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  1. "Parsimonious"; had to look that one up. I could easily through out at least half of what I shoot, maybe more, if I cared to. Storage is cheap compared to the mental anguish I would endure in the binning of half my images. I think I'll keep them. Rick
  2. Last night right after I completed working on my portfolio on this site, the strangest and scariest thing happened to me in the realm of computers. I was on a Webpage, not Alamy, when my computer screen went black. I could see the arrow (cursor) but that was it. I could also hear from my 9 year old Mac Pro tower a lot of hard drive noises. It sounded furious. I must have stared at the screen for a good two minutes, thinking only that I just lost my old gal's hard drive for good. I have kind of been expecting it anyway and I was almost ready to say a little prayer over her when, out of the blue, the log-on screen popped up and prompted me to sign in with my password. The computer did not go through the rebooting process, which now takes forever, and I have never had to sign back into my machine since I first set it up in 2009. I'm a huge fan of my Mac Pro, but I think this was a sign. First thing this morning, I ordered a brand new iMac 27" 5k computer, maxed out. I'll now have the pleasure of a 1TB SSD and all the goodies. I have to say though, that I'll miss my old Mac Pro, but it's time. I still have no idea what happened. I hope it doesn't happen again, I can tell you that. I am hopeful that it gets me through the weekend, although the weather has been so bad I haven't been able to get out and shoot. I only need to tag and caption three images. Rick
  3. Sierra to High Sierra

    You probably know more than I do. :-) I think you're smart in not upgrading until you're sure the bugs are worked out. I always fall for going with the newest shiny bits and usually end up paying the price for it. I'm actually quite surprised the migration from one computer to another went so seamlessly. If you are happy with what you are currently running, OS wise, I would just stay with it. You will still get security updates unless you are running El Capitan or older. This is the last year for support for El Capitan I believe. Rick
  4. Sierra to High Sierra

    Betty, to my great surprise, ( ), I just fired up my old copy of Capture NX2 and it works perfectly. I bought the Nik collection, years ago, to go with it (version 3) and all the Nik filters work with it as well. I can't speak to how High Sierra will work on older machines, but I've had no issues with software with that one exception, Blinkbid, which I doubt too many here have. I have the Nik collection (v4) and they work as advertised. I've had zero problems with LR or Photoshop CC. I primarily use Capture One Pro 11 now for processing and have noticed it is not as responsive as LR but that is exactly the way it ran before I upgraded from El Capitan to High Sierra. Rick
  5. Sierra to High Sierra

    I'm now using the latest edition of iMac 5k Retina machine (2017) and running High Sierra, (10.13.2), with zero problems with all programs, including Nik Collection, with one exception. The one exception is a very old (8 yrs old) program I use for invoicing and pricing jobs. (Blinkbid). I have the stand alone version that no longer qualifies for updates. It works fine except for when I close it, an error message pops up saying it shut down unexpectedly. It still gives me invoices and usage rights etc. I've had no problems so far. Rick
  6. Well, I have to second what Bryan said. But, if this was a substantial part of my income, or if I were building a business and Alamy stock was part of it, I would certainly find a suitable off site storage solution. I'm not sure right now what that would be though. I've read that some of the "Cloud" solutions would take weeks to download a couple TB of information if say you had a fire and lost everything. Several years ago, a friend of mine started his own back up business using a very large and fast (for that decade) server in a very secure location. He did well but it brings up the question; where did he back up to? I'm not sure he did. I know that the very successful, high end, commercial photographers back up off site but I don't know if they are using Cloud technology or a back up server system that they own. Rick
  7. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Excellent post processing of a brilliant image! Well Done sir!! Rick
  8. I've had problems for months. For a while it seemed as though I could only stay on the Forum for a set amount of time and it would kick me off, and no amount of signing in could get me restored. Also, sometimes using Safari I can't sign in but using Firefox, I can. It does get tiresome. Rick
  9. Scary Computer Problem

    @MDM, you are correct about the iMac, it was never intended to be the best for still photographers and certainly isn't. Unfortunately my NEC has seen better days as well and is suffering from very significant flare. Only about the center 30% is accurate, I would estimate. The iMac was the cheapest solution. There are far better displays out there, I just can't afford them. But, after using an X-Rite Colormunki Display calibration tool / software, using the ADC function, I am satisfied with the resulting profile. My biggest concern was with the brightness or luminance but it seems corrected by the Colormunki. I learned how to edit using the Lightroom or Capture One Pro histogram several years ago and that has made a world of difference. I finally got my external speakers to work with it, and with a little glass of Jack Daniels, I'm back in business again. For anyone wondering if an internal SSD is worth the price of admission, all I can say is WOW!! Lightroom now loads in about 10 seconds as opposed to around 2 minutes on my old Mac Pro. Everything is just FASTER! Rick
  10. Scary Computer Problem

