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    Looks like have had a better then most month ............... a few sales and much higher then average, plus zoom on the up still
  2. J Salmon postcards to close

    I suspect they have been re-invented and equally evolved. J Salmon, was I believe, best know for the 'Kiss Me Quick' seaside postcard with humor on front, which in the eyes of some today would not be politically correct. Did they move forward with the times and move into the modern acceptable postcard of an image that is high quality in terms of creativity? I certainly still sell images for postcards
  3. J Salmon postcards to close

    I picked that up yesterday, a sad end to a Great British tradition - but when did you last send a postcard? But in response i see a steady increase in sales of Greetings Cards!
  4. I'd love a Critique!

    As highlighted above count the number of 'subjects' and it is way below you 1000 quoted, may be not even 100 So that is 100 in an Alamy collection of some 110 Million - the maths say it all Remember stock photography, of this nature, is an ultra marathon, it takes time and distance; it is not short or quick like a sprint.
  5. What was your original equipment?

    So none of you had a real camera ................... Mamiya RB 67? Plus Nikon FM2
  6. Really like the look of this be great to have in the camera bag - anyone know if a VR (As in Nikon VR) version will be released soon?
  7. I am new and need a bit of help

    For Who? Some one with no or little knowledge of photography ..... what will they learn? Far better to spend time 'learning photography' technically and creatively in my mind
  8. payment method

    You beat me to it Did not think that the Swift Code look correct from the times i use them they do follow a set format I have seen
  9. Number of people...?

    Happened to me once - a hand just showing in the frame - so yes it must matter to clients, so it follows it should matter to contributors
  10. Batch rejection

    Not ridiculous at all, tell me another agency where you can shoot, upload and have your images for sale within 24 hours and if you are lucky, as I have a couple of times, sold the next day! As John say ' ... The onus is on you as the contributor to critically examine each and every image for defects before submission ...' Not Alamy
  11. remove images

    That is would certainly be my plan - then and only when you have uploaded replacements delete the original remembering to put the ref number at a tag
  12. Critique

    I am using Spyder 5 PRO - calibrate my monitors about once a month. But remember, you will need the software and the hardware Have a look at:
  13. Critique

    Get you monitor calibrated before you bother with any software - software will not cure a poor calibrated monitor!
  14. Hello! You have a nice chat here.

    ................ Philippe I have to agree
  15. How to delete images

    My pleasure ...............