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  1. When you Upload to Alamy did you select News in the drop down?
  2. Hi from Wisconsin

    Where in Wisconsin?
  3. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Thanks, do not fear many of us have at some time fallen into the trap of working to technically perfect our images at the peril of not putting equal effort into key-wording and caption.
  4. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Never has there been truer words!
  5. Betty - You have hit the nail on the head, plus are we in business to make money or create wealth?
  6. I would agree - but as I said this was a reconditioned MacBook Pro so no choice on the spec, but I do find that the RAM does help with uploading etc
  7. Chris, I have MacBook Pro with 8MB RAM and a 500 GB drive (as I said very basic) and it is ample for what I want, remember nothing image wise is stored on it long term as once back in the office all images are transferred and no issues with speed - hope that helps
  8. My pleasure - let me know how you get on
  9. Ed, no I was not! I fully get the points you made, and totally agree; stock photography is different things to different people. For me one of the most enjoyable aspects is being able to travel - and seldom in 5 star luxury - meeting people and witness their customs and lifestyles; one day I may even make some money out of it (as you accurately point out)! But until then travel and photography are join at the hip - for me!
  10. Rob, Yes, both PS and LR on the MacBook with no issues - I have to confess the vast majority of work is done in LR which is typically news unload or more often a client that wants a few images immediately after an event or photo shoot for social media etc. so easy to email over or ftp to them - so it is basic editing and not 'open heart surgery with PS' but this works fine. Or it downloads the RAW files and backup to an external hard drive when travelling and no urgent delivery required. Difference between the MacBook and main office PC (Windows 10) in the office is the monitor, 13 inches against a 28 inch - key to both, in my mind, with regard to speed is the amount of RAM, 8MB on the Mac Book and 16MB on the PC - Hope that helps
  11. UK location guides

    Hi Steve - None too bad, previous book a success and now onto the next ................
  12. But is that not part of photography? Can you separate the two?
  13. UK location guides

    Good luck with this Steve ....... we photographers and writers must stick together!
  14. Cheap as in a basic 13 inch, small drive and a four-year-old model reconditioned and fully refurbished .............. and not an ounce of regret for an on the road machine to upload, back up and ideal for news
  15. The very reason(s) I got a cheap 13 inch MacBook ............. then have a large monitor 'in the office' for the bulk of my work, writing, editing, updating etc etc .....