    UPDATE: The new iMac arrived earlier than expected. In fact it beat the 32GB of extra RAM I ordered but it should be arriving Wednesday. The "Migration Assistant" worked perfectly utilizing "Time Machine". I've only had to add a few passwords and that's it. All the old programs I've had for years migrated without flaw. It was supper easy. I did have to log back into Adobe but that was easy too. So far so good. No issues. Trying to calibrate the monitor is a bit tricky though. Apple has gone a little too far in their "simple" design. There is no way to adjust contrast, brightness, etc through external adjustments. I could only get close to the desired luminance value I wanted. And, worse, there is no way to hook up my Bose speakers!!!! Rick
  11. On these new cameras, Auto ISO is your friend. In older models, maybe not. I shoot about 85% of the time in Aperture Priority with auto ISO. The upper limit on the ISO depends on the camera. On my Oly OMD E-M1 MkII I will only go to 800 ISO, but on my Fuji and Nikon D500 I'll go to 3200 ISO. In difficult lighting, about 15% of the time, I'll shoot only in Manual and see what works, keeping in mind what my upper limits are on ISO for each camera, still using Auto ISO. It works well for me. I think what works best is what you feel the most comfortable with. Personally I would never use Program mode, but that's just me. I want a little more control. Rick
  12. Camera Died

    I'm not sure why we can't get in on this but perhaps this year they'll add the U.S. to FPS.
  13. Slow month? 2018

    Small port = views are up, no zooms, no sales, CTR tanking. Rick
  14. Scary Computer Problem

    I do have a back up, using Time Machine, and all my images are on separate, backed up external hard drives. The way I understand Time Machine and the "Migration Assistant", from the Apple Website, is that when the new iMac arrives and I hook up my Time Machine back up drive, I can choose which files and settings to transfer and whether I want any applications to transfer. It will not over-write the new IOS. My Time Machine is set to auto so it is very up to the minute with back-ups. I'm crossing my fingers that it will hold out until next Wednesday when the new machine arrives.
  15. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Or, "This is what happens if you don't study" lecture. :-) Rick
  16. 10 day account freeze

    I agree. If you were demoted to two stars and you submitted from that camera again, I can see it, but this does seem a bit harsh. Rick
  17. I am not as a prolific shooter, as many are here on Alamy. I usually only submit around 4-5 at a time mostly because I don't shoot a lot. The other thing is I don't enjoy sitting endless hours behind the computer, tagging etc and 4-5 seems to fit my attention span. I don't like to have images waiting in the "Not for Sale" bin. I'm still working on improving my tagging and captioning skills so I probably do more research than the other folks here with large portfolios. I don't worry about failing QC much anymore. I am far more harsh on my images than QC will ever be and I think I have a good grasp on their requirements. I can tell you though to REALLY watch out for CA (purple / red / blue fringing) though. They can spot the tiniest bit of CA in an image and it catches out a lot of people. Rick
  18. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    You can find images like that here on Alamy but I don't think that was / is the direction Alamy intends on going. Alamy is primarily an editorial stock image site. Sure you can set up an editorial shot in the studio, pay models, stylists etc, but from what I'm seeing, from what sells here, that's not what the Alamy buyer is asking for. I think that is the major difference, that and the fact that Alamy is still accepting new photographers at an alarming rate. I think the latest figure they quote is over 70,000 "active contributors". It kind of dilutes the gene pool, so to speak. Rick
  19. Winter

    Interesting topic. I've been thinking the same thing and, of course, wim, sets us straight, again. Here in south/central Alabama, everything is an ugly brown. We don't get snow (well, rarely). Winter images here are quite uninspiring but I'm off now to take a look at the searches in AoA! Thanks @wiskerke. Rick
  20. Tags & Supertags

    I have totally given up trying to figure out how the search engine works. Obviously, the terms in the caption are quite meaningful, but, just how much? Perhaps it's due to your rank, who knows. Or, perhaps the logarithm picked up the tag "rubbish bags" and noticed that bags was repeated, giving it even more weight. There is another thread with similar complaints and the response from Alamy wast to continue to caption, tag and supper tag as we tell you. I think at this point that's all we can do. @vpics I can totally sympathize with you, as my CTR has pretty much bottomed out these last few months due to totally irrelevant searches with my images showing up. Rick
  21. Camera Died

    I had the sensor go out on my 90 day old Nikon D3s some years back. Stuff like this happens even to the best brands. The sensor could have gone out on me 10 months later and I would have been out of luck. I think you might be pleasantly surprised by Fuji. They seem to provide better customer service than most. It's to their benefit, IMHO, to fix this at no cost, considering it is the flagship camera of the company and that shutter should certainly last more than 20 months! Good luck. Let us know what happens. Rick
  22. Camera Died

    I called Fuji USA the other day about this and they told me it only applies to the medium format GFX models. Is Fuji offering FPS in Europe for all model cameras? Rick
  23. I noticed on the Alamy Blog, I think, that there are now over 70,000 "active" contributors on Alamy. That is a significant increase from the 55,000 figure I saw last year. They still tout over 100,000 images per day, submitted, but that could conceivably be 300,000 for all we know. Knowing Alamy has built in ways to make sure there is a diverse selection to choose from by placing some (for diversity sake) images further up toward page one or so, is it possibly that we are just seeing the results of this massive increase of photographers contributing?? I was thinking it could be that or perhaps the addition of several very large library's, collections or what ever. Edit: I have to add that I have totally given up trying to figure out how the Alamy search function works. Just too many variables and, state secrets, to make sense of it. Rick
  24. New Year, New Lens

    I agree. People need to remember about that 56mm, there is a lot of heavy glass to move with one tiny motor. It certainly won't be as fast as, say, the 24mm f2. The 35mm is incredibly sharp too. Rick
  25. New Year, New Lens

    Betty, you will love that little lens! It is not that slow to focus. It is not lightning fast so some reviewers made an issue of it. I think you will find it very quick on your X-T2. Rick