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  1. Net Revenue

    Thanks Betty. I'm still obsessing on getting a zoom! Some day though.... Rick
  2. Affordable online backup solutions/providers

    I used Zenfolio for years back when I had my portrait business. It was easy to use, easy for my clients to access and reasonably priced. They have added a ton of features since I went into retirement from that business. I would definitely go back to them, if I needed to. I have no experience with the others mentioned here. Rick
  3. Net Revenue

    I'm sorry, but I'm clueless on this. Why would you be interested in a future date? Dreaming of future sales? Just kidding, I know there is a rational reason. I've only sold 5 images here so I'm not all that familiar with sales. Can you explain, Betty? Rick
  4. Word of thanks

    @george this is great news to hear!! When I teach classes to our beginning photographers at our local camera club, one of the things I stress the most, if they intend to get serious about photography, is monitor calibration. You have seen first hand what an improperly calibrated monitor can do. I almost feel your post should perhaps be pinned or placed somewhere that all new contributors can read it. Have a great 2018, and happy shooting, Rick
  5. High Sierra?

    That is very good to hear!! The literature says the computer comes with Sierra loaded but if it is a newer build, when I buy the computer, and it comes with High Sierra I surly don't want any problems. This forum was not the first place I had heard of compatibility issues with the new OS architecture. Rick
  6. High Sierra?

    Right after the first of the year I will be upgrading my computer system to a new 27" iMac 5K Retina model. (Currently running an 8 year old Mac Pro with El Capitan). I just checked the specs with B&H and it ships with Sierra. I will not be updating to High Sierra until it is safe to do so. A noted techie / photographer, Thom Hogan warned about High Sierra on his blog several months ago. He even specifically mentions Nik software as an example of software that would need major structural changes to work properly. I'm not sure why Apple would do this.
  7. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    Thank you. I'm still learning, for sure. I do spend a lot of hours looking at other photographers portfolios, including the keywording. I'm trying to eliminate some of the sheer pointless places my images sometimes end up, when searches are conducted. I think things are getting better. I've been reworking many of the keywords for my files to try to get the most relevant terms posted. I know one thing for sure. Only the man behind the curtain, (Wizard of Oz reference), knows for certain how the search algorithm is built. I know I certainly don't have a clue. Rick
  8. Affordable online backup solutions/providers

    This might be an option. I've read good things about iDrive: https://www.idrive.com/online-backup-features It seems to have a very good feature set. Might be worth checking out. Rick
  9. Log in just going round in circles

    Interesting. I've only had it happen once and it was with Safari and Firefox. With Safari I don't have to do the captcha dance, but with FF I do. I don't really want to add a third browser. Rick
  10. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    This has been a very interesting thread. Where I have a huge problem is with the "concept" type keywords. I continue to look at the search terms in "All of Alamy", for searches using conceptual terms but find very few. I'm curious to know how the more experienced contributors treat this in keywording. I'm more of a minimalist in nature and believe in the KISS (keep it simple stupid) way of thinking. I guess if you knew my complete background, you would understand why. I just can't get my head around thinking up 20 or so additional keywords (to get into the green), based on using one of my images in a "creative" way. It just seems to me that will only have my images showing up in searches as totally irrelevant. Enough of that is already happening. :-) Rick
  11. Yes we are. The one, and only, live news image I submitted was accepted without it. I simply forgot to add it. Fortunately rather than bin my image, the kind folks at Alamy Live News added it for me.
  12. Let's be honest. Nothing is truly secure on the Internet. The culprit here may have their servers located in a country that has no interest in protecting intellectual rights. There are many. They certainly will market them in those countries as well. I read an article not too long ago about the blatant misuse of copyrighted material in advertising in an eastern European country. The ads were even running on the government run transit system. The article went on to say the infringed party found he/she could do nothing about it. I reported to Alamy a website that was taking zoomed images, watermark and all, and offering them as a free download. They looked into it but found the company to be based in Panama. (presumably the servers as well). They said they could do nothing about it. Alamy has stated they use encryption but only on certain parts of their website, but is it enough? Where is @wiskerke when you need him?
  13. Does it have to be editorial?

    If you are a U.S. based photographer, I would suggest any image with remotely recognizable people or any trademarked property, or even property without a logo but is so recognizable that one can reasonably say it is a trademarked item, should be marked as editorial only, regardless as to whether it is a RM or RF image. This is referring to unreleased images. The U.S. is a pretty litigious country, with attorneys behind every tree. (some would say under every rock). The buyer ultimately decides on how they will use the image. The check box should give you at least modicum of protection showing you knew it was unreleased and you made a reasonable effort to market the image for editorial use only even if it is used commercially against your wishes. I can't speak for other locations. The EU has different laws and then there are countries that just don't monitor this type of issue. I can assure you, they do here in the U.S. Rick
  14. Do You Snap Christmas and the Holidays?

    I've had two sell here. One RF & one RM. The problem I have this time of year is that everywhere you go there are Christmas decorations up. It kind of dates your images for a specific month, doesn't it? I took an image the other day from an interesting point of view and upon review saw all the subtle Christmas wreaths etc on the building. I'll have to go back after the first of the year. :-) Rick
  15. Colour calibration

    Tim, I took a look at your photos and got through to about page 6 or so. Many do look underexposed or too dark to me. Alamy says to calibrate your monitor to a Luminance (some refer to it as Gamma or Brightness) level of 100 through your calibration software. (not to be confused with the white point which is usually set to 2.2 as MDM stated). Most current day monitors ship from the factory at a Luminance level of about 120 or higher because the manufacturers have done research and the general public seems to like bright pictures on their computer screens. This is not good when printing from an uncalibrated monitor. If the Luminance level of your monitor is 120 or higher, your images will look fine to you. This may sound very confusing but if you purchase a reasonably good calibration tool/software, such as Colormunki or others, they do pretty much all the work. You will be asked for your preferences however so be ready to refer to Google or the like. Rick