyed out, so not quite on sale! (example image HM5XAT).
  11. Guess what? The subject is "pine marten" and nowhere is that phrase - which is also a supertag - to be found in the image pages (viewable for clients). Of the 37 tags 3 supertags are missing and marten shows as mart Cheers, Philippe marten, mart, marty... maybe Alamy are just adding nicknames to your tags?
  12. I have seen this both in MI and on the zoom page on the client's side. It took me a while to figure out where the ones on the MI side came from, but it is very simple: If you put in more than 30 characters, then everything over 30 gets deleted. Leaving a clipped word. And those show up on the client's side as well. The really weird thing is that I have some on the client's side that are not in MI. On legacy images (images with legacy keywords) the problems stem from interpunction that the new system sees as a tag delimiter. As we have seen this can be an apostrophe or a comma or a semicolon. It then goes searching for the next and throws out everything that's over 30 characters. Really bad of course. However it's not doing it the same all the time. Like I had apostrophes go through and deleted in the same image. I do not know how the system is treating keywords from Photoshop or Bridge or any other program that allows 64 characters. Which also happens to be the IPTC standard. Why the builders did not adhere to the standard is anybody's guess. wim I've spotted this on the images I've tagged in the new system but on words of less than 30 characters. For example for HEY9KR the tags I have are... Berlin Berliner Weihnachtszeit Christmas market german christmas market christmas market Berlin christmas market stall German christmas market stall Germany sausages cooking frying christmas market food food christmas market But visible on Alamy are... berlin, berliner weihnachtszeit, christmas market, christmas market food, cooking, food christmas market, frying, ge, germany, sausages So 'German' has been clipped to 'Ge' and also I've lost 5 tags, in fact all of the images I've re-tagged are missing tags. I've asked the question to CR to see what they say. Just to note that if I search for 'Ge' and my name in the advanced search it doesn't find this image which makes me think this is only visibility and it's not the actual tag. Edit to add that I do actually like the new tools, way easier to work with.
  13. 28 Views and 1 zoom - no images

    barberini potsdam museum The link you have just given me shows 46 results. Edit to add ... I would have thought Germany and UK would give the same results. Strange, I get 72 if I click on the link and I'm also in the UK
  14. Have you found any UK ISBNs or ISSNs?

    You can also put (minus sign at the end of the search and this will filter out results from your Alamy pages. Won't solve the ads though.