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  1. I guess I don't get out much, but I've never heard of such a tour. Rick
  2. How to travel light?

    Oh, I believe it. It's a disease. The D4 was the finest camera I have ever owned. I just got tired of lugging it around. It was hard giving it up, but, alas I never took it with me after I retired from my business. Rick
  3. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    I think you may have found Amelia Earhart. Rick
  4. How to travel light?

    Well, I'm pretty late to the party too. I was going to chime in on going small & light without sacrificing much in image quality, (especially for editorial stock), and give @ReeRay a big +1 on the Olympus OMD E-M1 MkII and Olympus lenses. I'm getting older and needed something with in-body stabilization. I read a lot of good things about the Olympus system but honestly, didn't believe it. I bought one with the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro lens (24-80mm equiv). I couldn't be happier. Granted you will not get Nikon D4 or D810, D850 or even D750 IQ due to the micro 4/3rds sensor size but I am astonished at what I can get!! The lenses are half what Nikon lenses are and are nice and small with excellent rendering. How about a 600mm f2.8 (equiv) for your birding? They've got it and it comes with excellent reviews. I also own a Nikon D500. It is a superb camera. The problem I have with Nikon is they will not make new pro quality DX lenses. I'm seriously considering selling it. If you do, one day, decide, to go mirrorless for the smaller size, weight, and convenience, I would highly recommend looking at Olympus. Just my 2¢. Rick
  5. Just seen Red Snapper on national TV

    Well, go figure. :-)) We only get BBC America over here in the colonies so I doubt I'll be seeing him. Rick
  6. Keep safe distance from elephants

    This is good advice, but really, how does one know if the elephant in question is having a good day or a bad day? (I'm not trying to be funny). Wild animals are not always healthy and may appear normal until it's too late. My wife says I'm way to conservative (cautious) about many things but on this even she agrees. Stay with the guide and listen to his or her wise advice. The problem is that in most cases you are correct in your thinking you're safe right up to the point you're not. This image, BTW, is superb!! Rick
  7. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Wild guess here in that it was taken at Venice Beach, California? :-) Edit: Well there ya go. I just read your post several responses down. Venice Beach, where else... hahahaha Rick
  8. Help upgrading camera

    Marianne, I don't shoot Sony but I use Capture One Pro 11 for all my cameras now, Nikon, Fuji & Olympus. The rendered detail is just so much better than with LR, I have found. Also, I like the way it handles highlights much better than LR. I only use LR now if I need some help with difficult CA. Capture One is a little disappointing there. But, It has made a major difference with my Olympus images. Hope this helps. Rick
  9. Book Publisher use pricing

    After throwing some numbers into Foto Quote Pro, I think something around $1500 would be very reasonable. I've licensed several of my stock images in the last few years and I've found that many times the buyer will not initially reveal their budget but will ask you to come down on your price if they really want your image. What I have had to do is negotiate a little to come to a compromise on terms and price. Recently, I was asked to come down about 20% in price for an image and I agreed but we reduced the usage rights by half, from 10 years to 5 years. I knew full well the end user had no need for the image after 5 years anyway. I was happy with the sale. Hope this helps. I'm certainly no expert on this. Rick
  10. Interesting article but I think you might be a tad bit optimistic on your timeline for consumer application, unless they sell the patent to Sony. Then you might see it by 2020. I'm being a little "cheeky" here. Just noting that Sony seems to run with innovation. To answer your question, "No". I've noticed that many here have posted in the "What has sold..." threads showing their scanned film images. I think your safe for a while Jeff. :-) Rick
  11. Help upgrading camera

    Marianne, you will love the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro. It is one of the best performing lenses I have ever owned. It creates virtually no CA in high contrast situations. One of the best I've ever owned. I limit myself to ISO 640 when submitting to Alamy. I just don't like anything above that and I don't like using noise reduction if I can help it. I've found the digital noise to look a little "wormy" with the E-M1 MkII, unlike my Nikon D500 or my Fuji cameras. I really like how Fuji handles high ISOs. It looks very natural and film like, IMHO. I've submitted and had approved ISO 6400 with my Fuji X-T1 & 3200 ISO with my Nikons. That's the one major drawback to the micro 4/3rds sensor. But, I can usually shoot down to 1/20th sec with no problems with the Oly. Dosen't help with moving subjects unless one wants to get creative. Where is that unicorn?? Rick
  12. Help upgrading camera

    Good to know. I'll stop obsessing now. ;-) Rick
  13. Help upgrading camera

    2014 Outback. Love it!!! Goes anywhere. Maroon, BTW. Rick
  14. Help upgrading camera

    Thanks for the input, @Essexps. This was an afterthought for me. I did not consider the consequences when I bought the camera. I am not that big a fan of the 4:3 ratio myself and often crop to 3:2 to make the composition more pleasing to my eye. But, that reduces the MP count down to 15MP on this camera. I truly wish it was an APS-C sized sensor. @Martin P Wilson, I see your point about a 16:9 ratio. To be honest, the 16:9 ratio is my favorite for compositional reasons. I think it is because I love the cinematic look of that ratio. The problem with my Oly is that reduces the image down to around 9MP, I believe, when cropped to that ratio. :-( The reason for buying the E-M1 MkII was for it's wonderful IBIS and touchscreen functions, which I love, but now I see Fuji is about to announce a new APS-C camera with IBIS, all be it a much larger camera. I guess I'll always be chasing that camera unicorn. Thanks for the input guys! Rick
  15. Help upgrading camera

    I have to second your thoughts on the Olympus OM-D E-1. I bought the Mk2 version in January and am very happy with it. My only concern is not image quality, but rather, is a 4:3 image ratio as sell-able as the standard 3:2 ratio?? I have no idea. The image quality from this camera, along with the 12-40mm f2.8 Pro (24-80mm equiv) lens is outstanding. And it fits in the center console of my Subaru. And, I can hand hold down to 1/20th a second with no problems. I'm finding more interesting features every day. (It's a complex camera). No one pays any attention to me when I'm using it. I swing out the LCD and it looks like I'm just looking at images. Too many great things to mention. But, like most small sensor cameras, I don't trust it past 640 ISO. Rick