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  1. RM vs RF usage...again!

    I think Alamy is right. Most buyers, of course would want to license RF. I think @Bill Brooks covered that brilliantly in a previous post. If I were a buyer I would want to purchase RF as well. To be honest, how can you blame them. It certainly is to their advantage. I'm just glad Alamy is still around. I think they are doing a very good job in an extremely challenging business. My hope is the industry comes to its senses and sees the benefit of rewarding good photography and good photographers. Probably fleeting dream though. Rick
  2. Thanks wim!! I had no idea. You have forgotten more about computers than I ever hope to learn. :-) Rick
  3. Photoshop 2018

    I read a headline somewhere that Lightroom CC users might want to wait a few weeks before updating in case of bugs. Seems LR CC is changing its architecture or some such thing and my cause a problem in transference of one's catalog. I'm also leery as I'm working on an old Mac Pro (early 2009). It's already pretty slow with the new LR CC updates.
  4. Wim, I'm not computer savvy enough to know what your link revealed. Do those images represent the most often viewed on Alamy's site? That's all I could come up with. Thanks. Rick
  5. RM vs RF usage...again!

    I'll add my 2¢ worth here. Back when I had my photography business everything I licensed was for a defined period, defined size, or defined production run (publications etc), in other words I licensed my images as "rights managed". Now, if someone wanted unlimited exclusive use, the fee was very, very high. I never licensed an image for unlimited exclusive use though. Most clients understood they would probably not want to use the image past a certain time frame or for other unspecified uses. Wikipedia defines it thus: " Rights Managed, or RM, in photography and the stock photo industry, refers to a copyright license which, if purchased by a user, allows the one-time use of the photo as specified by the license. If the user wants to use the photo for other uses an additional license needs to be purchased." My understanding of royalty free is; unlimited use in any media or all media for a flat fee. The fact that an image may be licensed for editorial use only, in my mind, really doesn't factor into this. One can license a royalty free image for editorial use only. To me, all of this is rather moot. One of my sales this year was sold thus: Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Television (editorial)Print run: Unlimited transmissionsPlacement: Use within body of showStart: 20 September 2017Duration: In perpetuity All rights, all media in context, in perpetuity including in context promos It sold for $125. Now, I have several different image licensing programs and one of the best quotes over $1,200 for a one year license. So, in essence the buyer received a royalty free license, (unlimited use, worldwide, in perpetuity, all media). For a single fee, on my own, I probably would have charged a couple thousand dollars, in a good market, but alas, I fear those times are lost. My point, to me it really doesn't matter what you choose, but for principle, I choose RM. ;-) Rick
  6. In the green

    A very interesting observation & comment. I've been reading this thread as a relative newbie (started contributing in earnest this year), thinking that CTR would decline if we added too many non-specific tags. Looking at the data Alamy gives us access to seems to confirm this although I'm not sure I completely understand the workings of AoA just yet. I could be totally wrong but I think you make good sense. Rick
  7. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    This is probably the best I've got. Fall colors can be very elusive here in south central Alabama.
  8. Favourite images uploaded in October 2017

    Ferrari F430 of Risi Racing, circa 2009.
  9. You should be very proud of this image! Captured at just the right moment. Well done!!
  10. Internet camera sellers

    B&H Photo out of NYC is great to work with but then your son would have that nasty VAT to contend with I guess. Still, it might be worth looking into.
  11. Cleared Balance

    Interestingly, I just had a sale clear after just 15 days!! O.K., it was very small, $16.30, (I guess the odd amount due to exchange rate), but still. That was quick!!
  12. Cleared Balance

    I've owned several small businesses. One business we had we invoiced and stated we were on a "Pay 30" cycle, meaning we expected payment within 30 days. However, the rub is that the bigger the client, it seems, the longer it takes to get paid. The big ones were on a "Pay 90" cycle, meaning we didn't get paid for 3 months!! In my photography business I never had a problem because usage rights were withheld until I was paid in full. That solved that problem and I never had an issue with payment. I would be willing to bet Alamy has some pretty large accounts with the UK newspapers and they are probably on that "Pay 90" cycle. :-) I just had a large sale, ($125) for T.V. rights for the image and it cleared on the 45th day.
  13. Alamy Contributor Meeting in Germany?

    This sounds like so much fun. Wish I could come over. I've been to the Christmas market in Nuremberg. It is just magical. I hope you guys can put this together.
  14. How to improve image ranking

    You've just made my head hurt.
  15. Your First (D)SLR?

    First SLR - Nikkormat FTn First DSLR - Nikon D70