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  1. A stitch in time

    The Gold Rule of Back-Ups .......... so I was told, but works for me 3 - 2 - 1 3 - Copies of everything 2 - Diffent media they are stored on 1 - Copy stored in a different location
  2. You get what you pay for?!!

    Thanks for reminding me why I don't do weddings!!
  3. Ikea LADDA batteries

    ' .... Domestic things like torches (flashlights to N.Americans) are pretty tolerant and will run happily on cells which our digital gear reckon is knackered ...' My understanding is that many LED torches - or in my case headlamps - will not be anywhere near as functional with a 1.2-volt battery as 1.5 volt is required to fire the led efficiently - so while happy to use the rechargeable in many pieces of kit I need to good old disposable in my headlamps
  4. Ikea LADDA batteries

    Have to agree ............... but prepared to take a gamble on a couple of packs and see!
  5. Recommendations – app for releases (iOS)?

    The iPhone will email the release to you ready for when you upload to Alamy
  6. Should I purchase used equipment ?

    Like so many on here I agree the secondhand market for equipment is well worth the effort in searching for what you want. I remember speaking to the owner of a small camera shop some years ago, and he said I would be amazed at how many people, manly male, continually selling and then buying the 'latest' all singing and dancing model of camera or lens, he said they never really used it and they just wanted to be seen with the 'latest' he refereed to it as Male Jewelry From my view point long may this continue!
  7. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    It that not only by acquisition?
  8. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    They are not in that business - I always feel Alamy do what they are good at and continually develop in that sector Plenty out there offering what you ask for
  9. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    I do not see that as 'function' of this software Watermarking is easy to do in LightRoom - I have a number of watermarks and pre-sets ready to use as required - and I see using LR as a way of preparing images to use in Portflio as I would for any other image use
  10. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    Start to 'play' with it before Christmas - need to spend a bit more time before I can make an informed decision, but like what I see so far
  11. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Just done
  12. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Cambridge is a little over an hour from me, and interested; but will have to be next time as I have a full day on 17th January But hope you all have am enjoyable ans beneficial afternoon Matt
  13. What is Your Favorite or Most Used Focal Length?

    I often look at which lens(s) are used most and LightRoom gives you a good guide - especially if you are looking at upgrades and replacements Looking over the past two years it is a rough even spread between 24 - 70 mm, 70 - 200 mm and the 200 - 400 mm and in that order on Nikon D3
  14. No Sales as yet

    No it is not! Your sales prove that!!
  15. VAT charges

    Colette Welcome and good luck with Alamy You can totally ignore any VAT issues here, they only apply to UK based photographers earning above a certain threshold of income. Regards Matt